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This Week in Net: From Rust to Python and a glimpse on what to expect from Security Week

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Welcome to our weekly review of stories from our blog and other elsewhere, covering a range of topics from product announcements, tools and features to disruptions on the Internet. João Tomé is joined by our CTO, John Graham-Cumming.

In this week's program, we go over our recent blog posts related to two relevant programming languages, Rust and Python. The related posts are:

We also discuss how the new Zero Trust navigation is coming soon (and we need your feedback), how to build resiliency into systems with Cloudflare Workers, and why you should go over our White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy related blog post.

Last but not least, we give you a teaser on what to expect of the upcoming Security Week (one of Cloudflare’s Innovation Weeks). And Andie Goodwin and Angela Huang share some insights about our blog post related to the International Women’s Day and give some suggestions.

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Presented by: João Tomé, John Graham-Cumming, Andie Goodwin, Angela Huang