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Email security in the AI era and a Developer Week teaser

Presented by Oren Falkowitz, João Tomé, Rita Kozlov
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In this week's episode, we discuss email security with one of our security leaders, Oren Falkowitz. Since Developer Week is approaching on April 1, 2024, we also include a teaser with Rita Kozlov.

João Tomé and Oren begin by examining a blog post about how recent generic Top-Level Domains, such as “.beauty”, “.wiki”, “.top”, and “.shop”, have high percentages of phishing emails. They delve into the importance of phishing and email security in 2024, Oren’s experiences with the NSA, Area 1, and Cloudflare. They also cover what companies and users should expect in the email domain. Additionally, they address how AI and generative AI present new challenges, yet show promising signs for the future.

Next, Rita Kozlov, our Sr. Director of Product, shares why developers should look forward to our Developer Week, starting on April 1, 2024. It will be filled with AI (models included), security, and speed (AI inference included).

Finally, we feature a video from our Developer Educator, Craig Dennis, explaining what Workers AI entails and how you can now build entire AI applications on Cloudflare. It was filmed in our San Francisco office, featuring our lava lamp wall.

Check some of the highlighted topics:

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