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Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Lorraine Lee
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Lorraine has spent her career developing editorial strategies and leading editorial teams for Silicon Valley-based companies.

She is currently the Editorial Director at Prezi and a top-rated virtual keynote speaker with more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn who regularly turn to her for insights, advice, and expertise.

Lorraine was the first Editorial hire at Prezi. She leads a team that works closely with influencers and thought leaders to create, record, and livestream compelling videos that educate and inspire people all over the world on topics across business, sales, marketing, L&D, and education. She is also a founding member and leader for Women@Prezi.

Before Prezi, she was a News Editor at LinkedIn, where she held a lead role on the 24-hour news team that reported for and launched the LinkedIn News module; built the social media strategy for LinkedIn News; served as the editorial lead for LinkedIn’s first newsletter product; and conceptualized and hosted its popular #FemaleFounders video series.

As a virtual keynote speaker, Lorraine draws from her extensive experience to help professionals become more productive and successful, whether it’s learning how to be more confident and engaging on video meetings, building a personal brand on LinkedIn, or leading hybrid teams. She draws sizable audiences across Fortune 500 companies, tech firms, top-ranked universities, and more. In 2021, Lorraine was named a top virtual speaker by ReadWrite.

Lorraine is passionate about mentorship. She is a member of Northwestern’s Council of 100, an invite-only organization of NU women selected based on career trajectory, achievements, and commitment to mentoring, and a mentor at Digital Women Leaders, a resource for women working in news who are looking for career advice.

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Yes We Can
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