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💡 Founder Spotlight: Ayham Ereksousi

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This week is Cloudflare's Founder Spotlight on Cloudflare TV, featuring dozens entrepreneurs from across the tech industry and beyond!

This session features Ayham Ereksousi, co-founder and CEO of Stomio, Inc - a pre-seed tech startup focusing on building a SaaS platform for product teams to help them get the most out of beta testing their products during development. Prior to Stomio, he had an extensive career in product leadership: both at Cisco Meraki (CSCO) where he led a team of product professionals through a substantial expansion of Meraki's SD-WAN product line. And at Snap One (SNPO), where he started a networking product line under Araknis Networks brand and grew it to become #1 market leader in the high-end home automation space. Ayham is an engineer by trade and a Fulbright scholar with two Masters degrees

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Presented by: Ayham Ereksousi, Dan Hollinger