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💡 Founder Spotlight: Joshua I. Lewis

Presented by Joshua I. Lewis, Fallon Blossom
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This week is Cloudflare's Founder Spotlight on Cloudflare TV, featuring dozens entrepreneurs from across the tech industry and beyond!

This session features Joshua I. Lewis, Founder/CEO of Updown App Inc. Joshua has spent a decade collecting knowledge and experience in both the nightlife industry and startup tech world. The combination of the two have led to the recent release of the social media app designed to change to way we view nightlife. Currently closing their $500k Seed Round, Lewis and company will be gearing up to secure investors for their Series A round in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Lewis has made waves within the Kansas City entrepreneurial/startup world with his candid conversations about being Black in Tech and the struggles that come with it; most notably his recent interview with Startland News discussing VC funding. With a sleek branding style, unique marketing tactics, and magnetic personality, Lewis is far from your average founder and that’s exactly how he likes it.

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Founder Spotlight

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Founder Spotlight
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