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Founder Focus is a “Humans of New York” style spotlight on the human stories behind diverse startup founders, their life experiences and perspectives, the origin stories of their startups, and the path they took to where they are today.

As acting CEO for Code2040, Mimi Fox Melton has been instrumental in expanding Code2040 from serving as a bridge into high-tech industries for Black and Latinx people to organizing and supporting the overall changes necessary to dismantle racialized systems and ensure racial equity in the innovation economy. Her work is focused on all aspects of tech companies, from their operations and products to their corporate cultures, and how those aspects impact Black and Latinx workers and their communities. Her areas of expertise include coaching external staff, tech industry executives, and managers while overseeing the operations of Code2040, including designing curriculum and facilitating learning experiences.

This episode features Mimi Fox Melton, General Manager, CEO, Code2040

Presented by: Jade Wang, Mimi Fox Melton