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🏗 10 Things I Love About Wrangler 2

Presented by Sunil Pai

Cloudflare Platform Week: Developer Speaker Series

As part of Cloudflare's Platform Week, we're thrilled to feature an array of expert web dev speakers, developers, and educators here on Cloudflare TV.

We spent the last six months rewriting wrangler, the CLI for building and deploying Cloudflare Workers. Almost every single feature has been upgraded to be more powerful and user friendly, while still remaining backward compatible with the original version of wrangler. In this talk, we'll go through some of the best parts about the rewrite, and how it provides the foundation for all the things we want to build in the future.

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Platform Week

Platform Week Developer Speaker Series
As part of Platform Week, Cloudflare is thrilled to welcome an array of expert speakers, developers, and educators. Click here to see the full schedule.
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