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💡 Founder Spotlight: Dani Grant and Irtefa

Presented by Dani Grant, Irtefa, Dan Hollinger
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This week is Cloudflare's Founder Spotlight on Cloudflare TV, featuring dozens entrepreneurs from across the tech industry and beyond!

This session features Dani Grant and Irtefa, founders of Jam. Jam is building the fastest design review tool, allowing teammates to collaboratively edit a website, leave annotated comments, suggest changes, and assign tasks directly from the page.

Irtefa and Dani met as Product Managers at Cloudflare, where they worked together to collectively help launch many Cloudflare solutions such as Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare Access, Cloudflare Stream, and That experience working together on a fast-moving team at Cloudflare led them to found Jam, with the mission of helping ambitious software teams build better products, faster. Beyond their experience at Cloudflare, Irtefa is a former engineer, previously at RetailMeNot, and Dani is a former investor, previously at Union Square Ventures.

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Founder Spotlight

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Founder Spotlight
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