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💡 Founder Spotlight: David Brumley

Presented by David Brumley, Evan Johnson
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This week is Cloudflare's Founder Spotlight on Cloudflare TV, featuring dozens entrepreneurs from across the tech industry and beyond!

David Brumley is the CEO and co-founder of ForAllSecure, and is also a full professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Brumley's ambition in life, both in academia and at ForAllSecure, is to help solve the cybersecurity workforce shortage by making appsec autonomous. Brumley has received numerous awards for his work, including a United States Presidential PECASE award from President Obama, a Sloan award, a DEFCON black badge, and an exhibit at the US Smithsonian museum for his autonomous appsec engine Mayhem. Brumley also co-founded the philanthropic high school hacking competition, which is used by tens of thousands of high school students annually. Brumley stays active in the hacking community as an original member and advisor for PPP, a world-ranked competitive CTF hacking team.

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Founder Spotlight

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Founder Spotlight
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