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Fireside Chat with Paddy Cosgrave

Presented by Michelle Zatlyn, Paddy Cosgrave
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A Conversation with Chat with Paddy Cosgrave CEO of Web Summit

What do Cloudflare and Web Summit, one of the biggest tech conferences, have in common? More than you think.

Paddy Cosgrave is the Co-Founder and CEO of Web Summit, which has been called "the world’s biggest tech conference." Ahead of the event (taking place November 1-4, 2021), Cloudflare's Co-founder, President, and COO Michelle Zatlyn, sits down with Paddy to talk about its growth of Web Summit from 150 people in 2010 (the same year Cloudflare officially started) to 70,000 attendees.

Tune in to hear their discussion on the future of work, collaboration, and the return of events. And, hear how Lisbon is attracting so many companies (Cloudflare included). Over the last year Cloudflare has grown its team in Portugal by nearly 400% (we have more than 80 open roles today just for Lisbon).


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Web Summit
Join us for conversations at Web Summit, the annual marquee tech conference held in Lisbon, Portugal.
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