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Cloudflare’s Speed Week. Where we’re going, we need speed

Presented by John Graham-Cumming, João Tomé
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Welcome to our weekly review of stories from our blog and other sources, covering a range of topics from product announcements, tools and features to disruptions on the Internet. João Tomé is joined by our CTO, John Graham-Cumming.

In this week's program, we cover some of the announcements, metrics, and deep dives from our innovation week, Speed Week. It's all about how Cloudflare likes to be very fast, the advantages of that performance focus in different products, from Zero Trust to Workers, APIs and Pages, and how we like to prove that we're fast. We benchmark ourselves against our competitors and our previous metrics.

There's something for everyone's taste, from our global network growth — we're in 300 cities and getting closer to end users with connections to 12,000 networks (in 122 unique countries) — to how we use scalable machine learning to reduce the processing time for each HTTP request.

We introduce new tools (Cloudflare Observatory and Cloudflare Snippets), explore new architectures (rethinking cache purge), and even talk about our step-by-step guide to transferring domains to Cloudflare, now that Google Domains is shutting down.

Lastly, we present a world map predominantly orange, highlighting that Cloudflare is the fastest provider based on TCP Connection Time. We also delve into Cloudflare Radar's new Internet and Connection Quality index, which offers comprehensive metrics worldwide, categorized by country and ASN.

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Speed Week

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