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A recurring series presented by Cloudflare co-founder and COO Michelle Zatlyn, featuring interviews with women entrepreneurs and tech leaders who clearly debunk the myth that there are no women in tech.

This week's guest: Tricia Choi

Tricia is the Director of Twitch’s Design Systems Team—where she bridges the gap between brand and product. She has been a designer and director at over 13 startups, the most recent one being MoveWith—a fitness app and marketplace that she co-founded. Beyond technology, she is also a children’s book author and artist. You can find her book “Alphabetimals” published by Peekabook Press at the SF MOMA and her paintings throughout the city, most noticeably Room 210 at The Hotel Des Artes—a collaboration with Shepard Fairey

Presented by: Michelle Zatlyn, Tricia Choi