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Let's //Get\ Technical: randomness, attacks on AI, and undersea cable failures in Africa

Presented by John Graham-Cumming, João Tomé
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In this week's episode, we premiere a new segment called "Let's //Get\ Technical," featuring our CTO, John Graham-Cumming, who returns to the show.

João Tomé and John discuss the importance of randomness in securing the Internet for encryption. They explore, a site John created using our Pages products and also LavaRand to generate random US lottery numbers, and delve into our sources of "chaos" or randomness at our offices, as mentioned in our blog post "Harnessing chaos in Cloudflare offices ". In San Francisco, we have a lava lamp wall; in London, a double pendulum wall; and in Austin, suspended rainbows. We announce a new wave installation wall in our Lisbon office, which will also contribute to our encryption process.

The conversation shifts to AI, highlighting Cloudflare's role in discovering and patching a vulnerability affecting all LLM providers. The episode also covers recent Internet outages, including the undersea cable failures that impacted multiple African countries, and shares fun facts about Pi Day and the mathematical constant π (pi).

Last but not least, we debut "Social Love," a short segment where Ryan Knight highlights positive feedback from customers and users on social media. Additionally, Thibault Meunier from our Research team provides a sneak peek into a recent conversation on our Cloudflare Research show about the Privacy Pass protocol.

Check some of the highlighted topics:

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