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This Week in Net: Zero Trust speed, security and the quantum state of a TCP port

Presented by John Graham-Cumming, João Tomé
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Welcome to our weekly review of stories from our blog and other sources, covering a range of topics from product announcements, tools and features to disruptions on the Internet. João Tomé is joined by our CTO, John Graham-Cumming.

In this week's program, we give some highlights from our Security Week that only officially ended on Monday, including the importance of having the fastest Zero Trust proxy. In a very different area, we also go over why the quantum state of a TCP port is the subject of a deep dive this week. There’s also news related to our developer's platform, Cloudflare Workers, from Node.js compatibility to the use of any language with Pages Functions via WebAssembly.

At the end, we have in our new “Around NET” short segment where we go to the Netherlands. Bas Westerbaan from our Research Team talks about post quantum crypto (free, and forever ).

​​For more, don’t miss the Security Week Hub ( and our wrap up blog with all the announcements (

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