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Alissa Starzak on Internet regulation, elections, and Project Galileo’s decade

Presented by Alissa Starzak, João Tomé
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In this week’s episode, we feature a segment all about policy, Internet regulation, and the 10th anniversary of our Project Galileo.

Host João Tomé is joined by Alissa Starzak, Global Head of Policy at Cloudflare, to discuss policy and regulation in 2024. This conversation was recorded in early May 2024 in our San Francisco office. We begin with Alissa’s impressive background, from the private sector to the CIA, the US Army, and then Cloudflare.

We discuss the need and challenges of regulation in 2024; differences between countries; the potential for the Internet to become “several Internets”; the challenges of so many elections in 2024; and the impact of AI. We also talk about what our policy team does and how it accommodates different regulations and changes over the years. Finally, we look at what to expect in policy in 2024 and beyond.

Last but not least, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Project Galileo and its role in protecting vulnerable communities, independent journalism, and high-risk organizations.

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