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All about privacy, Europe’s GDPR and Digital Services Act

Presented by João Tomé, Emily Hancock
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In this week's program, we talk about Cloudflare’s privacy perspective.

João Tomé is joined by Emily Hancock, Cloudflare’s Chief Privacy Officer. We discuss the importance of privacy in the Internet age and its evolution. Our recent blog post reflects on Europe’s GDPR for Privacy Day 2024.

We also highlight what regular Internet users, and companies should have in mind about privacy in general, and Cloudflare’s approach to privacy. How it is interconnected with security. And what to expect in 2024, with AI taking the stage, regulation continuing to change, data localization and data transfer between countries and continents. And we cover what regular Internet users and companies should keep in mind about privacy, Cloudflare’s approach to privacy, and its connection to security.

We also talk about privacy expectations for 2024, focusing on AI, evolving regulations, data localization, and international data transfers.

Next, we head to Brussels, Belgium, to talk with Petra Arts from our policy team about Europe’s Digital Services Act.

To wrap up, we leave a teaser to a deep dive conversation with our DNS guru, Ólafur Guðmundsson, about lessons learned managing engineering teams.

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