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Workers Launchpad Demo Day Cohort #2

Presented by Jade Wang, Verónica Marin, Matthew Prince
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Join us for Workers Launchpad Demo Day, where you’ll have a chance to meet the startups selected for our cohorts.

If you’re a founder building on Cloudflare Workers, head to to learn more about the program and apply to be a part of the next available cohort -- applications are now open !

If you’re an investor or a potential customer looking to get in touch with any of the presenting companies, please reach out to the Workers Launchpad team.


Transcript (Beta)

Hi, my name is Matthew Prince. I'm the co -founder and CEO of Cloudflare, and I'm incredibly excited and proud to welcome you to Cloudflare's second Launchpad Demo Day.

Launchpad is an initiative that we put together to help fledgling startups and early companies that were using the Cloudflare platform to get the advice and the resources that they needed in order to build great companies.

And I'm confident that some of the companies today are going to be truly great.

And it's an honor to give them the platform to be able to demo what it is that they've built today for a number of investors all around the world.

It's exciting that today we've had representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, building products in artificial intelligence, solving some of the hardest problems that are existing online, and they're doing it all using Cloudflare's workers platform.

And so over the last several weeks, we've been providing them advice, counsel, the technical resources that they need in order to get ready for today.

And today is really the culmination of an enormous amount of effort where they get to demo what they've built.

And so with that, I'm so excited to introduce the cohort of companies that are going to be demoing today.

Take it away. All right, thank you so much for joining us today.

We have such a great lineup for you.

Hi, my name is Jade and I run the startup program. And, you know, I try to not have any favorite cohorts, but this cohort is simply fantastic.

We have approximately half of them doing something in AI, about half of the AI folks are doing something in AI and customer support, and the other half are the rest of AI.

And the remainder of the companies are fairly split between developer tools and B2B collaboration and speed and performance.

So I really look forward to having all of you folks who are viewing get in touch with these startups.

And for the next intro, Veronica.

Thanks, Jade. Hey, everyone. My name is Veronica. And I'm also running this program with Jade.

I think we had an amazing journey with this cohort.

I'm super excited because I've seen their progress and all the effort they put during the whole process in both concessions, asking great questions, always open to feedback.

And something really interesting about this group is that they are very well distributed in many regions of the world in 10 different countries.

And they've been really active, engaging with our community on Discord, the forums, connecting with other participants and helping each other, which I think is one of the most incredible things that I've seen in this cohort.

So for those who would like to apply for the next cohort, please check out the link down below.

And next up, we're going to start with four AI companies focusing on customer support and community management based in the US, UK and Australia.

Hi, my name is Logan, and I'm the founder of Azul, a platform for AI agents for ecommerce brands.

Azul helps brands automate customer service almost entirely through integrations with third party tools.

Previously, I worked at a ecommerce brand, where because of the meal delivery service, it has lots of customer service queries.

And there was a strange number of tools that was required in order to get the job done.

And I realized after going on from there to work as the director of product for one of Shopify's most installed apps, this is actually really common with ecommerce brands, they end up with all these integrations.

And it's required for customer service teams to be able to use all of these integrations in order to answer questions in order to look up information.

So it's pretty hard to take a conversational AI experience, and then to be able to turn that into, you know, something that can actually completely automate your customer service team and to be able to take those actions.

But that is what Azul sets out to do and already is starting to be able to do.

We take customer service channels that that brands already use, and we integrate it with all the tools that they use on the back end, through a conversational AI experience, automatically being able to handle customer service queries and take actions that are associated with those queries, like canceling an order, or looking up order information to subscription management and everything in between.

We're able to provide complex tooling, but in a simple way through AI driven experiences that really hand off data processing to AI.

We also are developing proprietary solutions for being able to select actions, we're developing models to be able to specifically for each use case.

And we're allowing brands to be able to have AI write and deploy code for their integration on their behalf.

So there's practically no limit to what integrations and actions you can take.

We're able to do things like call API, search databases, have the agent shop on your behalf.

And of course, answer questions.

There's over 4 million Shopify stores and nearly 30,000 of those are Shopify plus stores, which is where we're really focusing.

But there is exciting opportunities in service business insurance providers, and in education with other customers that we've been able to talk to.

Azul is providing a robust toolkit for brands to be able to take these actions and really cut down on the hundreds of thousands of dollars some of these larger brands spend on customer service each year.

We'd love to connect, you can reach Azul at to learn more.

Thank you. Unifying voice of customer data that sits across different channels such as online reviews, surveys, support tickets, chats, customer calls, and emails is a massive effort.

This can take teams hours and weeks of effort. Eclipse AI makes that problem go away by unifying all of that voice of customer data that sits across different channels into one single platform and turning it into actionable intelligence to help you improve your customer retention.

The insights provided by Eclipse AI are simple to understand, simple to follow and act upon.

These insights are also specific to your context and results and adapt based on your feedback.

These insights help you predict your customer churn and prevent it from happening.

Our co-founding team has more than 50 years of domain experience in solving CX related challenges for businesses.

We work with more than 100 businesses in helping them transform their customer experience functions.

Since launching our MVP in March last year, we've been growing 22% month on month in terms of revenue.

We have clients across seven different countries supported by a very healthy sales pipeline.

Unlike our competitors that are focused on providing basic to advanced analytics, our focus is providing real and easy to understand insights to our customers which help them improve their customer retention.

This is what our customers have to say about us.

We were rated by G2 as the number one proactive customer retention platform globally for SMEs.

Our vision is to create Ava, your personal CX consultant.

Ava will be able to answer all your CX requests and provide you with the most up-to-date information you need.

We plan to launch Ava in the next three months.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi, I'm Damian Turner.

I'm the founder of UseChat. About a decade ago, I previously co-founded Pusher, which has powered real -time experiences for millions of users.

Now I'm excited about this next chapter, building UseChat.

UseChat lets you integrate large language models like ChatGPT deeply into your web application or website.

Everyone wants to integrate AI into their business. It's especially important that ChatGPT understands your business and is able to answer questions accurately and intelligently.

So UseChat ingests your company and product knowledge, be it your website content, knowledge base, Notion, or PDFs.

You can then customize, integrate, and embed ChatGPT into your website or app for your customers or internal team.

To date, we've helped businesses in travel, e-commerce, and a bunch of other industries deploy large language models for a variety of use cases.

One of the most popular use cases is AI-powered customer support. For instance, we've helped travel companies with seasonal business reduce their support burden during the peak season, whilst also lowering support response times across the board.

Our real-time infrastructure, powered by Cloudflare, lets human support agents jump into any AI conversation and help out users that need a little bit of extra help.

UseChat also deeply integrates with your website's and web app's functionality, so it can actually help users complete tasks, such as do a search or submit a form, as well as answering their questions with all your company and product knowledge.

I'm so excited by our vision to help integrate large language models into every business.

So, please reach out if you're also excited by this, and let's find a way to work together.

Hi, my name is Jorge Portillo, and I am the technical founder and CEO of

Changeuse is an AI-powered community management platform for community and product teams.

We've done this before in the past.

We enabled chatbots to Facebook pages. We gathered 2 million users.

We were processing up to 500,000 messages every single week. But understanding what to build next, and also making sense of all the data coming in, was a very hard thing to do.

We know that managing and understanding your users in your communities is very time-consuming.

Some teams are spending five hours a day onboarding new and existing users, and sometimes they're using non-scalable tools, such as Typeform and Google Forms, to do data intake.

At the end of the day, it turns into a very costly endeavor because your team should be focused on building your product, on servicing your community, and not conducting all these menial tasks that AI can do.

Scaling with your community is also very challenging. So, if you're looking at building your very own AI solution in-house, you not only have to build it, but you also have to make sure that it integrates with different channels out there.

And that's what we built Chainfuse. Chainfuse is a no -code community management platform.

We let you create your own AI, completely no code.

We let you enable that AI on Discord, on Telegram, or even in your own homepage if you choose to.

These AIs can then help you gather feedback, surface bug reports, feature requests, and they can talk to your customers 24-7.

Creating an AI with Chainfuse is very easy.

All you have to do is tell our AI what you need, and then you can teach it on your documentation, on your FAQs, or any other piece of relevant information.

And then you choose the channel that you want to go live in, and that's it.

These are some of the active communities currently using Chainfuse.

And we know that companies like Chainfuse are absolutely needed in the customer support and business intelligence space.

As you can see, we focus directly on servicing the customer all while learning about the customer.

And here are some of the top companies that also focused on a similar approach.

Some of our competitors are focused on active AI Q&A.

And even though we can also do AI Q&A, we're more focused on in-chat product feedback gathering.

We believe that keeping that experience within the community, within the in-chat, is a very powerful tool.

Our business model consists of charging per user license. We have a 400% markup fee on top of every AI -generated token.

Our team consists of ex -Googlers, top-notch design and developers.

We are raising $2 million, and we're ready to move fast and make noise.

So if you're interested, let us know, send us a message, or even try our AI at slash AI.

Thank you. Awesome job, you guys.

And you know what? AI is touching so many different industries that we have barely begun to scratch the surface.

Coming up next, we have another group of AI startups that are solving hard problems anywhere from marketplace automations to consumer-facing problems.

Let's go. Hi, I'm James, co-founder and CEO of 42Level AI.

Just like Oracle revolutionized business data and databases, we're going to revolutionize business data and AI models.

The power of AI custom models for businesses simply cannot be ignored.

Be it enhanced decision -making, increased revenue from new opportunities, increased productivity, or even improved customer experience.

We already have early customers who are trialing our software, not only in their day-to-day operations, but also incorporating it into their business processes.

For example, one such customer is MSpark, their Wales's first dedicated science park, and simply the home of innovation and excitement in Wales.

They're trialing our platform throughout their business.

The intention for them, in their words, is to be at the forefront of making their data work for them.

There are so many businesses and organizations that are yet to adapt to this new AI data -driven world we find ourselves in, missing out on so many opportunities to improve.

And it's down to issues such as skills gaps, cost constraints, time constraints, and really an overall lack of awareness.

In a short period of time, a lot has changed with how to make the best use of data and to make it work for the business.

Really, who wants to view graph after graph trying to manually spot trends or directly search documentation to find what you're looking for?

Really just wasting mental energy and precious business resource.

Along with 42able AI's co-founder Dr.

Ben Taylor, we have been working with AI software for the past 10 years and feel we have the ideal solution that turns your data into opportunities.

It's a platform where customers can build their own AI models based upon their data and have the ability to directly interact in a more human-like way.

The platform focuses on four key points.

The first is to build custom models to fit the need of the business using their data.

The second is to integrate the new models in a seamless and stress-free way, be it behind the scenes and workflows and processes or direct and applications.

The third is to scale and provide the infrastructure needed to grow and fit the use case.

And finally, the fourth is to provide the best support that we can and always keep our users at the cutting edge of the technology.

We know there's so much value in better understanding and communicating data and we want to share that knowledge and know-how with everyone.

The platform is a complete SaaS solution.

We'll be offering basic features on a generous freemium tier to draw businesses in to try it out, with the more advanced features being charged based on data size and request.

We know that our freemium tier will get users through the door and the incredible advances they achieve will really do the rest.

The market opportunity for our product is massive. There are 1.1 million businesses globally who we feel would most benefit from our product.

Targeting that to just UK businesses brings us to around 108,000.

And then to narrow the target scope further, we looked at a percentage of companies that are currently looking at exploring AI options, which gets us to around 41,000 target companies.

By taking full advantage of the Cloudflare ecosystem, which so far has been incredible for us, we'll be launching our beta in the next couple of months, with a full launch coming before the end of the year.

Our beta launch will give users the ability to create custom models to communicate with their data in whole new ways, but also to directly use these models on the platform or to integrate them via an API.

So let's take advantage of the endless possibilities of AI together.

Visit us at or feel free to reach out to me at james at

Thank you. How are you building the next big AI model? Simplify. Collect a ton of data, label that data, and train your AI on that data set, and save the world.

That's it, right? Did we keep our private data secure with Amazon MTurk?

Oops. Roomba has this problem.

We have this problem. You have this problem. You need your data to stay private.

You need your data to have labels for AI training, and you need to develop fast.

But it was so easy to use MTurk. Easy enough that I don't have to write my own code examples, which is why we're building YourCrowd.

Don't send your data to random people through Amazon.

Instead, send your data to your existing trusted team through YourCrowd.

We aren't reinventing the wheel, we're just making a better one.

Using YourCrowd instead of Amazon MTurk is trivial.

We offer a one-to-one API compatible endpoint, so you don't need to write new code.

Who is building this? Our team has a background ranging from finding zero days in Chrome, building scalable databases for law enforcement, biomedical automation, accelerating supply chains, and more.

Back to the technical stuff, how is it a better wheel?

Because we built YourCrowd on Cloudflare Workers, we scale everywhere on the edge globally with low latency.

Amazon only runs MTurk in the US East region.

Good luck trying to build anything near real-time. Unlike other providers, we don't need to copy your data, keep your data where it belongs.

Use single sign-on, zero-config onboarding for your entire team.

We let you bring your own trusted crowd.

If you don't have a team yet, you can use our upcoming public crowd.

We let your team solve tasks on mobile. Somehow this isn't a thing at Amazon or scale yet.

This is just what we have planned for the initial release. To summarize, who should be using YourCrowd?

Anyone who wants to rapidly create private datasets to train AI models.

YourCrowd actually began as an internal tool for ourselves, creating development of another product.

When will it be released? We've been at this full-time for a few weeks, and we need a few more weeks to push through to a release.

What else do we have planned? This is only the beginning. Our mission is to build AI tools to help ourselves and you move faster.

Thanks for watching.

If you're interested in our seed round, please contact us via email. Hi, I'm Chris.

I'm co-founder of Mixer, and I have previously done my own venture -backed startup, and I've got about 10 years experience in product leadership.

My co-founder Lawrence is a PhD AI researcher and full-stack engineer.

We're using a very modern stack of Cloudflare Workers and durable objects, vector and graph databases, language models, and autonomous agents.

With this tech, we're building a knowledge graph of the real world, including locations, venues, and events, the people within it, connected both socially and through their interests, and then we categorize all of that knowledge and also remix it, and we're using that as a foundation for our goal, which is to make doing stuff in the real world easier and more fun.

I'm going to start by focusing on parents who want to get their kids out of the house because they're always on tech, but their parents are struggling with different ideas on what to do.

We've spoke to hundreds of parents who know this is a real problem.

On this month's in exit group, which is women only, every single day there are women asking, what can I do this In one tap, parents can make a mix, applying, in this example, the beach day template, and what that essentially does is it runs a query to our intelligent network, which produces a suggestion on what they can do for the day with their family.

So in this particular example, it's made some inferences.

Because Isabel likes Minecraft and Jackson likes toy cars, perhaps both of them would enjoy going to an island on a sea tractor.

So it's made inferences based on their preferences, trying to find something that they'd both enjoy.

And because this is a sandy beach, and because it knows Isabel enjoys Frisbee, it's made that connection also.

And not only is it included Frisbee in the suggestion as a game for the whole family to play, it's also come up with a suggestion on the rules for a little actual game that they could play, which adheres to our design principle of trying to make the real world a little bit more fun.

And to make the real world a little bit easier, we have here, for example, Isabel can imagine she's venturing to a new realm in a favorite game Minecraft, which, you know, makes the day out, it's an easier pitch to the kids, you know, it encourages them to get off the tech and look forward to a day outdoors.

And again, for ease, here's a venue suggestion for lunch and a menu written specifically for the family and their preferences.

And then a few further suggestions for what the family can do in the afternoon with a particular focus on what activities they can do to make memories together.

And then this mix can be shared, or it can be remixed, running the template again for a new suggestion.

And we've intentionally designed the mix process to feel like a mystery box, so that hopefully we can also engage the teens, not just the parents.

And so far, we've really just been focusing on the beach day template, but Mixer will be launching with a whole variety of different templates that will not only be made in house, but we're also going to open this up to the community.

My boyfriend would benefit from using that app so much.

He's not romantic at all. And we have arguments about it all the time.

I'm like, you're an amazing dad. You're a provider.

That's great. But you got to be more spontaneous, right? Which I think is probably common in pretty much every relationship where you've been together for longer than seven years.

Do you know what I mean? Especially when you've got kids together, you know.

So here we can demonstrate that just by using a different template, we can satisfy a completely different user problem that a lot of people in the real world are facing.

Where can we go on a date? What can we do? How can we do something that's interesting, that's different that we haven't done before?

Everything available in one tap, the directions, picnic suggestions, even a constellation guide for the stargazing evening.

And all these little pieces combine to make the real world a little bit easier and a little bit more fun.

And there's certainly a lot of people out there today who are highly addicted to tech, feeling isolated, not spending enough time in the real world with their friends, and as a consequence, feeling very unhealthy mentally and physically.

And my hope is that as we start to understand how we can best leverage this new wave of technology, we can all start to move away from business models that focus on screen addiction and cognitive load through increased ad inventory, and more towards optimizing for people's health and happiness and generating revenue through the influence of actual activity and engagement in the real world.

So that's Mixer.

If you like what you see and you feel particularly aligned with this, please do get in touch because we're currently raising a seed.

Hi everyone. My name is Laurence.

I'm the founder of Embly, a marketplace automation platform. We're building a game-changing SaaS platform powering the future of marketplace commerce.

Marketplace businesses operate without an end-to-end view of their products, customers, orders, and payments.

They run operational processes over dozens and dozens of systems that don't behave well with each other.

Operations are manual, disconnected, and do not scale. We're an experienced second-time founder team.

In the past decade, we've deployed some of the finest B2C and B2B marketplaces from Fortune 500 companies globally.

We know why marketplace operations don't scale, and that's why we're building Embly, a platform powered by AI and process mining that enables businesses to scale better and faster.

Embly is a game-changing marketplace automation platform.

It combines the most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and process mining, to strengthen a fast end-to-end business process automation.

Embly is built on four key pillars, integrate, optimize, automate, and comply.

Integrate is the connectivity layer between platforms.

It integrates with data sources, using workflow builders, and it enables data transformation.

Optimize is a process mining engine that performs a next-ray of your business.

It helps visualize all your marketplace processes through a time-lapse view.

Automate is an AI-powered technology.

It helps business teams drive sales and profits. It automates activities around products, customers, orders, and payments.

And lastly, comply. It's a set of products that drive compliance for marketplace operators with internationally recognized standards.

For example, Ledger is a product that fully automates DAC7 in the EU.

Imagine the complexity of having to create reports for many countries and submit filings to local tax authorities on behalf of your sellers.

We enable our customers, who are marketplace operators, to become compliant to DAC7 in one click.

The market for marketplace automation is just being created.

However, we believe that our serviceable and obtainable market is north of $100 million.

Embly is here to help you accelerate and expand your marketplace commerce operations.

We empower your teams by freeing up their daily activities to focus on what really matters, brand building, customer experience, and sales.

Thanks for watching this video.

Check out for more information. Stay safe, and here's to your successful marketplace operations.

Great job, guys. You know, at Cloudflare, we're really obsessed with speed and performance, and that's why I'm super happy to introduce the next couple of companies that are supercharging your websites and gaming experience.

Let's take a look. Still lose customers today because of poor site performance.

It takes over five seconds for the average ecommerce site to load.

This results in a loss of over 32% in SEO traffic.

There's also a further loss of 9% in conversions. These numbers don't even take into account how much time is spent by developers trying to keep the site performant.

Fudge completely changes this. We've built a tool that can automatically turn any ecommerce site's performance into a competitive advantage.

Fudge sits between your site and your users and continuously applies performance improvements using Cloudflare Workers.

It works with any tech stack. It literally takes just five minutes to set up, and you'll have a more performant site within 48 hours, resulting in better conversions.

The results have been really encouraging. We've been working with ecommerce sites across the globe.

On average, we improve performance by over 35%.

In just the last month, we've more than doubled the number of people that use Fudge.

Fudge charges based on the number of sessions that we accelerate each month.

Currently, we are focusing on customers doing between 20,000 to 5 million sessions.

This market alone is worth close to $1 billion in ARR and is expected to grow by double digits year on year for the coming decade.

I couldn't have picked better co-founders, while I'm biased, than Dean and Jacques.

We've worked together before, we're super passionate about this problem, and we have the right skills and experience to make sure that we solve it.

Well, that was Fudge in a nutshell.

If you work at or own an ecommerce site, you're more than likely part of the 99% and are currently losing customers because of poor site performance.

Reach out to me at and I can guarantee you that within 48 hours, you'll have a better performing site.

Hi, I'm Tarek Mirza, founder and CEO of Arrive.

Arrive is building a real-time CDN to optimize the Internet for gamers.

The problem we are solving is called lag. On Zoom calls, lag freezes the connection, disrupting your calls.

In video games, lag ruins the experience and is one of the leading causes of churn.

The customers are the hundreds of millions of competitive gamers worldwide who are impacted by lag, and we're distributing with enterprise partners such as ISPs.

The product combines our proprietary software clients, software routers, and we have the lowest latency, highest performing networks in the world, powered by Cloudflare.

The TAM is $19 billion.

Our goal is to grow to at least 75 million users, 1.5 billion ARR, and that is just within the gaming domain.

As we're defining the new category, we need people who are experts at product, tech, and distribution in relevant domains.

This is my second time founding a startup in this domain. Our extended team includes operators of management experience in tech, marketing, and leadership in companies such as IBM Cloud and Equinix.

Here's some feedback we got from several gamers.

I'm not sure how ARRive works, but I have pretty bad Internet, but with this, it's not laggy.

So thank you guys, keep it up.

Once ARRive starts supporting more titles, I will definitely be one of the first to buy a yearly pass.

We're also chatting with large ISPs for distribution deals, and here are some of their feedback.

Partnering with ARRive can de -risk our view of where the ecosystem is headed.

Gaming is becoming a bigger deal all the time.

ARRive is building a real -time CDN to fix lag for gamers. We've done this before and are experts in this domain.

If you want to help us build the next iteration of the Internet, please reach out.

Thank you. Great job, guys. And next up, collaboration.

Now, collaboration is key to every workflow in every industry, whether we're talking about real estate or open-source software and design, or QAing your applications as you're developing them.

So let's check them out. Commercial real estate is a data-heavy industry, but visualizing that data is a problem for many operators.

So you have digital twins, but they're complicated to deploy.

They're expensive. And so building owners might use a digital twin on one building or a single space, but they typically cannot afford to deploy digital twins across entire portfolios.

So this means data in real estate resides on Excel spreadsheets, on floor plan images, on charts, on dashboards.

So imagine you're on the ground, you're a building operator, and you have to make sense of, you have to extract and then link all of that data to actual activities happening in the buildings.

So what we do at SimpliSpace is we digitize spaces using floor plan images that we upload into a purpose-built editor.

So we deploy quickly and affordably, digitizing this entire 400,000 square foot, 37 floor building in one day.

So the output is a lean digital twin without bells and whistles that you can view data interactively on at building level, floor plate level, and even down to that single unit.

Our open API integration approach means multiple data providers can integrate and showcase data directly in your application.

We support multiple building operational use cases.

So example, facility and maintenance, room and desk bookings, and we see a lot of IoT use cases.

So portfolio managers have an inventory of digitized spaces and buildings that's integrated into an outdoor map where they can view and search for filtered data.

So here's a use case. Visualizing occupancy levels from IoT sensors deployed on an office building help the facility maintenance team renegotiate janitorial fees from entire office size to the actual cleaning areas needed.

This saved the client $1.2 million over a six-month period.

Now that's ROI. And we want to provide that same ROI to the 350 billion square foot of commercial real estate in the world, of which more than 99% remains undigitized.

So in summary, we're focused on the commercial real estate sector where we want to displace the usage of spreadsheets and floor plan images going from this to lean digital twins for the built environment.

We're a team of five.

We're currently focused on APAC and US markets, and we're raising a seed round that will accelerate our go-to-market and 50x our current speed of digitization.

Thank you. Hi, I'm Kir, founder and CEO of MaraSnap. We help companies securely manage on-premise cloud storage with this while boosting collaboration and saving time and money.

Big companies are increasingly concerned about security and budget, leading them to switch from services like Dropbox to AWS or Google Cloud Storage.

However, these solutions lack user-friendly features and became difficult to use.

This is a huge problem for separate quality assurance design and dev teams in IT and semi-IT companies with 500 plus employees.

Our solution combines productivity tool and on -premise cloud storage.

MaraSnap desktop apps provide seamless creation and collaboration via screenshots and videos as this presentation.

Our on-premise cloud storage, alongside usability tools and computer vision functionality, allow for tracking sensitive content to comply with strict security rules and prevent data leaks.

Put on pause this slide to check why MaraSnap is secure.

Collaboration with media files is our viral go-to-market strategy.

We acquire free users from major enterprise companies like Shopify and Citrix, resulting in near zero customer acquisition costs.

Our product-led growth mechanics drive exponential adoption within organizations.

MaraSnap already has over 2 million monthly active users, generated half a million dollars in revenue last year.

Primary from the United States and a 400 millionth sum. With our horizontal model and strategic collaborations with our customers on top of Cloudflare and Google Cloud, our service has a potential of 28 billionth sum.

Our team of six experienced professionals with over 10 years of expertise in building successful productivity services for enterprise companies know how to navigate and challenges of security and procurement teams.

We have a strong security advisor on our board as well. In conclusion, we aim to save over 1 billion hours annually for companies with 1,000 plus employees, while reducing their cloud storage cost by up to five times.

We provide enterprise -level security for on-premise storage and offer an easy-to-use software that can be seamlessly integrated with just one click.

Let's innovate secure software and on -premise infrastructure with MaraSnap.

Now it's your turn to make it happen. Hello, I'm Michael from Contribute Design and we're trying to make open-source software and design collaboration easy.

The main problem is with open-source software that they lack good design, right?

They're all eager to get design on board, but they, well, actually they struggle with it.

And designers, well, they do have pretty nice jobs, day-to-day jobs, but they don't have but most of them, you know, they just want to do something fun during their spare time and they don't know how.

So we're trying to bring both worlds together.

We're trying to enable open-source software to know and write guides for designers to understand how to contribute to your project.

We're also helping designers to identify projects which are eager for new contributions which, you know, they can impact.

We're a pretty small team with a very large network on great designers and great open-source projects.

Well, for example, you know, we're having Mastodon as an open-source software which is eager for good design guidelines and we're helping them to find designers to contribute to their open -source software.

Our ultimate goal and ultimate vision is to bring design and engineering closer together we're trying to find ways to help them to work together, understand each other better, and ultimately not only helping open -source software designers, but also engineering and design in the long term to understand each other better.

You know, if a designer contributes to open-source software, he knows how to deal with engineers, he will have a way easier day -to-day job.

If an engineer knows how to talk to designers, it's great for him in his day-to-day job too, right?

So that's a gap we're trying to bridge.

Welcome to a new era of mobile app development. At, we're transforming the way developers launch their apps, making it more efficient and effective.

Every developer knows the struggle of debugging and the challenge of getting apps into hands of testers.

It's a process that can delay your launch and frustrate your team.

That's the problem we're here to solve. Our platform is designed for developers by developers.

It provides a tool for you to collect quick data-driven feedback from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Our user -friendly interface simplifies the collaboration between developers, QA teams, and testers, streamlining your transition from development to launch.

But that's not all.

We have engineered a special SDK that integrates seamlessly into your app.

This addition enables in -app feedback, session tracking, and even captures screenshots or screen recordings when testers encounter issues.

In a marketplace with over 5 million apps and thousands more released each day, effective debugging and feedback collection are critical.

That's where we come in, to give you the competitive edge you need to stand out and succeed.

Our team is a diverse group of passionate individuals from seven different countries, united by one common goal, to help developers succeed.

As a remote-first company, we tap into a global talent pool to bring together the best talents for the job.

We now have more than 45,000 users globally, with paying customers from 60 countries.

Our platform has hosted more than 10,000 apps, resulting in 100,000 releases.

Those releases installed 1.8 million times. With the same innovation we've used for app distribution, we're prepared to transform the way feedback is gathered.

With Cloudflare, the future is truly exciting. We're here to support our users and help them achieve their goals.

Together, we can build a better future for mobile app development, one release at a time.


You know, software is eating the world, and now we're going to move on to the final group of companies that are helping developers build better software and ship faster with their amazing DevTools.

Let's go! Hello, my name is Eugenia Corrales.

I am the CEO of Nafeli Networks, and I am here to tell you a little bit about our product.

Our team has its roots at UC Berkeley in the software-defined networking and network function virtualization research.

Together, we have decades of infrastructure, networking, and cloud experience.

Nafeli is focused in addressing the unexpected complexity that has hit enterprises as they adopt more and more cloud services.

Clouds are all different and segregated, and few enterprise teams have the expertise that is needed to do the necessary integration.

Clouds also provide significant cost exposure, and the complexity that emerges only increases as deployments grow.

Since 2022, Nafeli has been focused on addressing the enterprise need for a secure, cohesive, and efficient infrastructure platform integrating a range of cloud providers.

To do so, we have built a direct-to-enterprise cloud management solution that delivers unparalleled infrastructure automation and orchestration, enabling a consistent architecture across clouds.

Our solution is delivered as a service.

It provides consistent functionality across clouds, has a graphical no-code interface, cost visibility, and prediction, as well as guided workflows.

We have automated the configuration of hundreds of cloud resources.

Our platform leverages and complements the cloud. Nafeli customers enjoy the benefits of DevOps without the coding.

The business metrics, both around performance and productivity, are quantifiable and clear.

Nafeli is building a unified platform for the cloud ecosystem.

We are expanding by adding more and more management capabilities inside the public cloud providers, including things like automated landing pads for applications.

We are enhancing the end-user experience inside the enterprise by providing features like self-service user portals, and we continue to add capabilities around the client, premise, and edge.

We are working with Cloudflare very closely right now to do that integration, and we can expand to any programmable infrastructure.

Thank you for your time, and please look us up at nafeli .io.

Hi, I'm Paul, and I'm a co-founder of Drifting and SpaceCorp.

Web browsers have become the de facto operating system for new application software, but most web infrastructure is still optimized for blogs and e-commerce sites.

They're not built for the sort of full-fledged desktop class applications that many developers are now trying to ship over the web.

As a result, companies that ship modern applications have either had to invest a ton on infrastructure projects outside their core competency or else ship janky and sluggish apps.

At Drifting and Space, we've studied the architecture of applications like Figma and Codespaces.

We've generalized a key piece of their infrastructure into an open source product called Plane and productized it as a managed offering called Jamsocket.

They're used in production today by companies building ambitious applications.

We're also building DriftDB, an open source and embeddable data layer for synchronizing state within an application.

Our goal across our offerings is to create a platform where the problem of managing state between the client, servers, and persistent storage is abstracted away so that developers only have to interact with one in-memory representation of their program data.

Desktop virtualization is a double-digit billion-dollar industry, and it's being eaten by browser-based software.

We're building the tools to make it possible to ship desktop class software to the browser without compromising on features or performance.

We sell our managed offering directly to application developers, SaaS companies, and companies building internal applications.

Before Drifting and Space, I worked at Google and as a hedge fund quant, and my co-founder Taylor worked on data-intensive tools at Uber and Datadog.

We've both felt the limitations of trying to use a traditional web stack for computationally intensive problems.

We're alumni of the Winter 22 Y Combinator batch. We're now a team of four engineers based in New York and San Francisco.

The shift into the browser is the largest inflection point to happen to application software in decades, and AI looks poised to be another major inflection point on top of that.

Application software is no longer an exe file on your desktop.

It's a distributed system with states put across clients, servers, GPUs, and databases.

The industry needs a fundamental evolution in the way we build and deploy software, and we're excited to be building it.

Thank you. Hi, my name is Stefan, and I'm the co-founder of Wundergraph.

Wundergraph is the end-to -end solution for API integration. Integrating APIs cost developers time as well as headaches and companies money.

Wundergraph aims to redefine the experience.

What Docker did for applications, Wundergraph is doing for APIs.

Installing APIs into your system got as easy as integrating a code package.

Allow me to explain. Unifying all the APIs into a single format is a paradigm shift.

Before, there wasn't a single place to integrate REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and gRPC.

Any API protocol, it didn't exist before, until now.

Wundergraph is changing how we integrate APIs, and developers love us. Currently, we have 1,800 stars on GitHub, 55 external contributors to our open -source repo, over 900 members on our Discord, all with a minimum marketing spend of zero dollars.

Not only do developers love us, but enterprises need us.

These are some of the POC and negotiations that we currently have in place with some of the largest enterprises in the world, such as Walmart, SAP, TripAdvisor, and Axion.

Thaler is a YC -backed company that just signed a contract for 10k per month for 12 months.

Some of the biggest partnerships we also have in hand are Oracle, Fauna, Netlify, and Vercel.

Together, we partner to give the best API integration experience for our customers.

Wundergraph enables the future.

These are a selection of the companies currently supported by Wundergraph and using Wundergraph in production.

Some of the names that weren't on the previous slide include, Mr.

Yum, Suit Supply, and SandNina. Not only do developers love us and enterprises need us, but the market drives it.

They fully depend on APIs and API connectivity, and as a result, the number of APIs is growing exponentially.

The number of active APIs is expected to reach 1.7 billion by 2030, by far our growing developer capacity.

Wundergraph has the strongest OSS traction despite receiving the lowest amount of funding.

Some of the key differentiators between us and our competitors is that we are fully open source.

From our gateway, to our API generation, all the way to our ORM, we are fully open source.

We also follow a local first approach. You develop locally on your machine and then deploy to the cloud or deploy to your on-prem, allowing you the freedom to deploy wherever your developers want to.

The biggest differentiator is that there's zero vendor lock-in.

We know that large enterprises have legacy systems, and we know that large enterprises already have a tech stack they've been using for years.

Wundergraph isn't a platform that needs to pass through compliance or security or anything.

It just seamlessly integrates into your stack because it's adaptable to your stack.

Whatever technology language you're using, Wundergraph can seamlessly fit into that stack, which separates us from our competitors.

There is no need to adopt Wundergraph, just integrate it. And finally, security comes out of the box.

Because we never expose a GraphQL endpoint, security comes included.

Authentication, caching, authorization, all comes out of the box because of our contrarian approach to never expose a GraphQL API.

So far, we've spent 1.5 million of our $3 million seed round, and we are aiming to extend our seed funding by 1 million to qualify for a good Series A.

This funding will allow us to increase our developer capacity and serve these enterprise customers, as well as establish a driven and successful sales team to further our growth.

This will enable us to reach 1 million AR by April 2024 and to open up a Series A window.

Wundergraph was established in 2022. We're a global company with 14 employees from eight countries across three continents, with the headquarters in Miami, Florida, and subsidiary in Frankfurt, Germany.

Thank you so much for the time.

My name is Stephan. I'm one of the co-founders, and we are Wundergraph.

Our company, Brevity, is on a mission to make high quality custom software affordable, accessible, and fast for everyone.

Today's enterprises are more eager than ever to automate and modernize their operations through custom software.

For example, you could imagine an HR department at a large company wanting to build an AI chatbot for employees so they can get easy answers to their questions about company policies, or a recruiting firm wanting a portal for their clients so they can get real-time access to their candidate pipeline and cohort data.

The problem with ideas like these is it turns out that building custom software is hard, expensive, and slow.

Well, Brevity is on a mission to solve this, and the HR department and the recruiting firm I just mentioned are already using our platform and seeing their software visions come to life in a matter of weeks, not months or years, and for a fraction of the typical cost.

Now, I know what you might be thinking.

How is this possible? Well, the secret lies in two key features. First is our holistic approach.

Every app built with Brevity comes with all of the essentials you need to build great software, including user authentication, database management, hosting, and easy integrations to third-party software.

This enables our clients to focus on what makes their app unique.

The second thing is that we've been able to make the entire experience visual, eliminating the need to write code or even understand it, and this enables nearly everyone to be able to contribute to the product being built.

At Brevity, we envision a future where nearly every business is enabled in part by custom software, and we are accelerating this future by ensuring that software development is accessible, affordable, and fast for all.

Thank you. What would the world look like if it took half the time to make great software?

When software works, it's because engineers had time to make sure it would work.

They had time to test it, fix bugs, and run thousands of builds.

The more time you have to work on software, the better that software becomes.

The problem is software engineers spend a lot of time waiting. They make a change, run their tools, and they have to wait.

Then, when everything is ready, they push up their changes to their team, and now it's time for everyone to wait again.

Today, this is considered simply the cost of doing business, but we're about to change that.

Elide is a software company focused on enabling software teams to do more with less.

Elide is a runtime that combines JavaScript with your favorite backend language, simplifying your app's tooling, and speeding up your app by up to 31x.

Our first product, Buildless, launched in partnership with Cloudflare, PlanetScale, and Dragonfly, is the world's first CDN for build caching.

Elide and Buildless give software teams back their time.

By eliminating wasted time waiting for software to compile, engineers can keep their heads in the game and spend that time innovating and shipping code.

We're hugely proud to be a part of Cloudflare for Startups and the Workers Launchpad program.

Powering our network with Cloudflare ensures a fast experience worldwide for software teams in every language.

Sign up for the beta today at, and tomorrow, achieve your dreams and ship your code.

Thank you to all the startups who presented, and all the investors who tuned in today, and everyone else tuning in on Cloudflare TV.

This has been such a great cohort, and it's been such a rewarding experience working with these founders and getting to do all the bootcamp sessions with you.

I can't wait to see what you accomplish in your lifetimes.

And for those of you who are tuning in and thinking about applying to Launchpad, information is down below.

And some final words from Veronica.

Thank you so much, everyone. It's been an amazing experience with all of you.

So amazing that I don't want to say goodbye. So we can continue the conversation on our Discord server.

Please join us there using the link down below, and connect with us in our amazing community.

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