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Hello, it's 5.30 in California. This is Chaat Butsunturn, your host of Cooking with Cloudflare.

I don't remember which show I'm doing. And this is my guest, Moses Ellis.

Hi, Moses. Hey, what's going on, everybody? What's going on, Chaat? I'm all right.

I'm all right. Thanks for joining me today. So Moses and I both work in the sales team.

That's how we met. And I was always impressed with the food pics that he would bring to work.

And I had to have him on the show. So what are we making today?

So we're gonna make just a very simple stuffed salmon with spinach and cheese.

You can do pretty much any kind of cheese. I have kind of like a nice crumble cheese that we can do.

So we're gonna go from there. Yeah, and I was gonna introduce a vegetable, which was broccolini.

Not broccoli, it's kind of like baby broccolini.

And I think one of the ideas that we're hoping to demonstrate today is that without a lot of effort, you can actually make a pretty good healthy meal.

So here we go. We'll start with the salmon. And then while that's roasting, we can get to the vegetables.

So why don't we start with our ingredients? What do we got?

All right, so we have filet of salmon. Okay, let me open up my salmon here.

So as it happens, Moses and I are almost neighbors. He lives like probably 10 blocks from me.

Yeah. And so I know the grocery that he went to. Fun fact, me and Chad have actually walked home from work a few times together.

That's right. Back on the day when we would commute via BART.

See when that happens again. I know I haven't gotten my hair cut in probably since February.

So my hairstyle has reverted to circa 2012.

It's been a while since I wore my hair long like this. All right, so I got the salmon.

Okay, just a basic pepper. I'm using cracked black pepper.

But really, you can use any pepper. It's no big deal. All right. I like always like fresh ground pepper because there's something about it releasing its goodness rather than airing it out.

Yeah, for sure. It's like fresh grass, except for its pepper.

Yeah, it's I don't know. It's like it just tastes fresher.

I don't know. I feel like I don't know if pepper gets stale, but I think it also has I like the texture of fresh ground pepper when you're using a pepper mill, you know.

Otherwise, it just reminds me of the salt that you get in McDonald's. I've got salt and whatever pepper.

So all right. So we've got the I got my pepper. I got my salmon.

All right. I'm using salt. I'm using just plain Morton salt. It's just what I have in my kitchen.

All right. I've got my kosher salt. I typically cook with kosher salt.

I'm using garlic. I'm using a garlic and herb. This one's salt -free.

You want it to kind of be salt-free because you're using your own salt. So you can use fresh garlic.

Fresh garlic, right? All right. Well, I call it fresh garlic, but here it is in a container.

So I'll do that. Okay. I got my garlic. I got my salt.

Got my pepper. I got my salmon. All right. You just need some spinach. I just picked this spinach from the grocery store.

So I've got mine bagged. So I feel bad for the having the creating the waste, but maybe it's more or less than what you got.

Some olive oil. I got olive oil. Anyone who's watched my show before will know I have a trusty olive oil dispenser next to the microwave.

There you go. I bought that.

All right. And then one more key ingredient? Always use lemon. Lemon. All right.

I got lemon. Okay.

I got my Meyer lemons. These are pre -cut because we're making lemonade from our Meyer lemon tree.

And those ones we cut open but hadn't used them yet. All right.

And then what about this? Oh, feta cheese. Of course. I'm just going through the grocery list you gave me.

I'm like, of course I'm liking, but I have feta cheese too.

All right. Cool. All right. And then for the broccolini, you just need broccolini.

And then you could use olive oil or butter or ghee. If you like clarified butter, ghee is good.

And salt and pepper. Just toss it and let the aroma and the flavor of the natural food itself to come out.

You don't really have to do much to it.

No special sauces or anything. So that'll be a pretty quick filler. And then in my household and some households, you know, they like to have a starch or carb or something like that.

So it could be bread. I think what we were going to do on my end, Moses, was just whip up a box of couscous.

Just like boil some water, throw it in, five minutes, stir, boom.

Nice. All right. Cool. Well, let's get cracking with the salmon.

All right. Cool. So first, just take your salmon. I have one piece of fillet right here.

So just wash this one right here. Salmon, I don't know.

I know they say a lot of foods come kind of clean, but it's one of those things I like to wash that little slimy glaze off of it, you know?

Oh, my God. Did you get skinless or skin?

I have skin on the bottom. Okay, so do I. Do I need to dry it off?

You're good. I'm good. All right. Cool. Cool. All right.

Here's my salmon. Let me put mine down, too. There you go. All right. So the salmon, we're actually just going to let this sit here for a minute.

The next step, we're actually going to take the spinach.

Mm-hmm. And I'm going to give this a quick rinse also.

So I just have like a nice handful, but probably get more than that.

Put it in a bowl or something? Yes, you can put it in a bowl, but this is really going to go straight in the skillet really quickly.

I'll get another handful because we all know spinach shrinks.

Yeah. Well, are we going to saute it first?

Yeah, just a light saute because when you saute it, it's going to make it shrink and you want to kind of stuff the salmon with as much spinach as you can.

I got you. All right. Cool. All right. So right here, we would just kind of sprinkle in our pepper.

Are you doing that on the salmon or on the spinach?

On the spinach. All right. Got you. But you're going to do the salmon, too, just a little bit later.


I usually do the salting and the peppering of my sauteed greens after they're in the pan.

Oh, really? Yeah. I like to just throw them in there. I like to throw it in with a little salt and whatnot.

But you could do that, too. Yeah. One way to skin a cat, they say, right?

Yeah. Kind of a crude saying, but all right.

All right. All right.

All right.

So just throw a small amount of salt and pepper in there. And I am going to take this to the kitchen now where you can probably see this, see me throw it in.

But let me just turn the stove on.

We're just going to lightly saute it. Oh, yeah. Okay.

Doing the same here. Set up. Now, I'm going to use this for the broccolini, but I can use it for the spinach, too, now, right?

Yeah, of course. Let me see.

If we're just doing a saute, I'll just get it started, right? I can put some oil in it.

Is that the idea? Yeah, for sure. Just going to put it down so you can see it there.

There we go. Just enough to coat the bottom. Oh, using a nonstick, that's nice.

We have a spatula, man.

We've had it for years. It's probably 20 years old. It's a little trick, though.

All right.

So I have my spatula here, too. Oh, hey, by the way, should we think about warming up the oven?

Yes, for sure. That's going to help out. So let's just put the oven on 375.


All right. Now, we'll just throw the spinach in here really quickly and might even want to add some more depending on how small it is.

You know what?

I'm just going to do it all, and then I can have it. Whatever else, we can just have it on the side with the broccolini.

I actually like that idea, too.

I'm not going to add all of it because I picked a lot of spinach, but I'm just going to wash one more handful and just throw that in there, too.

Okay, so now I put some olive oil on there, a little bit of that.

This is where I like to salt and pepper things.

Whenever I saute greens, I typically will put a cover on it for a little bit to let it kind of steam in its own, its own, release its moisture.

You know, I'll sweat and cook more, so I'll do that.

My heat is good.

Let's drain this a little bit, a little bit of water. I really like cooking over gas.

I know that, you know, when I grew up, my mom cooked a lot, and she always cooked on electric.

I prefer gas, too. I personally think food cooks better.

I think it's a lot easier to monitor temperature and whatnot. Yeah, you can turn it down like that versus, you know, electric, you got to, you know, the hot coil, it needs to cool down.

But the spinach cooks pretty fast, and you don't want it to get super, super, I guess, soft, because it's still going to go in the oven, too.

Oh, yeah, it is going to be, but it probably has to be wilted enough that it's easy to stuff.

Yep. Probably leave this in here just for, like, maybe give this, like, maybe 35-40 seconds.

We can take it out from there. What about the salmon? Should we salt and pepper it?

Yeah, we could salt and pepper the salmon now, but we could salt and pepper it now, but we're pretty much going to salt and pepper it, too, once we throw it in the oven, right before we throw it in.

Let's see. Let's see. So, I kind of like the way the spinach is looking for right now.

Well, I didn't seem to do anything.

I shut that blind thinking it was going to help the light, but...

Excuse me.

Does pepper really make people sneeze? Like, I remember that from all the cartoons, right?

Makes me sneeze. It for sure makes me sneeze. Pepper definitely makes me sneeze, and onions absolutely make me cry.

Right, especially older onions.

Yes. Their newer onions are okay. So, I'm actually going to turn the oven off now, or the stove off, but I did want to throw in a fun fact.

I don't know how true this is, but people always say if you don't want your onions to make you cry, just to cut them up while they're frozen.

I've never tried that, but I've always heard about that.

Yeah, I imagine if you wore swimming goggles, that would work. I don't know.

I mean, unless it's something that triggers crying through breathing it through your nose, then maybe...

I don't know. All right. So, we got the spinach. All right.

So, I'll take this back. So, what we can do now is put this right here. I like to just throw this spinach in a really quick bowl like this, or container, or anything that works really.

Whatever is ergonomical or for you. Here we go. So, wow.


So, what you want to do is just kind of cut your salmon into maybe smaller pieces like this.

Okay. Uh-huh. And then what happens? So, after you cut it, we're going to put a slit in the middle of the salmon, and then we're going to cut it in half.

Like right here.

Oh, yeah. Okay. Let's see here. So, I think I can make this three slices here.

Yes. That's where portions come in. That's up to you at that point. I could personally probably eat like two-thirds of that on a good day.

Oh, man. I could probably eat the whole thing, honestly.

I'm really being honest, but I don't know. How much did I get?

Let's see here. I'm going to open up my right here. I got one pound.

Actually, 1.09 pound. All right. So, now I have my salmon. All right.

So, I guess for you, which you could do, you have fresh garlic. So, maybe really quickly, you can mince that up.

I am going the quicker route and using powdered garlic, but I always love fresh garlic, too.

All right. Let me just... I brought this trick out before.

It's just a fast way to mince up some garlic. Where'd you get that from?

Oh, it was a gift, but I think you probably get it at something like Sur La Tabla or, I don't know, maybe Bed Bath & Beyond even might have something like that.

Yeah. That just saved me like a good 10 minutes just watching you do that.

Right. Actually, what I usually do on that part is I'll grab a spoon and just run it along here to get it out.

And while it's not totally minced yet, I'm going to want to probably do this a little bit more so that you don't get a big surprise of a bite of garlic.

So, there we go.

And now that I've got the garlic, this has got to last.

I guess, do I want to stir it into here?

Yeah, just toss it in there and we're going to mix it up. I think more chopped than minced.

Oh well. Okay. All right. So, I'm going to throw in, I mean, it just definitely kind of made my powder look a little sad.

It's interesting because now I'm thinking like, oh, you know what I should have done?

I should have thrown in the garlic with the spinach, like sautéed it.

Because I had it, right?

I mean, yeah. You could always do that. The thing is, and the beautiful thing about that is it's still going in the oven.

So, you're still going to be cooking it.

So, the flavor is still going to be brought out at some point either way.

Okay. Well, I'm glad I didn't do more of that. So, a lot of garlic. All right. So, now that I got that spinach garlicky stuff.

All right. I'm just going to toss in some feta cheese.

Oh, in here? Yep. So, there's a few big pieces.

I'm going to kind of crumble them up myself. Well, how much do we want?

How much cheese? So, this is the part. I'm not a personally a big measurement person.

That's it.

You sound like my mom and you'll never be a baker. Yeah. Baking is, for me, I'm way more of a cook than I am a baker.

But I would say with the cheese, that's a perfect amount right there.

All right. Thanks. All right.

But the good thing with it is you can never really have too much cheese. True that.

That's true. All right. On that note, I might go a little bit more. All right.

Cool. I think if I do too much, it's going to be harder to stuff. All right.

All right. So, here's where we pretty much stuff it at. So, right on the side right here, we're going to take a slit with the knife.

I have a pretty sharp knife here.

So, you're going to be careful. You're just going to put a slit through there and try not to go out on the other side.

That's what we're trying not to do.

That way, we want to make sure we can stuff it as much as possible without pushing it out on the other side.

You want to get as close as you can to the other side as possible, and then we're going to, after that, just kind of stuff it.

People watch me do my cutting.

Oh, yeah.

Look at that. Harder when it gets to the thinner part of the salmon.

Yeah. All right.

So, when you finish, you're going to have a nice pocket like that. All right.

Let me see here. Oh.

All right.

Look at that.

Three pockets. All right. That's perfect. So, now, I'm just going to place it like that.

And then stuff as much as you can into all three. For me, I'm just doing this one, but for you, as many as you can into all three.

All right. Wow. It seems like you could put maybe a teaspoon of this mixture or a couple heaping teaspoons.

Look at that. Wow. That's kind of cool.

I think I'm going to go for it and just try to get it all in here and see how that goes.

Are we going to bake this on the skin side, or are we baking it, like, standing up?

We're baking it on the skin side. Mm. So, to prevent sticking, or do you not care if it sticks or not?

So, to prevent sticking, that's where the olive oil comes in.

So, we'll put that on the dish before we...

Yep. So, we can put that on the dish. Sometimes I'll use aluminum foil, sometimes olive oil, but it's also not a huge, huge mishap if it sticks.

Right. Right.

The thing is, for me, I love skin. You know, like, chicken skin, chicharrones, pork skin, salmon skin, chicken skin.

You know what I mean? If it's all that stuff, I'm a big fan of it.

So, when I make salmon, I typically try to get skin on, and I try to get it all crisped up.

I like it on a grill. So, that's why I prefer wood chips over doing a plank, and the skin sticks on the plank.

But, if you do it...

And I'm going to do a grill episode one of these days. So, maybe when I'm...

My salmon is stuffed. Okay. Yeah, mine's pretty stuffed. It's making me stuffed just looking at it.

Yeah. Okay. Now what? All right. Now, we're just going to put it right here.

So, but we can turn it to the side. That would actually probably be good for you if you're a skin person.

I'm not super big on salmon skin, but we could do that too.

So, in this case, we're just going to throw a little bit of cracked black pepper on top of the salmon.

Right. Yeah, I see. So, that's something I probably would have done before stuffing, but it's all good.

Do I want to put salt on it too?

A little bit of salt, just not too much because it has all that spinach and cheese in it.

Right. A little bit of that. I'm going to crack pepper.

Oh, that's pretty. I'm just going to put just a tiny bit of salt. Yeah. All right.

That's looking good. Now, I am going to... We're doing it in this thing, right?

Yep. We're going to put some oil in it. Yes. So, here's mine right here. Nice. All right.

A couple of squirts from my oil thing. All right. All right. So, I'm going to get...

So, we're at... I just want to do a time check. We're at 555. So, we got to get these things in the oven.

Yep. Let's hurry up and do that now. Okay. First, I'm putting these things on the plate.

There we go.

That's an olive oil in there. All right. So, we can just put it like that.

I kind of like your idea with turning it to the side.

I just baste them together.

So, I'm doing skin side down. So, it'll get some crispiness in the oil.

So, now I'm putting this in the oven. Yep. Yeah. Okay.

We'll be checking that in about 20 minutes, right? All right. And the thing I like to do with that is me personally, right when it looks like it's right about done, I'll just turn it up to the broiler.

And that way, you can get that extra crispiness too.

It can speed it up a little bit. I like that. Okay. So, why 375 versus 350 versus 450?

I mean, how did you settle on that number? Is this like an old family recipe or what?

It's just a number I liked, honestly. I feel like sometimes 350 is a little bit low for me.

Yeah. It takes a while. Also, but it is salmon too. Salmon doesn't cook forever.

I think 375 is a nice temperature. Sometimes when you get in the 400s, I think it cooks it a little bit too fast on the outside.

But personally, I just like the number 375.

I feel like it's a nice even number. Right. Yeah.

Play your numbers. That's right. So, now that this is just doing its thing, we can knock out the broccolini.

Yep. And we could also, for me, are you on one of those no carb diets or something?

Or do you typically have rice or bread or something like that?

I'm a super, super rice person. I'm a heavy rice person. But in this case, I'm just going to probably just do it without the rice.

I've had a lot this past couple of weeks.

So, I'm going to just for this right now, go without rice.

I mean, one thing you know, Chad, I'm always in and out of different things.

I'll go vegan for a month straight and then just binge meat and then go do no carbs.

But right now, I'm just going to skip it for this meal.

But which you can always do. My family likes to have like the starch and the veggie and the protein.

And for me, protein equals meat generally.

So, I grew up in a Filipino family. So, we eat a lot of pork.

I also like fish and I also like beef. I also like chicken. But Becca, she's gotten me into more legumes and not so much tofu, but definitely more like legume-based proteins.

She makes a great lentil soup.

You could do that. So, those things take a lot. I only got an hour for an episode.

All right. So, the first thing I need to do is I want to clean off my board here.

And you can just look at my kitchen while I'm doing that. Now, I'm not super uptight about the idea of like, oh, you cut fish on your board.

If it were chicken, then absolutely, you know, because I don't want to get any of that salmonella stuff.

But salmonella. All right.

So, first thing I'm going to do is for the broccolini, we just got to cut it.

Right? So, I always like whenever you get your vegetables, start by cutting the, cut the ends off.

Just in case they've been exposed to the air. And then you just, that way when you're eating, you're actually doing your, you're getting it dry nuts.

All right. I'm a little behind, Chet. I'm still dealing with the rubber bands.

Do you compost in your neighborhood, which is only 10 blocks away from me?

Yeah, we do. We actually have a compost trash bin. Well, it's not trash. It's a compost bin in our unit.

Yeah. The green thing. So, ours is weird. It's like gray and I always have to read it because I've lived here for a year now and I don't remember.

Are you actually in Oakland or Piedmont? So, my address is Piedmont, but sometimes when I put in my zip code, it forces me to say Oakland.

It's really weird.

So, this is strange. Like 75% of the time I'm Oakland, but sometimes when I put in my zip code and my street address, it pulls up Piedmont.

There's a recommendation.

It's really weird. Now, there are many different oils and butters and fats or whatever you can use for cooking.

And my wife introduced me to clarified butter or ghee. Here it is. My son loves this stuff.

It's great with a saute. You could use it instead of olive oil, but you could do whatever you want.

And in terms of measuring, I'm like you. We're not going to really measure super hard.

Hey, did you freeze or did I freeze? Oh, no, there you are.

Good. All right, let me put it. So, I was trying to see this, the broccoli, but I can't.

Yeah. So, now that we've cut this and if you want, you can, with the saute, you can throw in actual garlic.

I often like garlic. I'm just going to do that because I happen to have this thing of open garlic.

I'm not going to do all of it, but, well, they could.

Let's see here. I'm going to put in like five cloves of garlic.

Just so you can see what I'm doing here.

All right, so I actually did find some fresh garlic. Look at that. So, I don't have that.

I got to get that thing you just showed me, but. Oh, yeah. Well, what we're doing with this garlic, though, is we're actually, you can throw them in whole, but for the big ones, I'm just going to cut the big ones in half because you know how when you get Chinese food and there's a piece of garlic that was part of saute or whatever, eat it.

That's basically what this is, you know. So, you know, I've taken them to, they're all around the same size now, okay, and I'm going to throw that in at some point during the saute, but this is pretty easy, honestly.

So, now I'm going to move this over again to the cooking area. All right, here we go.

All right, let me do the same. Yeah. All right, yeah, and I'm just gonna.

I think I might go get just a little bit more garlic.

Yeah, do it. I got two bunches of the broccolini.

Yeah, I have two bunches, too.

So, check this out.

My son doesn't eat salmon, right? I'm going to have a protein for him.

Hot dog! Everybody likes a hot dog.

So, you know something funny? That's legitimately that reason right there is like kind of what helped me learn how to cook is I was a super picky eater as a kid.

Yeah. I never wanted to eat the same stuff my dad ate, and my mom was just like, I'm not cooking four and three and two and six and seven different meals.

This is not what you want. You're going to have to make something.

Right. All right, so the first thing I'm going to do is put my oil in there.

So, how much oil you ever you think you need? I'm going to use about a teaspoon of of ghee.

Okay. But whatever you think, you start with whatever you want, and then you can always, you know, add more if you need more, right?

So, now with this, I'm going to put it on about, I don't know, medium heat.

Medium, medium high.

Let that melt. For you with a nonstick, you still want the flavor, right?

So, I would still use the olive oil. Now, I've mentioned in a previous episode that I like to cook with an apron because I find myself wanting to wipe my hands a lot.

And then, rather than hunting for the same dirty towel, I just can put this thing on and wipe on my apron.

Very handy. See? There you go. Much better. All right.

We should get some Cloudflare aprons. That's an idea. I like that. New tchotchkes.

Yes. Cooking with Cloudflare. All right. So, now I've got the heat on. This is going to take like five minutes, not even.

Okay. So, I guess I do that anyway.

So, now that we, have you heated up the oil? Yep. It's heating. It's hot. So, now I'm going to take my broccolini, right?

I'm going to turn mine down just a little bit because my stove top is a little aggressive.

It's all good. You know your, it's great to know your equipment.

All right.

So, just spread it around and like, this is it, folks. This is all you're doing, man.

You just use, tongs are sometimes easier here, you know? Just like, toss it around in that oil, right?

Just to get all the surfaces covered. You can do this in a wok.

What I'll often do is, actually, toss this in olive oil, salt and pepper, and throw it on a grill on medium heat for like eight minutes.

Boom. Done.

Right? And, but, as you're, we're doing an all stove and, you know, not everyone has a grill handy.

So, this is, this option here, right? So, once you get this going and you get, you feel like you, you got, got this covered.

Like, I could use more ghee, but I'm actually gonna use the olive oil here because it's handier.

That is where the flavor's at.

That's where it's at. That's right. That is right.

So, what exactly is ghee? I always hear about it. Ghee? I don't know. It's a clarified butter that's used in Indian cooking and a lot of people that are vegan actually can eat it.

Got it. And it has just a really wonderful flavor. Yeah. It's kind of more rich.

So, so I'm on medium heat. I'm turning this down a little bit now that everything seems to be kind of sufficiently oiled.

Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to want to cover this so that it can cook it at a medium to low heat because you don't want to burn it.

Right? Higher temperature, more likely you'll burn.

So, when you need to cook something thorough, like chicken, right? Chicken, high propensity for burning.

So, what you typically do with chicken is to do a lower heat for a longer period of time.

Now, with broccolini, now that I got this thing tossed, we can toss some salt and pepper, right?

So, here's some salt and then milk, right?

And then pepper. Yeah. Then I'm going to cover it. You cover it, go like this, kick back here, and let me get my beer while we chat a little bit more.

This is the first time I've worn this this shirt in a while.

You remember this, this deep, this, this cloud fur edition?


Is that, what shirt is those? That is the, oh, that was the IPO shirt. Right. You see it?

Yeah. Let me find, I got to get the top to this. It's like way deep in my cabinet.

Yeah, do it. We just, look at that lovely broccolini. So, people might be wondering, what is broccolini, right?

It is basically like baby broccoli. I'm trying to find the, there we go.

All right, found it. I thought it would be a lot noisier than it really was. What's that?

Me going, digging through all this stuff. So, you can see in this label here, sweet baby broccoli, mini broccolis, right?

So, and broccolini, you know, it's sometimes called broccolini, sometimes it's called baby broccoli.

I guess broccolini is really like anything in Italian or, you know, you just add eeny on it and it makes it teeny.

Martini. Martini is like a smaller version of a Martin, maybe.

Is there a drink called a Martin? No, I'm just, I'm just making stuff up now, trying to figure out how they come up with the name broccolini.

Cause like this, this does clearly does not say broccolini.

Sweet baby broccolis. But, and I noticed that sometimes on my, when I'm typing broccolini, it auto-corrects to broccoli.

Like it doesn't know broccolini.

So, I sometimes wonder how widely known that term is.

All right, I'm going to check on my greens. All right.

Good. Good. Nice. You want them to be green and you can kind of feel how firm they are.

Right. And what we may do, if it seems like it's, it's not really cooking, is add a little water and cover it again.

And I'm not going to quite do that yet, but on the next one, I'm going to add a little water.

It will kind of steam it.

Give it a little bit of steam action. Got it. I think I might have a little butter in my fridge.

I'm great idea. Butter and broccoli is a classic combination.

So I have this kind of butter. I use this a lot. This is also vegan.

I don't know if you could see it clearly, the title. I use this a lot. It's really good.

It's super, it's vegan and non-GMO. It's really good. So I'm going to throw some of that in there too, but I'm going to have to try G because G.

Yeah, you'll like it.

Just put some of that in there.

So our, let's see, our salmon's been what? 15 minutes now?

About 15. We can check it. I just did a peek. And it's actually looking pretty good, right?

So I'm going to take a peek at this here. All right. So now I'm going to add a little water.

What I'm feeling is that it's got the nice color that I want, but it's still kind of firm and I want him to be softer, but I don't want it to cook anymore.

So I'm going to add a little water. Oh, the other thing I'm going to do is start boiling water for couscous.

It's a nice combination for the meal.

All right. Could use rice. Let's see here. And this is super easy to do.

You boil water and then you add the ingredients and shut it off just like that.

So here's a view of my kitchen while I'm getting some water. I flipped the hot dogs for my son.

You know, I don't remember being a super picky eater as a kid.

I was, I was, I was, I was way more pickier than I was now.

I think now I just kind of, I think I kind of get where my mom was coming from.

Cause even sometimes I just like to just throw stuff together.

But I remember like most kids, I didn't eat any vegetables. I hated tomatoes, like with the passion.

I thought the best hamburgers or the best burgers were the ones that literally just had meat and cheese on those.

Yeah. I discovered that I am a, when it comes to cheeseburgers, I'm just all about the cheeseburger, you know, there we go.

Look at that.

Let me see how this is. Oh, it's looking pretty good. And a nice green, you don't want to overcook it, right?

So keep the heat on low because I want to evaporate more of that water.

Pretty good. Yeah. All right. I'm sure they're done enough.

That's for me here. So Moses, you're going to be relocating, huh?

Yeah. I am moving to Austin like any day now. Wow, man.

Congratulations. That's an exciting move. Yeah. Thank you. I'm super excited for it.

Yeah. I haven't, I really only lived here for a year, but I thought I'd be living here longer than that, but I really liked the Austin team.

They're super cool.

So I'm excited. I'm excited about this entire quarter. That's great. For those not in the know, Moses was recently promoted to the BDR team lead where he's going to be helping manage the growth of five BDRs in the Austin office, which is growing.

Exciting opportunity. We're totally going to miss you in SF. Yeah.

I miss you guys daily. I know, right? Totally. But it's weird because I've kind of missed you guys ever since the beginning of quarantine.

Exactly. Yeah.

I'm with you on that. Yeah. Okay. So it should be, I'm going to pull out the salmon just to take a look.

All right. Cool. Yeah. I think I'm going to do the same.

So fair warning, sometimes with the salmon, it may not be exactly where you like it right at this time, but it usually is for me.

But the good thing about that is if it's not, you always just throw it on the broiler, turn it up a little bit more.

Wow. Look at this. People can really see it. I'm going to try to get a closer look here.

Yeah. It's looking pretty good actually. Because even though they were so -and-so thickness.

Actually, I think this is perfect. I'm taking it off right now. I'm feeling it.

This is how I check my fish. I just feel for the firmness, right? I don't like typically my fish overdone.

I like it undercooked closer to like a sushi, I guess.

Nice. I like steak tartare. I like my burgers medium rare. I don't like things overcooked.

So this is great.

Cool. And let me see. Oh, it looks like my, oh, the skin is lifting.

Great. Great. So I'm lifting the skin because I'm trying to salvage it for while I'm a skin guy, right?

So great. Cool.

So I'll put that aside. The couscous is warmer. I can't believe it. I'm ahead of schedule.

This is great. So we can actually probably have dinner together, man.

How about that? Yeah, I like this too.

I usually keep the oven on just in case I want to throw it back in, but I'm not mad at that.

Yeah. I was like, sometimes though, if I want it a little bit crispier, I can, it's good to just turn on the broiler for like another couple minutes, two to five minutes.

You know what I mean? Like there's no, there's nothing to get crispy really.

Right. So like, it seems like the thing that gets crispy on a fish is going to be the skin.

Right. So yeah. See, now I think what we're showing everybody that it's really not that hard to make a good balanced meal, but that said, you do need to be able to get to the grocery, you know, I don't know.

I mean, I enjoy it. It's fun. It's kind of like working on your bike and then you get to ride it.

There are other people who just want to hop on a ride, but I kind of like the idea of like, I get to do something with my hands and, and I love to eat and it's a, it's been a fun experiment.

Yeah, for sure.

So what, what, what's your like, do you have a go-to that you like, I need a quick meal.

I'm going to eat, this is what I'll make. A quick meal go-to. Yeah. So one thing I really like, by the way, are we done with the broccoli?

Broccoli? Yeah.

Did you take it off? I'm going to take the heat off. Sorry. I mean, whenever you feel like it's like, you can feel it.

I'm actually going to try one here. I actually love it just like this, but I had it on low.

Yeah, this, this is a good consistency and it should still have a little crunch.

Got it.

At this point you can feel out. Do I want to add more? Do I want to add more salt and pepper or anything like that?

All right. Nice. Also, Chad, I also forgot, you know, it's got to add the cherry on top to the salmon.

What's that? That is the lemon juice. Oh yeah, that's a great idea. So I had a pre-cut lemon in my fridge.

I'm just going to sprinkle that on right now. Wow.

Everything's coming together. So I just whipped up right there, the couscous, and then we got the broccolini.

We got this. We can start plating. There's nine minutes left here, so we can plate and have ourselves a bite.

All right. I like that.

I like that. All right. This is one of my favorite plates right here, just so I could see all the food.

I really love white plate.

You know, I had asked you about your go-to, and then I got distracted with making my food.

Oh, so my go-to, I'm one of those people, I always have cooked rice in the house at all times.

Like, I'll just turn on the rice cooker, even if I'm not hungry, just because I want cooked rice at all times.

But a quick go-to for me, I love a nice little meal where I toss some rice together with some type of meat.

So a lot of times that could just be eggs, but I've been on this kick where, have you ever had soy riso?

Yeah, I think so. I kind of like it, but I'll usually just toss some rice in the skillet with a little oil and some soy riso, and then maybe throw a couple, a handful of kale in there and just toss it all together.

And it's a really quick, like, kind of like power meal where you're getting your carbs, starch, you're getting kind of like protein, you're also getting some greens in there.

All right.

Oh, you know what we totally forgot? I totally spaced on the garlic. I probably should have just thrown it in with the broccolini, but usually what you do is you put it in, and then you want to cook the garlic so that it, but now if we put in the garlic, it's going to overcook.

So I guess what I would prefer we do is we just skip the garlic, but in the future, toss in the garlic with the broccolini, and then you just have some garlic with your, with your broccolini.

It's good. I like that.

Yeah. So, but this broccolini looks really good. I like it. I'm just going to a little bit further down.

Oh yeah, there you go. I already put the salmon on the plate here.

All right. Let me just kind of put this salmon on. It's kind of a big piece.

How much did you get? Do you remember? I got a half a pound. Half a pound, yeah.

It's a pretty big serving. I'm for sure not going to eat all this, but I want to.

That's kind of what the salmon looks like when it's stuffed and cooked.

Oh yeah, hold on a second here. Let me just finish plating my plate here.

Whoa, check it out, man.

Oh yeah. Okay, I'm going to, I'm going to relocate to the the kitchen table so I can have a bite here.

All right. All right.

Hey Beck, you want dinner?

Hey Becca, you want dinner?

I'm going to give this plate to my wife.

Yeah, there you go. Wow, that looks amazing.

All right. Yummy. Hold on, let me put it here so people have something to look at while I'm serving myself.

Then we have five minutes to eat. Look at that. Beautiful.

All right.


Thanks for waiting. All right, no problem. So, let's see. I'm probably just going to sit right here.

I'm personally a big couch eater myself. Couch eater? Yeah, I'm personally a big couch eater, but I have a chair right here.

Okay. So that works.

Works for me, but works for you. All right, let's see. I'm going to start with the salmon.

Let's see here. Try a bite at the end. The thing about salmon is, if you have a good piece of salmon or any good ingredients, you're going to do just great, you know?

Yeah, for sure. I'm excited.

I'm going to try the broccoli. Me, too. I like it.

It has like a nice crunch to it still. Mm-hmm. I hope someone was timing it, because I don't know how long they actually cook it for.

I'm basically checking on it until it looks like it's ready.

I know that on the grill, it's about eight minutes.

Yeah. Perfect. Yeah, my wife said I cooked it perfectly, so great.

That's my bar.

That's the bar. Okay. Oh, I have to get to the salmon with the stuffed part.

I haven't tried that yet. No, that's the part you've got to try. Mm.

I like it. I like it with the garlic and the feta and the spinach. Mm-hmm. Mm.

That is good. I'm going to give people another look at my plate. It's stuffed with ...

My son's asking, what's it stuffed with? It's stuffed with sautéed spinach, and then we threw in some garlic and some feta cheese, stir it up, salt, pepper, stuff it in that salmon.

I wonder if you ... Mom, you remember I asked you about salmon steaks.

Like, do you want to use a salmon steak? And you said, no, we want to use a salmon steak.

Use this. I know with salmon steaks, those are probably pretty good for ...

Those are good for grilling. Yeah, those are really good for grilling.

Put pesto on it or something like that. I've seen some people, they wrap the ...

You could either wrap it in on itself and not stuff it or anything, but you could stuff it, but if you stuffed it with something, it's going to come out the bottom.

Mm-hmm. Well, whatever. So it looks like we got one minute.

I want to thank again, Moses, for joining me and teaching me about your stuffed salmon, and we mixed it in with some vegetables and a starch, a simple meal that we were able to prepare and begin eating in under an hour.

So thanks again, Moses.

Appreciate it. Anytime. And I'm going to have to try it with the couscous next time.

Let's do it. All right. Well, on behalf of Moses and Chad, this is Cooking with Cloudflare.

Thanks for joining. Bye.

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