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Workers Launchpad Demo Day: Authdog

Presented by David Barrat
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Join us for Workers Launchpad Demo Day, where you’ll have a chance to meet more than dozen of the startups selected for our inaugural cohort.

  • Company: Authdog
  • Founder: David Barrat
  • About: Identity and Access Management streamlined
  • HQ: In incorporation
  • Stage: Seed
  • Website:

If you’re a founder building on Cloudflare Workers, head to to learn more about the program and apply to be a part of Cohort #2 -- applications are now open !

If you’re an investor or a potential customer looking to get in touch with any of the presenting companies, please reach out to the Workers Launchpad team.

Watch the full Workers Launchpad Demo Day here !

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Workers Launchpad Demo Day

Transcript (Beta)

Have you ever struggled integrating security features in an app, like authentication or authorization?

In the past, I faced similar challenges multiple times.

Managing identity and access can be a complicated and tedious lengthy process that can result in security vulnerabilities.

Worse, it can even impact the reputation of your business.

However, this experience has taught me the significance of app launching, proper identity management.

As a result, I created AuthDoc, a user-friendly and fast platform as a service that simplifies the process for others.

By using Cloudflare Workers, we have made a one-stop shop product at an affordable price.

Consider that you have just deployed a web application on the cloud and you want to allow users to access it.

To achieve this, you will need to set up a login form that is connected to various identity providers.

These identity providers could be social icons such as Google, Meta, GitHub, or even enterprise single-sign-on platforms like Okta, OneLogin, and SailPoint.

Additionally, you can implement multi-factor authentication through email, SMS verification codes to bolster the security of your platform.

Through AuthDoc Cloud Console, you can register apps and create identity integration in minutes, create login forms matching your branding requirements without writing a single line of code, and segregating your own visual asset and custom domain for no additional cost.

Wouldn't that be cool to have all user journey analytics at one place, understanding who is logging into your app or frequently how many users you got per day?

This is natively integrated into AuthDoc analytics. Get an overview on the demographic usage and evolution over time of your metrics with no extra effort.

You can also drill down your tenant activity logs by event type, region, IP, and even more.

Now, imagine you want to add authorization capability to your product, your API.

Where do you start? Do you build your own authorization API? How do you scale it, make it fast?

Who will be maintaining this? How much time will it cost you?

This is where Shelter comes in. A comprehensive authorization as a service solution based on Google's Antibar, the authorization system that powers popular tools like Google Drive, Design Trailer, and Challenge at scale.

Shelter is directly available via the Cloud Console and allows you to define through a GUI an authorization model, security tuples, and assertion to validate over time who is supposed to have granted access.

Shelter offers a GraphQL API that can be integrated directly into your app to check authenticated user authorization.

You have added authorization to your app, but is it enough?

In 2022, there has been a 38% increase in global cybersecurity attacks compared to 2021.

To mitigate those attacks, Cloud Console integrates a risk management module to define additional protection rules.

With this feature, you can establish safeguarding protocols for your application, such as specifying protection criteria based on IP range, countries, VPN access, and other factors.

Last but not least, if you don't find a feature you need in our stack, use the feature request module.

It helps us prioritizing what the community wants to see integrated into the platform.

Also, you can share directly your feedback with us via the feedback module.

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Workers Launchpad Demo Day
Join us for Workers Launchpad Demo Day, where you’ll have a chance to meet more than dozen of the startups selected for our inaugural cohort. If you’re a founder building on Cloudflare Workers, head to to learn more about the program...
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