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A send up of Hollywood Squares where Cloudflare experts fill the celebrity squares and answer high and low-level Cloudflare questions to help two guest stars (customers, AEs or new hires) get a a tic-tac-toe, or possibly the Silicon Valley equivalent - a TCP handshake (SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK)

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Hello, hello. Welcome everyone to yet another episode of Silicon Valley Squares. Thank you for joining us here at birthday week.

Hopefully we were are the nice palate cleanser to all of the deep intellectual discussions going on about the future of the Internet.

I'm your host Dan Hollinger and on this episode we will be reviewing 90s hip hop.

So I want everyone to stop. Let's collaborate a little bit.

Let's listen and we'll see if we can come up with a brand new invention. Okay.

Now if you're new to the show. I have two contestants here, Lee and mill. Each of them will be trying to get a tic tac toe by asking our lovely Cloudflare celebrities trivia questions 90s hip hop trivia questions.

And they'll be trying to get three across three down or three diagonal.

So with that, I'll kick things off and Lee, would you mind giving a quick introduction of yourself.

Yes, I am Lee Carlson.

I am an executive assistant here at Cloudflare. I support our CFO and this is my third or fourth time on Silicon Valley Squares.

It's my favorite game and I also help with the Segments for the Cloudflare TV segments that we have each week or I help every other week, but I help on a regular basis.

So Awesome. Part of the team.

Glad to have you on the show and and mill. How about yourself. Would you mind giving a quick introduction.

Hi, everyone. My name is mill. You've probably seen my name thrown around.

I do the beer meeting music and stuff. So yeah, I'm part of the it teams about to be my two year this month.

And yeah, it's my first time doing this as this is exciting.

Can't wait to get this done. All right. Well, welcome to the squares and it sounds like you already got an advantage.

If you're used to doing music as part of your day job.

Maybe, maybe. All right. And how are all my squares doing you guys ready to go.

Sure. Ready So I'll bring the board back up and leave the choices yours.

Where would you like to kick things off. I am going to start with the center square Ryan night.

Ryan, where are you calling in from San Jose, California.

San Jose. Well, welcome to the squares. Would you mind giving a quick introduction to all of your Cloudflare TV fans.

Yes, I am Ryan and I had up the team that handles community and social stuff at Cloudflare and that's all the Twitter's and stuff.

And this is my idea to do hip hop. I'm very excited. Is that the technical term that the Twitter's The Twitter's Okay, where's All right.

Well, your question to kick off the show is what group put out the hit rap dance track Tootsie Roll in 1994 So I think that was either it was at Hershey or was it M &M's So I want to say the Quad City DJs, but I think they did.

Come on, ride that train, but also produce songs for a lot of different Miami based one hit wonders.

And this one is actually the masters of the booty shake 95 South All right, lead you agree or disagree with that that very nice history lesson.

I was suspiciously too much information.

I would agree with that. So I say I disagree with the answer.

You disagree with the answer. All right. The right answer was 69 boys. So the center square goes to you.

Bring that up. If anyone wants to do the the jeopardy music or sound effects.

All right, mill the board is yours. Where would you like to go next.

I will start with Lynn. All right. Would you mind giving a quick shout out to all of your fans on Cloudflare TV.

Sure. What's going on, everyone.

Lynn. I'm currently based here in the New York suburbs, but I'm going to be joining the team down in Austin.

Once the world opens up again. Been here for about two months now.

Love it. Love the team. Love what we're doing. And it's a good time.

Awesome. Welcome to the squares. Your question. Name at least one other rapper Tupac dist on the track.

Hit him up. Oh, man. I would have to say, I mean, there were a lot.

If I remember, but he definitely went after the notorious big Notorious big.

Do you agree or disagree. Agree. Agree. I agree, too. I actually know the answer.

You should have picked me then. All right. Oh, there's the notorious big. It was a few of the the bigger names are the notorious big little Kim Puff Daddy and Mo deep.

We're all just on that track. And you live You're welcome. Alright so mill gets on the board.

And let me, let me fix that x You know, known for my perfectionism.

Lee, where would you like to go next. I'm going to go with Kids. All right, kit.

Welcome to the squares. Would you mind giving a quick introduction.

Sure. Hi guys, my name is kit and I work out of the services go office.

I'm an EA and I support the head of sales ops and the head of America sales and I'm super excited to be here.

I'm usually working behind the scenes for Cloudflare TV.

So I'm excited to be here. Awesome. Glad to have you. Your question. Keep their heads rigging by Dr.

Dre was featured on the soundtrack of which 1995 movie Now, Lee, I know you don't think I look over 18 but I grew up in the 90s.

And this happens to be my favorite comedy of all time.

So believe me when I say it's Friday. To repeat the question.

The question was keep their heads ringing by Dr. Dre was featured on the soundtrack of which 1995 movie and kit said Friday.

I'm going to have to agree with you on that.

All right, it was Friday. All right, so Lee gets the square.

And we got a potential win on the board mill.

Where would you like to play next Yeah, I need a block.

So Suzanne, please. Stand for the block. I know you already have your Silicon Square is regular almost to this point, but would you mind a quick introduction Love to.

My name is Suzanne Aldrich and I need a team of us feel the solutions engineers on the west coast and I'm calling in today from Marin County, California.

Hopefully it's not too hot up there. It is baking and and it's also it's not necessarily known as like a center of hip hop knowledge.

So, you know, take, take all my answers with a really big green All right.

Suzanne, your question. This was actually written in from someone on our support team name two songs by the artist Cisco.

Okay, Cisco. I'm not entirely sure. You know, normally when I'm thinking Cisco.

I'm thinking, you know, VoIP and any connect So, so let me think. We still get those tech jokes in there.

Yeah, maybe like a like a rump shaker or a back that as up.

All right. I'm not going to repeat those. But do you agree or disagree.

I have to disagree. All right. That is correct. Those were I was looking for things like enter the dragon of the thong song wild wild west for some of his quote unquote hits So no switches or routers.

No, it's a different Cisco. Okay. All right.

So here's the state of the board to get successfully got that block Lee, where would you like to play next Let's go with Rebecca claim and All right, Rebecca.

Welcome to the board, where you calling in from Thanks. Yeah, so I'm usually based in San Francisco, but I came all the way out to New York to rep the East Coast.

East Coast hip hop and some calling and from New York and I lead the brand team at Cloudflare Awesome.

So we can get some East Coast, West Coast, you know, beef going here on the squares.

Yeah. I know, I know what some of those words mean All right, Rebecca, your question.

Bone thugs and harmony started in this Ohio City.

So I love that this question is for me because I'm visiting my parents and my dad is from Ohio.

And I don't know if you'll find another like hip hop group that gives like a shout out to the Cleveland Browns.

So bone thugs is from Cleveland.

All right, Rebecca says Cleveland. Do you agree or disagree. That sounds like a very reasonable answer to me.

So I'm going to agree. All right, it was Cleveland.

All right, so X gets the square. And here's the state of the board. I'm l.

Where would you like to go next I'll go with a streaky Ryan.

Ryan streaky. Welcome to the squares. We might give it a quick intro Yeah, I'm the only person wearing his gold chain apparently for the whole thing.

So, you know, I'm serious about it. This is kind of like a chain, you know, that's a tie, but I'll give it to you.

I'm in the Austin office, but I'm from North Dakota.

So I know a lot about, you know, rep All right, so Okay, so you should should be should be good for this question, then what was mob deeps original group name.

I'm gonna go with just mob.

Later on. Yeah. All right, just mob. Do you agree or disagree.

Disagree with that one. All right. Do you know their original group name.

It's on the tip of my tongue, but I totally forgot. All right, it, it is the poetical profits.

I had profit by to have political Right. So, Yep, mill mill gets the square.

And The block.

So now, where would you like to go next Lee. Competitive game one.

Let's do Actually, All right, Ashley.

Welcome to the squares. Would you mind giving a quick intro Yeah, I'm actually calling in from Burlingame, California.

I run our corporate events team and also running the cloud third TV team.

So I'm excited to be on here. Yeah. Awesome.

Glad to have you. Your question, true or false on the song Big Papa notorious big washes down his T bone steak and cheese eggs with Welch's grape juice.


I'm a visual of this in my head. But that's got the song going. It was Yep. It's like in the back of my head right now I'm playing it.

But I think it was maybe ocean spray grape juice.

So I'm going to disagree. All right. Ocean spray so False. Do you agree or disagree.

I agree with Ashley's answer. All right, it actually was true.

It was just Welsh's grape juice. Or should we all sing it together. I do encourage singing on the show.

I do not need that you guys T bone steak cheese eggs and Welch's grape.

That is how it went. All right, so milk. It's the square and the win opportunity.

Know, where would you like to go next. My teammate Eddie Palmer.

All right, Eddie, the pressures on You guys have to work together after this.

Yeah. I love the guy. I love the guy. Would you would you mind giving a quick introduction.

Eddie it team currently the hermit at the SF office every Monday and Friday.

That's about it. How's, how's the office doing It's bone quiet.

It's really quiet, but it's cool. I mean, you know, It's fun. At least you have all the snacks to yourself.

Right. No snacks. No, as soon as they put the snacks out on the table and the beer.

It was gone within like 20 minutes. I think word got out and went down to grab a six pack all gone.

But Nicole spoils me. That's all right.

All right, Eddie, your question, which of the following rappers guested on the beastie boys ill communication album.

Was it NOS Snoop Dogg Chuck D or Q tip. I don't know this one.

I can never lose all kinds of It was from center square here.

Yeah, it was, it was Q tip. Thank you. Tip. Do you agree or disagree. Oh, no, because I thought it was Chuck D But since my boy, Eddie, you know, he's my guy.

But hold on, my guy. Can you trust it over time.

I trust Eddie. I gotta trust Eddie. He's my guy. I thought so too. But then he let me down.

All right. So, Mel, you agree. I will agree with Eddie. Okay, it was Q tip.

So, Mel, you take Take the square and game one. I mean, who's always trying to put tribe called quest on the beer meeting music.

All right.

Well, that brings us to our center point and game one was brought to you by birthday week.

It's our birthday. And if anyone wants to sing. Feel free to help yourselves.

Hopefully you guys everyone's been enjoying all of the amazing fireside chats and new products.

We've been launching happy 10th birthday Klaffler I was expecting cake.

There is no cake.

The cake is a lie. I can sneak in a few more nerd references will be okay.

All right. And with that, we'll move on to game to Mel first choice is yours.

Where would you like to play. I will go with a guy Z because he did not did not go this last round.

Thank you. I appreciate you. All right. Is it doing. What do you mind giving a quick introduction.

Sure. I'm as a doing. I'm a systems engineer, but on the cash team.

My job is to make sure everything is stored on our and that's it.

We just, I just like to basically keep things to myself. I see that and I must applaud the suit that is, you know, very well done.

Thank you. I don't know whether you're trying to one up me here.

This is my show, you know, Well, yeah, the first time I went there.

I wasn't wearing a suit and you were wearing a suit and I felt out of place.

So I said, you know what, I'll show him who can wear it better.

All right. It's got a nice three piece. I like it. Thank you. All right.

Your question. What does Wu Tang's C R E A M stand for I see. Hmm. I want to say Cash rules everything around me.

Now I know what you're gonna say he works in the cash team and he just said cash rules everything about me.

He's trying to self promote It's perfect.

I get it. But trust me on this one. That's the answer. All right, Mel.

Do you agree or disagree. You know, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna agree with I do because I was gonna agree.

Oh, really.

I don't even agree with myself. Let's go. Okay, don't worry about it.

Depending on how he's pronouncing cash, which I assume he meant like Monetary cash.

Although we do have shirts. I've seen shirts around Cloudflare that say cash C H E rules everything around me.

And that is correct. So that is what that stands for.

So Mel gets the square gets the square. All right, let me bring up the board and Lee, where would you like to play next Let's go.

When did Jason Kincaid come on the board. Is he actually Oh, I got a typo. All right, well, I think that would be me.

Yeah, that would be All right, let's do lit and lit and lit and Thomas Let's go.

Thomas All right, your question. Is this late 80s group was made up of Dr.

Dre ice cube easy DJ yellow and MC run I'll use the The acronym, as opposed to the full name.

I don't want to Call them NWA All right, NWA.

Do you agree or disagree. I agree. It was NWA All right, so X gets the square and mill.

You're up next. Where would you like to play Have to go to Ryan.

Night. Night. All right. How you doing. Have you known all of the answers to all these questions.

Yeah, yeah. Okay. You could have shared them with like all the other squares.

If you'd want it. All right, your question.

Who sings the hook on JC's can't knock the hustle. So I want to say, Drake, because he's the first rapper who can sing, but he would have been nine years old, then he wasn't actually.

So there are a lot of 90s R&B divas and Not Mariah not Whitney not Tony Braxton.

This was Mary J. All right, Mary J.

Blige. Do you agree or disagree. I'm gonna have to go with the 90s guy real quick with Ryan, so I'm agree.

All right, it was Mary J.

Blige so mill gets the square. Ryan. Lucky guess. No. I don't know.

Had so much confidence, though, and I Know what's killing it in this game so far.

Not sure what All right, Lee board is yours. Actually, I have to go for the block.

All right, Ashley, your question and Hopefully I can help you. Give me the right answer.

All right. I'm going to set you up for a song you can you can speak the lyrics.

So you're good, but Can you complete this infamous Snoop Dogg lyric laid back with my mind on my Blank.

Okay, I think most of us know the answer to this one.

I will say I hired Snoop Dogg my previous company to do an event and he canceled on me four hours before.

So I didn't listen to Snoop Dogg for a while.

But So with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

That is correct. So Lee gets the square.

For that appearance, and if so, how much weed was included on that writer.

He was Canceled. Oh.

All right, no board is yours. Where would you like to play next I'm gonna go with kit.

All right. Your question. Which record labeled record label featured artists such as Dr.

Dre to pack and Snoop Dogg Well, it would be to pack And And everyone knows that from the 90s, the best West Coast rappers were on sure the Knights record label, aka death row records.

All right, death row records. Do you agree or disagree.

I agree completely It was death row records milk. It's And say, I don't know anything that was mentioned here.

That's okay.

That's how I feel on all the technical shows. I'm getting a taste of my own medicine as well.

I grew up with 90s country music. So most of this is like just a foreign language to me.

All right, Lee, the board is yours. Where would you like to play next I would like to go with The girl that said back that ass up.

Your question for game to Ali Shaheed Muhammad is part of which rap group Okay, I'm going to have to use like a little deductive reasoning here.

Grab group.

Could this be the given name of the artist, also known as old dirty bastard from Wu Tang clan.

I don't know what's going on here. Is that your final answer. Yes, it is.

All right. Agree or disagree. All right, Ali Shaheed Muhammad was part of tribe quest love Suzanne just wants to say as many words offensive words as possible.

I mean, I can't bleep anything on this show. I'm just putting that out there.

What's the rating for this definitely not PG 13 right We used to, we used to be a late night show.

I mean, we still are, depending on what time zone, you're tuning in.

My cheeks are so All right. Mill board is yours. Where would you like to play next I got my guy, Eddie.

All right, Eddie, your game to question. What was the name of the Fresh Prince's DJ Jazzy Jeff.

DJ Jazzy Jeff. Do you agree or disagree. Agree. All right. It was DJ Jazzy Jeff So let me get the X on the board or the on the board.

And Lee the board is yours. Where, where would you like to go next to start wrapping up game to All right, Rebecca.

How you doing today. I'm doing all right. I'm sorry I lost my background.

I feel like I'm breaking the fourth wall here. The production values are ruined.

I'm so sorry. All right, your question. Illmatic was the first studio album released in 1994 by this artist.

Illmatic like you mentioned something similar earlier.

So I'm going to say Beastie Boys. Beastie Boys Do you agree or disagree.

I really have no idea, but I'm going to agree because it just sounds like a good answer.

All right. It was not the Beastie Boys. It was Nas. I got a sense ill was just a very popular slang term in that decade.

Ryan, can you can you check me on that one.

Especially in the East Coast rap that I thought Rebecca was was the master of Word.

Fellow New Yorker I'm mortified.

You said that You know, these squares are just so ill.

All right, Mel. Rhymes rhymes with ill I'm working on my reps. You can wrap up game to where would you like to play.

Oh my god, my guy Ryan Shaggy All right, Ryan for the win for the double win.

Yeah, you got down and across Yeah, and I gotta ask like the really hard question.

Yeah, no pressure. All right, Ryan to end up the show.

What does OPP stand for You know this one. Rating just change. It is old people problems.

What, you know, those East Coast West Coast rappers, you know, really, really care about the old people problems.

We have to disagree.

All right, it stands for other people's property.

So with that mill takes game to with I think first ever first ever double win.

And way to go. Now we are there's there's the state of game two And unfortunately, game two was not free game two was brought to you by Cloudflare secure access service edge and get a little sassy, especially on this show.

Like to learn more, check out Cloudflare .com slash teams dash sassy Turtle X.

I'll go get my own ads on here. You just got to pay me.

In either iPads Bitcoin cash. All right. And with with that, we're at the end of the show.

I want to thank my contestants mill and Lee, I want to thank all my squares.

Did you guys have fun. Yeah. I learned a lot. All right. Well, thank you all for dialing in.

Hopefully you enjoyed whether you caught the live stream or recording.

Good afternoon, evening, or good night and enjoy the rest of birthday week.

Thanks, Dan. Thank you, everyone.

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Silicon Valley Squares
A send up of Hollywood Squares where Cloudflare experts fill the celebrity squares and answer high and low-level Cloudflare questions to help two guest stars (customers, AEs or new hires) get a a tic-tac-toe, or possibly the Silicon Valley equivalent...
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