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The Internet has never been this tasty! Join us for adventures combining cooking with discussions of the tech that makes the web tick.


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Hello everyone, this is Chaat Butsunturn your host of Cooking with Cloudflare And today my guest is a friend and a customer.

This is a Zack Still. How you doing Zack? Good.

How are you Chaat? Good. Good. Thanks for joining me today So a little backstory for everybody.

Zack and I know each other from previous lives in my my prior To Cloudflare.

I was working in communications and Zack was our IT guy And we've both since graduated on to bigger greater things.

I'm at Cloudflare and Zack, you're now Is it a VP of IT and cloud infrastructure?

Is that? Yes Right at Socrates Socrates And I know you're now in Minnesota That's right Originally from the Bay Area What brought you to Minnesota?

Well, we wanted a change from the Bay Area and Our only requirement was to be near family and so it was the Bay Area where my family lives or Minnesota where my wife's family lives, right?

Well, that's nice that you're able to you know You have flexible work and I know you're at a different company than you started with but yeah Tell us a little bit about Socrates.

What does Socrates AI do? Yeah, so we have a chat bot uh that Can connect to all of your back-end systems and We it's geared mostly toward uh, HR teams for larger companies, so you wanted to if you want to uh Find out how much PTO you have instead of Going logging into your SSO Clicking on the workday logo Logging in navigating to it.

You can Just type in your chat in the our chat bot Uh, how much PTO do I have and it's going to go into workday and pull that information out for you uh, and give it to you right away as opposed to you having to to uh go and find it so easy it's a Super easy way for people to get quick answers um For it related questions HR related questions, uh benefits, etc um and it's uh It's great.

Uh the it it learns, uh as the As people ask more questions And Um Our customers have found that it's just a really powerful tool and you know gets those Catches all those low-level questions that HR benefits people will get all day long, right?

What is our Account id for this or whatever? um, and so just reducing the the load on on HR departments yeah, and that was pretty cool that we're able to kind of close the loop on things and and uh reconnect as as a Customer client relationship here.

Absolutely uh, so zach's uh company is using the Cloudflare waff, uh, and um, Uh, so it's it's really unique to have an opportunity to Uh cook with both a an old friend and a customer on this show.

So here we are well today's menu is uh From a cookbook that was given to us long ago.

It's called the instant cook and one of Everything is pretty simple.

So that's one of the reasons why we picked it today.

We're making thai lime and lemongrass chicken um, but um I i'll make a confession.

I'm going to use ground pork today I'm a pork fan. I had I always have a pound of ground pork in the freezer for for something or other Um, and I took that ground pork out last night.

I put it in the fridge to thaw out and apparently uh, I needed to Take it out even sooner because it was still kind of hard, but I I defrosted in the in the microwave uh, which has a defrost button to Not cook the meat but just get it so that it's malleable and I can chop it up in the in the uh, in my in my um In my pan, so just to review, uh with you zach what the ingredients are Uh for thai lime and lemongrass chicken, we're going to need some vegetable oil or olive oil, whatever you like to prefer uh grated ginger, so I have some fresh ginger that uh, i'm just gonna I'm going to run it through a grater myself.

All right Need Lemongrass, this is unusual. I never I never really cook with lemongrass Did you I have only in thai cooking only in thai cooking, right?

Yes. Yeah Um, I we we use this for tonkakai My wife makes a great tonkakai and uh, so that's the coconut milk with chicken and yeah mushroom dish Delicious, I should say right?

We're also going to use some chili flakes the the minced chicken or pork Uh lime juice fish sauce or nam pla in in thai nam pla and um a little bit of sugar some coriander aka cilantro uh basil leaves some green onions or scallions and Rice noodles to serve.

So where are my rice noodles? Here we go This is what i'm using.

Nice Rice noodles, so this is about it's basically rice and water extra large. This is i've got the Minnesota's finest, uh, i'll be high kitchen.

Yes. That's more like that's like, um linguine size Uh a little Yeah Maybe a little a little skinnier.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah, this is fettuccine size a little thicker than you know What that you had but I didn't go super like the pappardelle But um using these italian terms to describe the width of asian rice noodles It works So let's see here Uh, fyi for variations on the dish sometimes you can throw stuff like prawns in there or what my wife likes to do is throw some um, some greens inside like, um, mizuna greens, which is basically like japanese arugula.

It's a little bit bitter and um but uh We couldn't find any of that today Uh, my my colleague wendy who was on with us earlier said she got some in her, uh in her csa box Uh some oh, wow.

Nice. There you have it. That's that's great all right, so Um, i'm just going to read out the directions here what we say we need to do Um, and then we'll get into things but I know that you said that you actually have um chicken thighs I do All right, let's see them Well, they are now Oh, you did it already Okay Good good for you So now it calls for minced chicken and if you got the chicken thighs, you just ran it through a what is that?

It's a little food processor. It came with our handheld uh mixer deal um And it's just uh, yeah, just a food basic food processor, right?

And how much are you using right now about like poundish or yeah poundish.

Yeah, maybe A little over a pound. Yeah. Okay, that's good. Yeah, that's what I got.

I have a pound of ground of ground pork. So What we're going to do is uh ginger Lemongrass chili cook that first and then you add the meat.

So the first thing I guess we got to do as usual the prep Yep All right.

I'm trying to think when it gets in the noodles.

I don't want to do the noodles here serve with hot rice noodles okay, so for for rice noodles there I You can boil them.

But usually what I do is I bring out water to a boil Kill the boil Throw them anywhere and then just let it soak until it's soft enough, right?

Right, right Yeah, so we can uh get that going on the side super All right, so i'm going to start with my My slicey dicey stuff.

Here we go All righty I see how do I do this? Here we go How's the weather in minnesota you guys have like autumn over there yeah, it is it is officially fall and Um So The leaves are falling it's a little cooler today 59 degrees.

Oh, yeah. Yeah Now that's one of the things i'm originally from buffalo as you know And yeah, you know, unfortunately the bills really had a horrible game last night.

But um I I do miss autumn.

That is the uh One of the things I really miss having moved to california yeah, that's That's a new thing for me being from california originally Oh my goodness real real fall Yeah I wish you guys could smell this but it smells like um Smells like something i'd want to shower with Yeah Yeah Good stuff Great I know like when we got married That one of my favorite things about getting married is like We now have like great knives great kitchenware and matching Yeah, we uh, we didn't get knives for our wedding but Uh, just this last christmas my my mom was kind enough To get us some new knives and it was very exciting What are you for kelly?

I actually don't do a ton of cooking these days but uh They are fantastic.

What what's you what what knife you got there then? What's uh, uh, it is a um, uh J a heckles.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I got the I got the woodshop. Can you tell by the okay?

Yes Yeah, no, the trident. Yeah, those are we looked at the the henkels also, um, yeah, I was talking to texting your wife and she said, uh, Like yeah, you know, he's like I can't remember the last time he cooked.

I know you've been really busy at work and I used to be the grill master.

Do you still have that? Yeah I still do a lot of grilling.

Well, maybe not a lot but uh More grilling than cooking.

Yeah I like that We still got grillable weather though Yeah, I mean i'll grill, uh When it's snowing, so yeah smoker the smoker works even when it's snowing So All righty, let's see here There's kind of a lot of uh Yeah, well my my lemongrass is much smaller than yours so i'm Using too small I didn't feel like going all the way to the asian market, right?

Are there a lot of markets in minnesota or there are quite a few yeah There's a big mung population there, right?

There is. Yep Yeah, there's a great There's a great place called mung village and it's uh shops and Probably about 20 little food stands Uh, thai filipino mung chinese Um, you name it there's uh A whole variety of food and then they have a um Farmer's market as well and it's all indoors so you can go there in the winter Oh nice, which is great All right Okay.

So now i'm on to the ginger myself and okay Before I grate it i'm going to peel some of the skin off The one tablespoon So Oh, yeah.

Okay. I see your greater right i'm going to use I have a uh, kind of a Mini grater that I use.

Yeah, like a zester almost. Oh, yeah. There you go. I have that.

I I do have a zester, too I yeah, it's probably too small. I have this microplane But I find this microplane Is too fine, honestly for a lot of stuff.


No, I agree So I kind of want to get more of a like a rat tail file type of style than than that one, yeah So I would say that is about a tablespoon Hey, let me see what you got there.

Oh, yeah. Very good. Very good. Okay All right Yeah I covered I covered that That's my wife reminding me that you just soak the noodles in hot water Yeah, making sure you don't get them into a pulpy mess Okay I'll do a little more because I like like ginger Oh, yeah, there you go looking good take the skin out And that is Are the days getting shorter there zach Oh, yeah Is it going to be dark by the time we're finished with this dish?

Oh, yeah, really? Because I know when we first started there was still some sunlight coming through your kitchen.

There was yep but it will be dark by the time we are done and Yeah, it it gets dark here in minnesota we are very far north and uh So when when does it get dark you need to take your vitamin d every day that's for sure in the winter So are your summer days super long?

Uh No, I wouldn't say any longer. It doesn't seem like it at least that's my perception That reality Um, yeah, I mean I think that it's still light till 9 30 or so Yeah, that sounds about normal I'm gonna go ahead and start squeezing my lime juice Okay.

Yeah I should do that too. Let's see here I got one of these things Yep, i'm looking for mine Okay Put in a little bowl here, so how much lime juice do we need here?

It says here Quarter cup quarter cup.

Okay. So what is a quarter cup about? Let's see here Quarter There's a little measuring cup here so i'm just gonna squeeze in there and see where it comes out there Usually when i'm squeezing limes it's for margaritas You ever make micheladas No, what's that?

Oh, man you I it's a Beer and it can be really any kind of beer.

Um With clamato a little bit of worcestershire in lime What's clamato? clamato is tomato juice and clam juice together, uh It's it pretty much tastes like salty tomato juice, but um, you know, I think It uh Yeah, the clam juice just just makes it a little salty so right interesting all right Hence clamato.

I get it.

Correct, correct So anyway, you you add that with what? so, uh fill up the Glass you fill up a glass with beer Uh, actually so ice And then you fill up the glass probably uh, two thirds of the way and then the rest with clamato Sprinkle a little bit of worcestershire on top and uh Some hot sauce if you want you want to make it spicy, um, you can even put like cayenne around the uh around the edge or around the rim And um It's delicious.

Is there a liquor in there at all?

Nope. Nope. It's it's like a Hot summer day drink There's and there's various, uh versions of it so cuba has their own version mexico Guatemala that's there.

There's always a variation on it. It seems like um But it's it's delicious it's so refreshing in the summer And uh, especially if you're in mexico sitting on the beach you can drink it go All afternoon and you're still wide awake and ready for a fun night Well, it looks like for me two and a half limes was a quarter cup, yeah two limes for me was a quarter cup Like you are using a solid at a liquid quarter cup Okay, let's see how we're doing now I'm just washing my cilantro Wow, we're cruising here Hey, um, were you going to Did you happen to pick up any chard or something like that a vegetable?

I did not no, um Yeah, I did not that's all good.

Yeah, because like I I wanted to uh do um Uh Mizuna greens, but we didn't have them.

So my mom my wife picked up, uh, some uh, Uh some chard.

So if there's time I might I might whip that up because this is actually going pretty quickly, right?

Yeah we're we're uh We're we're good. Now. Let's see what i'm gonna do with the cilantro here.

Um The other thing I could not get is cilantro, so i'm just gonna start measuring that out The other thing I could not get is Thai basil What couldn't you get?

Thai basil Oh, yeah, I just got I think we just got regular basil. I'm not sure Yeah, you know, it's not a huge difference Flavor I said, I don't think um, do you have um, did you guys do a garden or anything like that?

Um, we have not done a garden here, um You know, there are so many deer that you really have to fortify your garden And Uh, we just haven't done that yet.

I think someday once the girls get a little bigger Um, we'll probably use them.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah have the garden raised raised bed um Do we have a a garden and we we were doing um, we were doing uh, what's it called?

Um, We did a whole bunch of basil A lot of pesto made a lot of pesto.

In fact, I should have done a a pesto episode. I suppose there's still time.

Oh Yeah, I think this is the eighth show i've done zach Eighth Yeah.

Wow. Nice Right. It's been fun.

Usually my guests are um, uh, I basically Recruit people at Cloudflare to cook to teach me a dish nice They have all these different ergs you know employee resource groups or um, or even like just it's kind of like slack channels right on different things, but we don't use slack at Cloudflare and we're we're uh, We uh have one called cook flare.

So all the foodies post there and uh, I just said like hey Who's got a dish they want to teach me and you know?

Got it. Nice Actually one of my guests though I met in our uh, in our our Nook, uh, the like one of the the kitchen areas of the of the main office he was making a what looked like a delicious breakfast of uh, smoked trout and Oh, wow.

I know like he was going nuts.

I was like, oh so he and I got chummy and He's a real good, uh, he lives in uh, um San Rafael actually near near.

Okay. It usually goes to the like the Larkspur Um farmer's market farmer's market.

Yeah Yeah, the do you ever go to the San Rafael farmer's market yet No, you know, I usually I'll go because uh, I could just go to the farmer's market here in oakland.

Yeah Right, you got berkeley bowl, right?

Between here and there Yeah But you know where I will go when i'm in san rafael is i'll go to uh soul food That place is good Yeah My wife for those not in the know soul food is a that Yeah, it's uh, what is it puerto rican puerto rican?

Yep puerto rican food. Yeah, and I just love their ribs So, oh, yeah the ribs Oh, it's so good.

My mouth waters just thinking about it Have you made ribs actually on your on your smoker or on your own many times?

Many times.

Yeah. Okay. We got to make it out to minnesota Absolutely When anybody can travel again who knows when that's going to be yeah, I mean, I guess you can travel it's just uh If you want to right, oh, did you tell your folks we're going to be on Cloudflare tv, you know, I didn't I always forget I think my my only viewers are my wife and children and my mother-in-law.

I sometimes wonder who's watching this show, you know, um, but uh Maybe you can probably you know, we're just cooking for ourselves here Yeah, yeah, that's good.

You know, like, um, it is good.

We we do um So Cloudflare tv has been really interesting. So I don't know if you know like some of the backstory on it I don't but I am very interested to learn more.

Okay, so Cloudflare tv You know when the whole pandemic thing happened and just basically Shot any plans of of like our usual thing is you get to go to conferences And you meet people and you have an opportunity to engage with your customers or prospects or partners and all that yeah, and um When we when you lose that Then then what what do you what do you do right and um, sure so Our ceo had this idea let's I got it, you know back in the day when they had like I forget what he called it.

Was it? um Was it not seen at tv? But some like, you know, you know another thing tv Right.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and uh, he was saying like yeah, this thing could be like, you know part mtv part technology part whatever it is and he's soliciting ideas and the idea was to give opportunity for uh us to engage with customers usually like, you know product demos or Sure.

Sure hip and you know last week.

We had a whole week dedicated to our Birthday week we had guests on like, uh, Like the wise was was one of the guests actually nice.

Yeah, right.

We're really very cool. He's a good guy. I like that guy um and uh Super positive, right?

It's really positive. Yeah. Yeah So, you know, I I um One of the ideas like yeah, you do a cooking show and growing up.

I remember watching his cooking show walk with yan Which is oh, yeah Walk, right.

Yep. And uh, so I always kind of wanted to do a cooking show So here we are not yan can cook right not yan can cook.

That's a different guy. Yeah It might have been Might have been the same might have been similar.

He's he's in san francisco, I think He's in buffalo So i'm getting water ready by the way, yeah me too me too i've got mine on this on the All right, uh, how do you shred scallions oh, uh, I would just uh Is that what it says here shredding?

Yeah, i'm just gonna i'm just gonna chop them up like I did like like Lemongrass lemongrass.

Yeah, got it Let me ask the wife this is big enough I'm on my own.

She's out. I mean, I hope this is Think you can handle it Yeah Yeah, good camera angle there Right, let's see here Oh look at this I was told that martin yan does have a restaurant in the westfield mall.

Huh? I wonder how it's doing Oh interesting. Yeah Thanks, wendy Yeah And you know what he says he says done That was his first one, right?

Yeah. Yeah Oh Wendy shared a story on the chat here.

So she said that that uh She actually met martin yan and she he fed her a dumpling on a chopstick So, I don't know if we can do that now Covid era now Yeah, you know like it's been a what a weird time right so yeah So weird Let's see, I feel like you guys are on the cautious side Oh, you know, I I recently got um tested um, oh, yeah, yeah just Because I could you know, I didn't have any symptoms or anything and I went I went to in in berkeley and okay uh, yeah, and it was um It was uh, was it a rapid test or a uh Four days, that's pretty good.

Yeah. I don't know what qualifies as rapid. It seemed pretty fast to me I think uh, I think 20 minutes Is oh rapid test too.

Yeah Let's see where we are here, so i've got basil cilantro Okay tablespoon of sugar quarter cup of fish sauce I'm almost done with my prep here here Yeah Let's see your onions.

How'd you do them?

You just you just come? Yeah, just like that. Yep And then I just diced them a little bit more Um All right, ready ginger Starting to water You know, I usually have a a glass of wine or a beer while i'm cooking on the show but Because tonight I'm going to go for a ride later.

I don't want to put me down Let's see Okay action shots All right, pretty good here I gotta get What You're flying so does the what's what's it say next It says heat frying pan over high heat add the oil ginger lemongrass and chili and cook for one minute Uh add the chicken mince and cook Stirring for six to seven minutes until cooked through Okay, so yeah go through the lime juice fish sauce sugar coriander basil and green onions Serve with hot rice noodles, right?

Yeah, so i'm gonna What are you thinking?

You can add my fish sauce to my uh Lime juice so that I can just pour it all on at the same time.

Okay. Oh, that's a great idea. Yeah, right.

So Because you're just going to add them at the same time Yep A little bit of sugar it says too, huh?

Yeah You're Now I don't like things too sweet, you know, so i'll probably start with like maybe a teaspoon of sugar rather than a tablespoon And um, but uh What There are many different kinds of fish sauce out there Yeah, what do you use?

Well, I didn't go to the asian market so I didn't get good stuff but um I Got that same same brand thai kitchen.

So our our local kowalski's Recognize this one. Oh, yeah. That's good stuff.

Vietnamese fish sauces three curbs. Yeah delicious Okay, let's see how much I need.

That's what my mom cooks with A quarter cup of fish sauce.

Oh, okay So I could just measure it up to the half mark on this thing here watch me as i'm pouring here I've got my water boiling.

Are you already ready? Okay. I think i'm just gonna Turn it off.

Yeah, once we get the water going what we'll do is um, Uh because once once we we um Water's boiling we put we put the noodles in there and then after it feels like it's like a the right Um consistency, you know like yeah, I don't know dante you don't want it too too soft because it's it's yeah um then um We can coat it with like, um sesame oil Or uh, or peanut oil, uh something like that just so they don't oh so it doesn't stick together.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah Um, and you may as well go with peanut or sesame just add a little bit of that kind of asian asian type flavor So i'm gonna yeah, yeah what I actually have Yeah Sesame oil So You also have we had this, uh, check this out zach This whiskey barrel aged fish sauce.

There's a new store around the corner from us that smells like all kinds of like gourmet Japanese stuff and so we got this stuff Oh, I don't use it much.

I use it.

I don't use it for cooking. I use it for dressing because it's okay Yeah, it's like 30 bucks.

I'm like wow, you know, I didn't realize that until I was at checkout.

I'm like, uh, okay, you know, so Sometimes that happens because I always Gotta check for that stuff first.

Yeah Hey And you know honestly, I don't think it's expensive rotting fish juice.

Yeah, it's like I don't need that So, okay, so I got a little bit of fish sauce or sesame oil.

Let me see if I have peanut oil right Can't find any of that right now, so i'm just gonna just use the sesame oil All right.

So now i'm gonna move my my thing over to the cooking station here and get ready for for that action Let's see here.

Hey girls My little ladies have arrived And big lady, hi Are you good to see you?

I can't hear you. Hold on. Oh, yeah They can see me.

Hey How's it going? Why don't you Sound good All right. Yeah, we're getting ready for the for the action shot That failed Can I help you daddy?

Oh, look at that. You got the helpers, huh? They're all there Hello, yes, we're we're cooking on tv Yeah, we're cooking on tv.

You want to say hi, sweetie?

Hi. Hi. Good to see you. You're growing up. My goodness. Everyone's getting so big.

I can't hear you Hey, she said everyone's getting so big. Oh, yeah Getting back to the action shot here.

So now I need to party Two tablespoons of vegetable oil, so i'm probably going to use um, grape seed oil Which is okay for high heat, but it's also neutral flavor You know, yeah I would use canola Rebecca doesn't like me to use canola for whatever you got it.

Yeah. What are you going to use?

I'm going to use regular vegetable oil uh-huh All right over high heat and the oil ginger lemongrass tell me how this I'm going to turn the fan on a little bit Oh, yeah, I should do that.

Is that uh, is this too long? No, you sound good. Okay good.

So i'm just gonna get a tablespoon. All right So Two teaspoons of vegetable by checks I didn't want to do too much I'm just gonna eyeball that It's really not a lot of work actually no, it's not Oh, yeah, and then we're gonna put a little bit of sugar in with the uh What's that baby What do you do I am getting the chili flakes ready And then when this is hot i'm going to add the ginger lemongrass and chili Yep I'm just eyeballing Balls are good It's perfectly Perfectly okay to do that.

Yeah All right Yeah, it's a good camera angle he got there yeah excellent I wish I had your stove but uh Oh, yeah, you got a little electric Yeah, you know my mom cooked with electric I don't know eat it because they she um cooked a lot and it was cheese so Yeah, definitely feel lucky to have a natural gas just yeah, that's nice All right, so we're gonna do oil ginger lemongrass chili and That's it for one minute.

I'm gonna do that first for a minute And then All right, are you ready they said the uh ginger and lemon my oil starting to burn so i'm Okay, here it goes.

Here's my grass ginger I like it spicy spicy.

So add a little bit more A little bit more How much chili do I need here let me use Yeah Oh, we got more I can usually make this with um I gotta get me one.

Um, you don't have a food processor. You have some kind of hand blender thing No, we have a full-size food processor as well.

I just thought you know, it wasn't That one's more of a pain to clean.

So, oh, I gotcha. Yeah. Yeah So i'm going to add my chicken now Yeah, i'm gonna add my pork Okay Oh, yeah, there we go, this is chicken, man So Now you can hear the sounds of the cooking here, yeah All right You want to get the women grass all over there Wow i'm getting kind of warm here Yeah So six or seven minutes Is Oh, we got all the time in the world and now i'm like, yeah, we got like 15 minutes left should be fine Yeah All right, we throw our noodles in at this point well, i'm gonna wait until my uh See here.

My water is boiling I Guess we probably could you know, um Do that I just gotta be sure I can like adequately multitask all this stuff Yeah Yeah Uh How's your chicken coming along good Quickly No good, but usually I would think to salt my Yeah, so Or chicken, but I guess that's going to happen with the um with the fish sauce, right?

Yeah, but I would kind of think like oh shouldn't I put it in now?

But I guess i'm gonna wait till it's all brown I still have some pink in here.

Got it All right, so i'm gonna i'm gonna get my noodles ready Okay, I got I got my noodles.

Um, the water is boiling and so i'm going to Get ready to plop it in And then turn off or down the heat So What'd you do I have to turn my fan up The oil So did you already put the noodles in i'm doing that now, okay i'm gonna do that too See where's mine there's my noodles Okay Really I know instructions out here.

What does your instruction say? Cooking instructions, uh Bring large pot of water to boil remove from heat add noodles.

Let stand Eight to ten minutes stirring occasionally, okay I will take that off and i'm gonna put the noodles in here Look at that.

Uh-oh not really fitting I guess I needed a bigger Bigger pot. Yeah, me too You know, they'll I didn't see how they soften up.

No Do you think it's a bigger pot back Gotta get them all.

All right Minutes we'll get us right there.

So now I think i'm going to put the other stuff in the in here now Uh, I think I had a few more minutes on your chicken my chicken, yeah Yeah I didn't have my gotta get my basil ready.

How much basil do I need here? Three quarter cup of basil leaves, okay Yeah, I think my chicken is cooked through That's probably better than six or seven minutes Okay All right, i'm just gonna get some get some of the basil ready here so i'm gonna action shot of that So, yeah, unfortunately our basil harvest is pretty much done so I didn't have enough to go have you buy this stuff Got it So We're gonna be able to eat some together man, yeah All right, I am i'm going for the Okay food processor pull through food processor pull through it's nice I saw the note on your recipe there Minced peanuts would be really good.

Yeah that guy really likes the peanuts.

I don't know if we have that that would be delicious You know, i'm not a big peanut fan in my food personally, you know Food Something about all those flavors go really well together I feel like Okay, i'm getting ready to add the other stuff now, yeah me too Okay, and then i'm going to add the coriander basil and green onions, okay Coriander Basil Green onions All right So I did a teaspoon of sugar and set it up.

Um, but yeah, how much sugar do you put in you you produce?

Okay, that's right Yeah We're not big fans of sweet in our savory cooking.

Yeah I I am not usually sometimes it can bring out the savory though, right?

Oh, man, this is looking good I can see that this could go well with a wrap too.

You put it in a wrap with nuts And those little baby shrimp those those those dried shrimps, you know, that was yeah, that would be delicious I think um, yeah with some nuts that would be good.

Look at that. Yeah Okay, let me check on the noodles here, all right, so Can we take off the?

Take it off the heat at this point Uh, I just shut the heat off on my on the Yeah, everything actually, yeah, but the noodles look like they probably still need another Couple of minutes, but they are starting to stick.

So i'm trying to separate Yeah So here i'm going to switch this so you can see what's happening All right So this is off from the heat but it's just boiling there's some some of them are sticking together though Fork to try to separate sticky noodles, right?

Yay Okay Just want them to separate so that he'll cook more evenly you want to have like hard chunky spots Okay I think we're looking pretty good.

I'm gonna sneak a taste of the pork. Have you tried yours yet?


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that's good. Mm -hmm. Definitely plenty of salt in the fish sauce Yeah I could definitely see like how the nuts will play in that like having some Some nuts I might look in the fridge and see if we have any yeah Noodles are hot, but they are kind of clumping I think because I don't have enough room in this, uh bowl It's a bigger pot Let me try a noodle and see if it's uh there yet still seems kind of al dente to me Oh, they're hot Yeah, mine are not there yet in fact I kind of feel like it needs Yeah interesting, okay, so we should have started the noodles earlier yeah another couple minutes yet.

Yeah Probably Okay so Just let it soak a little bit.

I'm just stirring it to separate it But pretty much we are ready so i'm gonna let that soak while I get a serving i'm gonna get a a bowl for Serving see what it looks like All right, apparently like if you if you boil it the the rice noodles get delicate and they'll break so got it So Looking pretty good though.

So has it has a family eaten already? Oh, yeah. Yeah a lot while especially Yeah, I probably ate like Our two hours ago.

Yeah, they're so cute.

Daddy. Can I help? They are ridiculously cute I know Everybody says that about the last time I think we saw you guys was um, we went for pho In um, oh, yeah, we were back.

Uh back visiting for christmas. Yeah So when was the last time you're back in cali was it like last year boy, yeah, it was um Um I don't even know when right.

It's been a while. It's probably for work, honestly, right?

I don't know what's happening with my noodles, but Yeah, my noodles are they're they're they're they're working.

I think they need another Minute but I think right before our our Hour is up.

We can uh, you know Yeah, I have a bite. I think that it's gonna be perfect timing Yeah Okay, let's see here And i'm just going to check our clock and see what we got here five minutes five minutes left and then we'll be Our segment will end so this this worked out i'm glad I didn't try to squeeze in another dish.

Yeah me too That would have been crazy, you know, I did one show where my guest Wanted to cook four actually she gave me five dishes and we ended up.

Oh, wow three or four I was just like this is crazy.

It was super stressful It was especially stressful because she wasn't even cooking.

She's in austin texas and has younger kids younger than yours Yeah, I already ate so she just sat there and basically boss and watched you cook.

Yeah He's like no more oil all the work.

Yeah, that's hilarious. I was like, this isn't exactly how I planned it jade, but okay All right, let's see how these noodles are doing And the countdown clock is at four minutes, so yeah, we're good we're gonna have another Oh my noodles are very close Yeah Now do you have yours off the heat, but it's just sitting in the water?

you know with the electric I Left it on Um, I left it on so that it would retain some of the heat because I didn't know when we were going to use the water and I think it worked out.

I did Bring the temperature of the water back up a little bit But it did not start boiling so right, yeah, so let's see here I think Good All right, so with our last three minutes here i'm going to start plating plating one so we could try it Okay So And i'll leave some in there to continue to To cook because I still think it's a little bit al dente Seems like you need to go to 10 minutes or so in that water now Yeah, exactly Okay, so there's You know, let mine go for another minute I can do oh you're Exactly Oh, look at this Yum, all right so Now Rice noodles though.

They it's it's uh, you have to watch them like a hawk right because yeah, they go from firm to mush And pretty quick less than a minute I'm gonna take mine off.

Yeah, take it off because we got two minutes and I want to do a lighter A live action bite here before we uh, right good deal And at this point if you want more salt Or more spice you can add a little bit more fish sauce for salt or yeah for spice So, yeah Yeah, all right So All right, zach, oh and then after we sign off zach you could hang on the line for a bit Sure thing.

Oh, it'll be off We'll be off the air. But um, oh, yes, I assumed.

Yeah All right minute and a half look at that we're good timing right minute and a half my noodles You know, i'm just gonna make a giant bowl for myself to eat I Am starving So you'll you'll get your petite portion and I will I will have your massive portion do my massive portion All right, i'm taking a bite zach i'm doing it Let me this is good, I think this will work with a wrap this will work with um extra nuts this will work with um on rice Yeah rice.

Yeah That's a fun touch So wow, you may are you gonna have all of it?

Uh, you know, i'm probably gonna save some for lunch tomorrow.

There you go All right Well zach we have 20 seconds left. Can you get your face in the picture just so I can we say thanks real quick I sure can all right So this has been cooking with Cloudflare I'm your host chat button turn my guest zach still Um vp it and and cloud infrastructure at uh, socrates ai the customer.

Thanks for joining everyone until next time Bye all

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