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Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Cristina Cordova
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Cristina Cordova is an angel investor and advisor, partnering with founders building SaaS, developer tools and financial technology products. She focuses her time with founders and executives solving critical issues for businesses, developers and toolmakers.

Previously, Cristina was the Head of Platform and Partnerships at Notion, responsible for all platform product initiatives and partnerships. From 2018 to 2020, she was the Head of Corporate Card and Treasury at Stripe. She was responsible for founding and launching new financial products, leading an organization with teams across product, engineering and operations.

From 2012 to 2018, Cristina was Head of Payments & Platform Partnerships at Stripe, driving new internal innovation, and exploring and closing new strategic partnerships. She led the launch of new marketplace payments products, used by top customers in the sharing economy including Lyft and Postmates. Her organization acquired and managed top distribution partnerships, including Shopify, Xero and Squarespace. She built first-in-kind product partnerships with Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter. She also established and led the Diversity & Inclusion function at Stripe, launching employee resource groups, an annual inclusion survey, return-to-work program and development programs for mid-career women, while significantly growing headcount of underrepresented groups in engineering.

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Yes We Can
Join Cloudflare Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn for a series of interviews with women technology leaders. We hope you will learn, laugh, and be inspired by these conversations.
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