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Yes We Can

Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Marjorie Janiewicz
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A recurring series presented by Cloudflare co-founder and COO Michelle Zatlyn, featuring interviews with women entrepreneurs and tech leaders who clearly debunk the myth that there are no women in tech.

This week's guest: Marjorie Janiewicz, Vice President of Sales at HackerOne, is responsible for leading the go-to-market strategy globally. She has more than 21 years of software and SAAS sales experience having recently served as Vice President of Global Corporate Sales at MongoDB the database software company.

Prior to MongoDB Mrs. Janiewicz served as Vice President of Global Corporate Sales at SuccessFactors then acquired by SAP. Previously Mrs. Janiewicz served as Director of EMEA Corporate Sales and Global Lead Development at MySQL the Open Source Database software company then acquired by Oracle. Mrs. Janiewicz also held sales leadership roles at Oracle. She received a Master's Degree in International Business from the University of Nantes, France.

Women in Tech

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Yes We Can
Join Cloudflare Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn for a series of interviews with women technology leaders. We hope you will learn, laugh, and be inspired by these conversations.
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