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Yes We Can

Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Brittany Hamilton
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A recurring series presented by Cloudflare co-founder and COO Michelle Zatlyn, featuring interviews with women entrepreneurs and tech leaders who clearly debunk the myth that there are no women in tech.

This week's guest: Brittany Hamilton is the Senior Director of Operations at Bench, a company that is on a mission to bring financial mastery to one million entrepreneurs. After joining Bench seven years ago as an intern, Brittany has grown with the company and today leads a team of more than 200 people. During Brittany's time at Bench, the company has seen exponential growth fueled by multiple funding rounds totaling $53 million to date.

Women in Tech

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Yes We Can
Join Cloudflare Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn for a series of interviews with women technology leaders. We hope you will learn, laugh, and be inspired by these conversations.
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