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Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Dora Jambor
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Yes We Can is a recurring series presented by Cloudflare Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn, featuring interviews with women entrepreneurs and tech leaders who clearly debunk the myth that there are no women in tech.

Dora Jambor is a graduate student in Computer Science at McGill University, and the Quebec AI Institute (Mila), working under Joelle Pineau and Dzmitry Bahdanau. Her research is in semantic parsing, the task of automatically translating natural language to executable programs. Specifically, her research is in developing AI models for semantic parsing that are more data efficient, and can better generalize to novel scenarios they have not encountered before.

Currently, Dora is also a Visiting Researcher at ServiceNow where she works with Dzmitry Bahdanau.

Previously, she worked as a Scientist in Residence at the Creative Destruction Labs and NextAI where she advised various startups. Prior to that, she was a machine learning engineer at Shopify working with recommender systems for personalization and search problems.

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Yes We Can
Join Cloudflare Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn for a series of interviews with women technology leaders. We hope you will learn, laugh, and be inspired by these conversations.
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