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Tune in to Security Spotlight 2020.

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Security Spotlight - 3 Trends Shaping the Future of Workforce Security
For many teams, the sudden migration to remote work forced 3 years of security innovation into 3 months, as IT put an increased focus on enabling secure remote access. It was a step in the right direction, but the journey to faster, safer, more modern...

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT - The Future of Application Security
Software development has evolved dramatically in the past decade, which also requires new application security techniques to build a strong security posture for the future. What does the future of application security hold?

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT - The Future of Networks and Network Security
With the advent of the cloud, a major architectural shift is underway at the network layer. What does the future hold for network and network security?

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT - State of 2020 DDoS Threat Landscape
Learn about the evolving DDoS threat landscape from Cloudflare’s vantage point, as the product team shares 2020 DDoS trends and observations.

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT - Demystifying the Internet
The Internet has become critical for the majority of the businesses today, but do we really understand the evolution of the Internet and the implications it has on our businesses? Join Martin Levy as he shares his views to demystify the Internet from...

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT - ‘How Can CISOs Succeed as Business Leaders’
Security leaders of today and the future are expected to be not just technology leaders but also business leaders. To be successful as a business leader a CISO needs to master concepts including business, marketing, finance and more. Learn the core...

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT - A Tale of Two Executives : The CEO & The CISO
The traditional model of the CISO being a technical security leader and the CEO being a business executive does not work for businesses today. Today the CEO and CISO have to be a tag team that lock arms to take the business and technical challenges...