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This Week in Net: From deep dives to trends (Thanksgiving edition)

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Welcome to our weekly review of stories from our blog and elsewhere, from products, tools and announcements to disruptions on the Internet.

João Tomé is joined by our CTO, John Graham-Cumming. In this week’s program we highlight how Cloudflare was named one of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces in 2022; we also talk about the introduction our new system designed to detect route leaks and its integration on Cloudflare Radar and its public API; we go over routing on the Internet, and how prepending can do more harm than good; and how we manage Cloudflare IP addresses used to retrieve the data from the Internet, how our egress network design has evolved, how we optimized it for best use of available IP space and introduce our soft-anycast technology. There are also some Ukraine Internet outage, Thanksgiving, World Cup and Black Friday trends.

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Presented by: João Tomé, John Graham-Cumming