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Yes We Can

Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Melissa Forss
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A recurring series presented by Cloudflare co-founder and COO Michelle Zatlyn, featuring interviews with women entrepreneurs and tech leaders who clearly debunk the myth that there are no women in tech.

This week's guest: Melissa Forss is Strategic Deal & Partnership Manager at Google Cloud in Dublin, Ireland. In her current role, she manages and coordinates Google Cloud’s most significant cloud computing enterprise deals in EMEA. Her background is not the most typical for tech – nor for sales. She is from Finland and graduated from Sciences Po Paris, with bachelors degree in political science and law and M.A in International Public Management. Melissa has a long history of working with an NGO European Youth Parliament on active citizenship, and she has always had a passion for initiatives and projects around intercultural communication, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Women in Tech

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Yes We Can
Join Cloudflare Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn for a series of interviews with women technology leaders. We hope you will learn, laugh, and be inspired by these conversations.
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