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Hello everyone, I'm Chaat and my co-hosts Cara Hi, Molly. Nice to meet you guys. Hi, so this is our second edition of Cooking with Cloudflare And I'm in uh my home office in Oakland, California Uh, Cara and Molly are in Austin, right?

So, uh, oh, here we I just got an official note that we are in fact live So in case you're just joining again, this is Cooking with Cloudflare Second edition with your hosts Chaat, Molly and Cara.

So thanks for joining. What's on the menu today ladies? Tonight we are doing a chimichurri steak with a avocado grapefruit salad Okay so the We have an hour and thanks for picking things that we can get hammer out in this time.

So, uh, I have all my uh ingredients together and and um and and probably our tools, but why don't you just quickly review like How are we going to do this and what are our ingredients what do we what do we need today?

Great. So just starting with the chimichurri sauce.

It's going to go on a skirt steak Um, it's very like herby green sauce.

We're going to have some green onions some cilantro parsley Uh one like medium tomato just a little bit of red wine vinegar olive oil garlic salt and pepper We might mix it up we've got a jalapeno so might make it a little spicy a little spicy and hot Interesting, I think I have a jalapeno food somewhere Yeah, it's a good thing to have and then the salad Uh, yeah, so for the salad, it's just gonna be really simple.

We're gonna do avocado Grapefruit, um cut them up kind of like a caprese style And then we're gonna make a lemon grapefruit vinaigrette with it, too All right.

Now cara told me molly that you Have some background in foodiness.

Oh gosh Uh, yeah, I do. Um, yeah, I used to be a pastry chef for a little bit and Um, then I actually worked at a school called main spring schools um and I was a doing all of the chef and prep work for I think a small school of like 102 people I doesn't sound small but that that's yeah It's not it's small in texas.

It's fine Great well, that's exciting. Um, all right, so let's get started.

I'm just gonna get my um Stuff together. Here's my my island that i'll be cutting stuff up on so, um I guess We're going to start with the chimichurri.

Is that right?

Yeah, so let's start with a half a cup of chopped spring onions I won't be on shop duty Are we using the greens and the whites of all of the whole thing are we just gonna Yeah, if you save the bottoms though, you can regrow your green onions.

Nice fact But it's something worth mentioning To the crowd, all right, i'm gonna chop these up And then we're just gonna keep on chopping All right, let us know when you're caught up how much do I need again half a cup I believe yep Okay All right, and then we can just throw that we're going to be putting the sauce in the blenders I'll put it straight so you don't have to stop and i've got a magic bullet.

So oh Right there and then we actually were unable to find cilantro at the market.

Yeah, they were Which is the second time during quarantine. They've been out of cilantro Yeah, so we decided we're going to kind of Substitute a mix of some different herbs Uh basil dill oregano and mint like the desired Amount yeah To about a half a cup of that.

Okay half a cup as well I think it's great that there are Substitute options for you know, if you if you don't have something or other Word right.

Yeah. Um, and the best thing about herbs is like they're all gonna taste good no matter what right correct all right Let's just do like and since it's going in the blender you don't have to like chop it like crazy So you said they're going to the blender next yeah, yeah, so just a rough chop is perfectly fine.

Yeah Dump it in here. Yep. Perfect. Just dump it right in Yeah So For like your herbs really it's half a cup of spring onions or scallions half a cup of cilantro And then another half a cup of parsley Okay Before we move on to the other ingredients So I love cilantro, you know, some people my brother is just he can't he can't do cilantro Neither could my roommate in college I did not know what that was like a thing until like college.

It's like soap for some people. Yeah, that's what it tasted like for her crazy Yeah, she said it always she like really she couldn't even like smell it.

She really just did not like cilantro If you had to pick a favorite or what do you think it would be oh Basil or mint for sure I think I'd go with basil, but cilantro is definitely close second chat.

What's your fav? Favorite my god, it might be basil because i'm a huge pesto fan me too Step it all in there I would say basil just because i'm italian, but I like to cook a lot with cilantro.

I like to cook my god. Yeah It's so true It's so good just put a bunch of them in like a huge salad too and just munch on that My favorite drink in the summer is cucumber mint water.

Oh, wow So easy to just keep around So then we need to add So you're still working on the herbs Yeah, he's popping away.

It looks great My chocolates even though i'm putting in the blender.

Yeah, you just can like a light chop just to like break things up Uh-huh, you don't really need to right?

Yeah. Yeah, just like a light one Do I want to pack my half cup or just loose pack or what?

um, I would put like yeah do kind of like a I would do more of a heavier pack.

Sure. Yeah, because they definitely the way they're Formed and give a lot of holes I guess measurements I know that like with when you're baking right?

You got to have like packed brown sugar or Great way to learn chemistry though What was like your favorite thing to bake when you're working the bakery And I was working my first baking job actually was a cupcake place in college that's when I like learned but Oh gosh, I thought pot de cremes were pretty cool and um Like learning how to do bread was actually really cool Oh, yeah So actually I worked in fine dining And coat of cremes were one of our like desserts.

They were like dessert focused But I did serve bread to martha stewart and that is my claim to fame.

I served the franco brothers Look at us james franco and dave franco. Really? Yeah They're super nice they're funny.

I bet they were really funny. They were really funny. Was that a restaurant?

Huh The wayan brothers. Yeah, I saw those guys at a restaurant in new york city.

Was that? Yeah, that no boo. We're having uh, yeah with my wife Fancy.

Yeah, it was nice pinky up status dude. It was our our special night out pre kids, you know Before everything changed or now you can't even if you have uh you know Even if you don't have kids you can't go to a restaurant because there's just no I mean, what is austin open up at all?

yeah, starting to go back to extreme lockdown mode, but yeah, so we We lightened up for a little bit and uh, people went a little crazy.

So they're It's the past few weeks. That's what we've seen a massive spike uh in the austin area, so Before it wasn't mandatory to wear a mask in restaurants nowadays Kind of feels like we're going in reverse So two things one is check this out, this is parsley from our our planter box what Yeah, I know.

We're so thrilled Massive, you might like you have great weather in california for herbs like everything would die right now in texas, right?

I grew up in the buffalo new york And I I like to joke that in buffalo if it grows it's probably poisonous So it's so cold there It's cold.

I mean we have nice summers. You could totally do that, but it You can grow stuff and eat it.

But here in california, we have a rosemary a few rosemary shrubs outside and and mint just Popping out out of the driveway, right so I can do that.

I also have a A meyer lemon tree.

So that's where this this lemon came from, right? That's massive. That's so nice.

I love california. You can grow anything It's so nice that you could just go outside and just grab something and eat it Yeah, that's always a plus for sure I visited a friend in san diego for new year's and I like we were staying at their family house And I just went out in the morning and grabbed an orange right off the tree and I was like you cannot do this anywhere else My sister lives in san diego as well and she we went and we literally uh This is a friend of hers, but her grandmother had like an avocado tree Yeah, actually I lost my mind And I had uh, we my neighbor had an avocado tree that happened it went over into our yard so We were pretty stoked it was great.

I literally thought I found utopia. I was so excited.

That's awesome okay, so I have my spring onions my uh parsley and cilantro in here Great.

So we're going to do half of a medium tomato chopped Okay And then the last thing we need to chop after that is mincing two cloves of garlic Wow, all right.

All right Just gonna do a light little chop In the fridge I went on safari in tanzania with some friends We stayed in this hostel It's called like mama Mama something's hostel and it was like this lady's house And her kids were there And in the morning, she made us breakfast with uh Like with her family and Like some avocados from her backyard tree And the avocado was like the most unreal creamy sweet avocado I've ever had in my entire life Is the tomato going in this thing?

Yeah, everything we're doing now is going straight into the blender.

All right So we got that Garlic, you said two cloves Yeah Sprinkle sprinkle So Yeah Remember take out the seed of the jalapeno or else it's going to be very hot the jalapeno in the chimichurri Yeah We're thinking so you're supposed to put red pepper flakes.

We thought it would be nice to substitute with a jalapeno Interesting No, absolutely not i'm trying to get the seeds out, let me see if I got jalapeno Okay, all right scary, okay, what do you think like this much All right, how much you want to put in here like this much Yeah, like the back quarter of a jalapeno so like Do you have jalapeno time?

What's up? Hi Hi Yeah All right um so, uh How much jalapeno do I do?

So I would do just like cut it in half and then just like literally off the edge of it and then just put it Hi, how's it going?

Good. How are you guys? Good we can't wait for you guys to taste test. It's gonna be great I'm, so excited.

Thanks for doing this. And by the way, did chat tell you that our favorite cooking magazine is fine cooking Really?

Is that that's why you chose it?

Nice. No fail. It's amazing Yeah, that was my first experience with it I do have um The cook's illustrated cookbook That's kind of similar I guess to fine cooking Definitely okay.

Oh, okay. So now i'm gonna use about this much jalapeno.

Is that cool? That's exactly what we did. Okay, I just She says take the seeds out or else it'll be too spicy All right, all right Right Gosh Gosh Added to our earlier thing the tomato the garlic and the jalapeno You are on track Right here.

And then now we move to the liquids to make it saucy whenever chat you got that taken care of What do I need?

We need a quarter cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of red wine vinegar Okay Oh, so you're gonna love this feature of our kitchen, right So here's our microwave we have this space right here and I've got a box of olive oil.

Nice That's a perfect little corner for it. Oh my goodness That was just a coincidence.

So i'm just gonna go like this Oh my god, I love that That is the perfect size like perfect fit.

That's i'm so happy. It's of you Oh, that's a great invention one thing is it also fits, uh, if you have a box of wine you could I was gonna say I was Okay, so I use a red wine vinegar, right yep All right Done.

Oh, that smells good Okay Can we put any salt or pepper in this thing?

Yeah, we're always going to season it salt and pepper Yeah, okay salt and pepper to taste.

Okay. Yeah so we'll Yeah I haven't tasted this so i'm not really sure what to do.

I would just uh, Maybe do like a teaspoon Of salt and then a teaspoon of pepper Oh Whatever your taste buds want, what's your what's your favorite salt?

My favorite salt, yeah Like pink himalayan or like I do like pink one.

I I kind of like maldon salt Oh Were you about to be salt friends?

Yes If you make brownies and you put a little bit on top, it's the best All that right Okay, so that's probably good Okay, we're good, okay All right, we're gonna blend these up now Stay tuned.

We'll be right back over the noise Okay, i'll let everybody See my my blending action here.

Let's see here.

Nice. I actually have a vitamin Um, so oh you have a nice blender. You guys both have a really nice one.

That's really super nice Always have to Is Okay Oh what consistency you mean why molly um, so I guess if you have the option to make it a little chunkier, that's nicer.

Yeah Um, my magic blood. I can only really blend it full We want to be a thick a thicker sauce Like you can kind of scoop up and if it's not as thick as you want just make sure to add more olive oil Oh really so olive oil makes it thicker versus waterier It's watery, but yeah, it'll make it more of like a thicker consistency You think that's like a common thing people make mistakes with yeah Sometimes I mean like it's a little runny.

Yeah a little runny. Um, maybe put a little bit more herbs I would just add like a little bit more herbs if it's a little too runny for you and um Like I would just do like maybe a fourth cup of cilantro and a fourth cup of um parsley Add a few more things here Parsley So So chad, do you know what's on the menu next week Next week.

Oh I'd have to look it up So, um, i'll look it up while we're uh, grilling nice So jade is very active on Asian flair and cook flair and she's always posting other kinds of food.

So I think we're going asian nice Yeah Add a few more in here and now i'm gonna try blending again the vitamix That looks like a good color, that's a beautiful color I saw this is looking a little like on the red side, but you can add more basil and just do that.

Yeah, let's do that That looks good, all right Yeah, this is looking good.

All right nice We can admire the color from here nice green The green.

Oh cool With oh, man, I just spilled a little but now I get to try it Wow How's the jalapeno?

Is it too strong? No, I I pretty it's a nice subtle It's like it has the character of the flavor without overwhelming it Yeah, totally Okay, that's probably good Clean up a little bit Yeah I was always told clean station clean mind clean station clean mind clean station clean mind Oh, you and your wife would get along great Who does the majority cooking in your house Oh, we've got this, uh, we've got this this, uh, chimichurri sauce Uh, what do we do?

All right We just are gonna put it in a container and put it in the fridge, correct?

All right, yeah, yeah, and then we're gonna put in the fridge for now before we move on to the Salty.

Yeah, we do need to um have the steak dry and salted.

I'm not sure. Does that should not be done ahead of time? Yeah, let's actually let's take the steak out after this actually and then Salt it and then dry it out.

So that way like it can be at room temperature whenever you guys are grilling Hmm okay, is that the order of of things that you you salt And then dry or do you dry and then salt you dry and then you salt?

um You guys were talking about the fine What was it fine cooking?

That's fine. Okay. There's this other cooking book called salt fat acid and heat and she is like a great tutorial on like Meats and like how they should be cooked and like when is it appropriate to salt and like it's actually really cool I'd highly recommend getting that book Nice All right, I think that gave our sauce a little bit more.

Hey, well, uh Beautiful Oh, wow Yeah, that's such a nice color.

Wow, oh look at that so good snaps All right, it's really beautiful that is beautiful So i'm noticing I still have a is that a garlic chunk.

What is that? I don't we can't see I was like I can't probably garlic chunk. Does that bother you?

No, I just uh, well, there'll be a nice surprise for whomever gets that I guess very true.

Their sinuses will be perfect No vampires here. Exactly So Last week I made a homemade caesar with garlic and the one for any of my viewers The one thing I would change about that recipe that I did last week is use one clove of garlic instead of two um it or depends on the size of your clothes, I guess but I had It was well An excellent sharpness that I I really appreciate in the caesar.

It linked, you know, and so Um, we don't need that All right Did you put sardines in your caesar dressing I was just about to ask that so anchovies So, all right, so here's our chimichurri going in the fridge you said yeah, yeah Done all right.

So now on to the Bake right? Yeah, you you're probably better with me Okay All right, here's a question for you guys Blank steak Skirt steak same thing different name You think that they're different well all I know about the skirt steak you have to cut against the ring There's yeah Um, and then I don't know what the difference is The flank steak is right and i'm going to wash my hands after this Actually, it says flank skirt steak On the no, that's over here.

Oh, where are you? Okay I'm gonna dry it off Okay So At some point I need to warm up my grill Let's get that started.

Yeah So we don't have a grill.

We're just gonna Heat up the plan but chat you need to go at any point And do that Yeah.

Hey question. Um, so Any salt for for this I yes I mean Liberally salt Both sides.

Yeah both sides um Yeah, I would just kind of oh my gosh. Are you busting out an apron?

I'm busting out an apron. Oh my goodness I'm so used to when I cook Wiping my hands on myself.

I know I've washed my hands like 15 times all dirty if I Yeah, I have a collection of aprons I really like that one though very much I got it from a cooking school.

My father-in-law had is like 70th birthday at a cooking school or something like that and um, we gave out these aprons and I use them all the time Did you salt the soda Do I also pepper it Nope, you're just gonna salt it for now Okay, does the salt like break up the pack?

Yeah, it makes it more tender and it breaks it up Oh, I always thought it was just for flavor That too it's a three-in-one thing actually party I just touched this meat so you saw the other side I won't be clean Oh, yeah, I tried a little bit it's good So I feel like it's gonna be pretty good I'm gonna let you start this I warm up my grill.

I'll be right back Yeah, go ahead So the quarantine started actually I started a big off with my neighbor, which was great because like when I was a kid like I Loved to bake like in high school.

My dad's italian and my parents went to cooking school um When they were like pretty young and so we grew up with like amazing food in our households Um, like salivating listening to yeah, so I feel like growing up I got really into like health and cooking and I really loved baking so, uh when I went home my neighbor and I got into a serious big off so Started because she volunteers at the community farm in rhode island and it was rhubarb season and so, uh She brought over an olive oil rhubarb cake, which was absolutely phenomenal Um, and then so I was like, oh, what am I gonna make?

So I made a coconut cake with a key lime curd some fresh strawberries and kiwis.

Wow And we we ended up being like 10 pounds each like throughout like the month or two.

I was home. Yeah But you know, I made a chocolate babka the new york times recipe and like babka is really hot right now This is kind of kind of getting to the tail end of your life, but hey, cheers guys Cheers.

Yeah, cheers All right, cheers So I really liked learning how to how to do um breads when I was home, I think When a bread rises It's like when the dough rises like the best feeling in the entire world Um, we cook a lot of pizza in our family from scratch.

So we made a lot of pizza doughs Uh, my neighbor made the most amazing cheesecake i've ever had there was no cracks.

Oh, wow And then she made a strawberry rhubarb pie that Like that pie was the winner but I still think I put up a pretty fair fight.

Yeah Okay I have the meat now.

I just put it aside now and get a new cutting board for the veggies. Yeah, correct a moon dough To the side and now we're going to Make the salad My time.

Yeah, there it is.

I like the flip action, too Okay, so We're gonna grab a grapefruit first All right, and we're gonna try and peel this so we're just gonna try and get the skin off Here let's like show them what you're doing.

Oh, yeah, sorry No, I put it down so you can okay not kill your fingers so we're gonna just see so we can just We don't like you know Can I do it like this just like actually just peel it off or am I?

I I kind of think it's better sometimes to just like use your knife. But if you want to peel it I say go for it Yeah I think the difference of like do you mind having the rind on or like the skin I guess Yeah, so molly's like completely removing the skin.

Well, we're using two right? Maybe i'll do one this way and one the other way Yeah, that's the best way to taste exactly figure out what you like All right, so we're just gonna get this off Have you guys ever had a broiled grapefruit with sugar?

No, it's like the best it sounds really yummy. Yeah It's the second one too Huh, am I doing two two of these grapefruits?

Yeah, i'm gonna just do two and knock them out and Obviously, there's no perfect way to cut them.

I kind of made mine in a weird shape.

So it's totally fine I see it if I take a look Yeah, it's a little weird, but you know what it'll get the job done.

All right I'll take these around it's amazing if you have a compost.

Yeah, you live in the city like me without a compost and Then we're gonna get our other one Wait, see you said your father-in-law gave you that so did you did you like does your whole family really like to cook?

Yeah, actually you do. Um My father-in-law is a an architect and one of his clients um Is a does the cooking school, right?

Nice And so he had designed her kitchen For the cooking school.

So oh, that's so cool Designing a kitchen for a chef would be like you could put all the toys in.

Oh my gosh Well, it was a massive kitchen too.

I mean, you know, she had this a house in pacific heights and a a kitchen that seemed like as big as as A house is what it felt.

Okay, so I gotta just uh clean up my grill. I'll be right back All right, go for it I'm just gonna clean these up just a little bit All right, so these are good to go right here just gonna still cut off a little bit more Yeah, I think it's funny.

I think during quarantine as well like um So many more of my friends have actually started baking too.

So it's been interesting like I'm, just like messaging me being like is this the correct recipe and i'm like, yes I almost feel really bad Oh, where am I heading next?

I have my grapefruit Okay, what you're gonna do with your grapefruit is basically you're gonna go do you see like these lines right here like Where the wedges like kind of like where the wedges would be Yeah So this is called supreming.

So i'm going to go in between Where they are Like you're cutting this out like you're cutting the wedges out And i'm just going to make a little one like this Oh, wow.

Okay so So I guess for the one that you didn't Um cut completely you could just break it up like normal.

Yeah, you can make it your own style All right.

Let's see So basically i'm just cutting these little cute little wedges, right?

Absolutely, and that is oh, wow. That's a pretty that's also a pretty grapefruit You know, this is where I feel really fortunate to live in california where we have such amazing produce Yeah That's called the california dream true Very true.

All right Yeah, why you did the the grapefruit the way you uh, suggested it because This is really cool.

Now with a wedge.

I'm not sure how it'll stay together when I cut it It will yeah kind of wants to just Go into its Into its things, but they're not as nearly as Pretty right do this here versus like yeah Like cosmetically it just looks prettier the other way.

So for all you viewers over there You know All right, it's more it's like are you in a hurry you can do it just peel it right but if you got more time It might make more sense to To cut the rind off.

Yeah Okay, either way it's gonna be healthy and delicious very true you're gonna get lots of vitamin c It's a great little summertime salad.

Yeah, combining it with like the amazing health benefits of avocados correct There's like three foods you could survive on on the desert island, oh coconuts avocados and I I hate to be this person.

I am not a huge coconut person. Oh, that's one of my favorite flavors I know it's my whole family.

It's my they uh, we get in arguments. Not really But yeah, my mom my dad and my sister like love coconut.

I just can't get into it I can't I think raspberries would be in the top three for me though Should I I see you kind of taking these these little things here.

Yeah, go for him Those are gonna be probably chewy and not as yeah, we'll probably just like it'll be a texture thing if you want to keep them on I gotcha.

Yeah You know when I was a kid growing up, I remember my mom used to uh peel fruit for us, but she would peel the Off of grapes and peel the skin off of the oranges and like not just the skin but that that membrane thing So we'd be left with this yummy thing here without that that other stuff Oh, wow Very sweet now that I think about it, you know I guess I remember we'd stare at her while she was Peeling a grape and then put it on the table.

Then the three kids would buy for it, you know Yeah Um and just really quickly any pieces that you don't want Kind of put off to this to the side because we're going to use that for our vinaigrette It'll be like a nice.

Um, like acidic part to the dressing You're welcome All right, I think my uh grapefruits are Good i'm setting them pull them put them to the side or should I put these on a plate or something or a bowl?

No, keep them just put them to the side But you just have these all of them have to be perfect We are right and then I think next step is that we just make our dressings.

The avocado is pretty easy to cut up So for our dressing Do you know a paper towel really quickly?

Yeah All right, so I have Nice clean station clean line.

Love it Um, all right and then for our dressing I just need a like small container Like a Like a small like glass container that I can just put in the fridge Cool.

Oh, okay Um, and then do you have a shallot or an onion of some type?

chat Yes, I do. Okay I have a shallot and then Something like this for the dressing.

Yeah, that's fancy. I love it I don't got all kinds of meat tricks here.

Okay, get in the shower I have like a kimchi.

Yeah That's perfect I like that you left. I have like a bunch of mason jars like this.

All right. Yes. Yeah, right I don't think I have one It's okay. I mean the one that you use is beautiful.

Yeah, that was perfect. I loved it Okay. So here's my shallot.

How much do I need it? Um, I would just do half of the shallot and the easiest way to do that is just cut off the ends And that way you can just peel the skin back What's the best way to do all these um, yes, I Yeah sometimes if it's like a bigger onion I cut it in half and go for that approach, but Yeah, molly.

Should I use the smaller one or the bigger half?

Just use a smaller one save the bigger one for later Later as in another meal.

Yeah All right, i'm just gonna use half of this Salt to the side and you're just going to kind of finely chop it Okay, yep take the skin off of this thing here Do you guys um cook together much?

We talk about it. Yeah, we talk about cooking a lot and really Have not and this is our first molly did make a cake for my birthday.

I'm, so glad we have this Oh, no, we're not gonna sit. I did not make it whole foods did.

Oh, I thought you meant I'm like finally slicing it or dicing it or something.

Yeah, just finally dice it All right I've had some frozen bananas in my freezer for a while and i'm Just waiting to make a banana bread with oh, that'll be really good I'm not doing discs.

I'm gonna dice this up now.

Yeah, just dice them all up Just gonna throw it in there And just throw it in the container where you're gonna keep your dressing All right Whoa Did we have 20 minutes?

How are we doing on time? You think I think we're gonna make it.

It's very tough But really all we're waiting for now is we just gotta cook the steaks So chad's going on the grill, which will probably be super fast like two minutes each side maybe right?

Yeah Um, depending on your grill, um, we do not have a grill So we're just gonna pan fry ours.

I think that's great. We show our uh, our our Our viewers here that if you have a grill you can grill if you don't have a grill you can Not grill it.

I've got this nice big flat bottomed pan with some olive oil in it.

You can also cast iron it It works great, too Okay, so just put your shallots in your dressing okay whole beans and then we're gonna put Um, I would say a half a cup of olive oil This looks so fyi i'm gonna measure this because i'm curious how much shallot I have here Looks like I have a quarter cup of shallot.

Is that okay? Yeah Okay Oh, I might have gone crazy. No, that's half a cup.

Yeah for sure half a cup I'm gonna do a half a cup of olive oil So And then take your like one of the grapefruits that wasn't like perfectly cut or whatever Into our um dressing, okay Half cup of olive oil in here.

Yeah, just do a half cup of olive oil.

All right Yeah Okay Okay And you said and how much of that, um grapefruit do I want to put in here I would do like Two to I would do like maybe two to four like of those slices and just squeeze them in there.

Yeah And then chat do you have a little bit of lemon I do And then just put also a little bit of lemon juice in there I would say like two tablespoons Real citrus vinaigrette.

Yeah, but the kicker is coming in Okay, i'm just gonna Look at this lemon.

It's got a little like Oh, wow, I would just do half of that lemon honestly or a little bit like not even half That's a big one Oh, wow, you got a fancy juice fancy juice press A lot more than me.

Wow All right. All right All right, and then we're gonna put a tablespoon of dijon Now Is a strong english mustard, okay Yeah, just something.

Yeah, that'll be totally fine.

I would probably do a little bit less Uh-huh And you said about a half teaspoon I would say a half tablespoon tablespoon.

Okay, so i'll do two teaspoons in I guess.

Yeah Conversion. Yeah And then Just after that we're gonna put a little bit of salt and pepper shake it up and then put it in the fridge And then we can start plating the entire salad Okay, we're at 15 minutes guys I think we'll be good.

I think we're gonna make it.

All right. So now I gotta um add how much salt and pepper You said I would say like uh Maybe a teaspoon of salt and then a half teaspoon of pepper.

Okay, shake it up shake it up Probably looking there I'm pretty peppery.

Yeah, that's great smells getting to me. All right Then once you're done with that Russ we're just gonna shake it up and put it in the fridge Hey Chad, are you gonna try it first?

What's that again? You're gonna try your dressing first Oh, yeah, I guess I should here.

All right. Let me uh Shake it Okay Nice so now we've made a sauce and a dressing Okay, let me try this here Give it a try That's pretty good Yeah, nice cool i'll put in the fridge yeah And then maybe maybe we should do the steak or should we do the avocado Um, well the steak I have to put on three minutes and then flip we've got Bring the avocados out there so you can do it at the same time.

Okay so you can flip while you're uh Okay, let's see.

I'm gonna turn the pan on I'm making high heat. I will show the pan I don't think they can see it.

Let's lift it up a little more. Oh snap All right. We've got a pan getting hot on the stove and then we've got our steak amazing hot dry All right Okay We have an avocado here a very big one i'd like to add do you recall If I need to uh Put the grill on high or medium or what I'm, not a grill master.

Okay, i'll figure it out actually 500 degrees on the web Side, okay, so i'll usually I usually do about Medium high so you want me to open my avocado, right?

Yeah, and we're just gonna do it Like this beautiful avocado.

We've got the california Oh, yeah, you guys beat us All right, and we're just gonna slice it like this Let me just take the seed out, right?

Yes i'm just slicing this Long slices all the way down.

Yeah Okay Okay, and then we can start plating So i'm gonna go Get a spoon.

It's just right here actually right here.

I'm gonna get a spoon i'm gonna Scoop out those long slices.

Yeah Okay All right Okay, so first Use our plate Just move that camera up a little bit.

Yeah All right I'm gonna wait till he's back.

All right, let's plate this All right, we have a plate and we're gonna do we're gonna alternate between avocado and grapefruit Oh my Now we're getting fancy.

Yeah, and that's just it. It's kind of like doing a caprese salad, but like a little bit summery edition Hmm Okay, instead of red and white we've got pink and green yeah Okay, wow, this is really pretty yeah some good color scheme So my wife thank her for uh, she did our she's a a produce Expert right and uh, no really knows how to pick them So she went to uh a couple different spots to get us the right avocado and she oh, oh, that's awesome Wow So now we're at uh 455 well, yeah So yeah, i'm gonna take you all out there with me as I put the steak on Let's say all right Yeah, I think we're fine with that yeah what we've got Here I'm, just gonna still put you All right, everyone in this episode.

You also get a tour of chat's house, which is beautiful some bonus bonus activity All right.

Here's my bill Okay, I don't need to olive oil it or anything so there's our grill It's pretty hot.

Let's see. What did the Temperature gauge is looking is pretty hot so I can probably put on the same time as you.

All right. Awesome. I will film Oh look at that, I don't know you can see it.

Wow Cover it All right, all right So i'm gonna set a timer Or I know three i'll flip it at three minutes All right, all right, we got a big kiss of me just gonna play right in the pan I don't know if you guys can hear the there's a nice sizzle going on Very nice sound That's when you know things are cooking and cara, how many minutes are we gonna do it on each side?

Probably a little bit longer chat than chat.

What are they four or five minutes? Okay.

Awesome Time to speed it up for the sake of the show. I think mine's a probably going to be similar now.

I am no plating expert Okay I can guide you I'm gonna go every other something.

Yeah, just every other Right Doesn't quite have you the symmetry.

Oh, wow. Oh, you know how to play I Kind of like it's a little like he would be like round.

Yeah, we all had her and then we kind of went in like two Parallel lines.

Yeah, I like that. Me too Okay. Okay. All right, not too bad All right You can just move like this.

Yeah I have basil. What am I doing with the basil?

Is that like put it on top? That's what I was gonna do So here's our basil Take leaves and throw it on top.

I love that. Yeah, I'm just actually you can cut them kind of small Okay So good They get your dressing out and like when everything's ready you can just shake up the dressing and put it on Hmm So the way I cut my basil leaves is I kind of just like get them all in a group Like this and then I fold them Oh nice.

I know here. I just kind of drew them. I love that Your plate looks great Yeah Not too shabby.

Not too shabby at all Okay, okay i'm just gonna throw some of that on there i'm gonna check the steaks, okay You got it I'll need a couple minutes to I think before I flipped.

Oh, all right Probably still need another minute Okay One flip because it depends how you like your steak Correct.

Are you like more of like a medium rare person chad or are you like, uh, well done?

I'm a medium rare guy. Yeah Maybe I will flip it then that's always a good choice All right, and besides i'm at 20 seconds until Three minutes hit so Time is afoot All right Nice grill marks on there look at that Grill marks like wow This is our steak right now Let's Oh, okay I don't know if we can either but I just started the uh The next timer now i'm gonna get my uh, chimichurri out now.

Yeah, we'll get ours out, too Yeah Might not be able to plate it but I I uh We'll be able to at least get our first couple of slices and try it out with our chimichurri Yeah Should we like salad and yeah, maybe you can put the chimichurri below the steak Make something like on the bottom of the plate over Oh, that's an idea.

Yeah All right, this is our salad we made oh wow, that looks good Okay, we're just gonna dress it really quickly Just a light just kind of like a Just so everything not like a huge amount but just like just a little bit and that way you can have extra dressing for later For lunch tomorrow.

Yeah That's beautiful Wow I'm gonna try it.

Yeah, go for it. Hold on i'm gonna get Well What do you think I love it, yeah nice Wow, we just did our flip.

Here you go. Oh, that's delicious.

That's great Wow that dressing is really yummy. Yeah, look at that mustard little Hmm Okay, let me just feel so good feels light i'm gonna just do a temperature check on my Do you have a meat thermometer do you know what my favorite thing about my meat thermometer is Why what?

When I use it means i'm cooking meat Ding Okay still needs a couple minutes So What's a good temperature for me Medium rare.

Yeah I'd say about 145 take it off And then let it let it settle thing is you can always Put it back on If you if it's too pink, right, but if you if you go too far on the other side then you know, you're you're just You got what you got.

Oh, here goes my alarm. So it's telling me How to meet thermometer as well I don't cook much meat All right, another bar steak is 88.3 We've got a little bit of time we have a little back well back not saying one different area Okay.

Well i'm taking my meat off and then what i'm going to do Is usually what you do when you grill a steak?

is after you When you take it off, you usually want to let it sit for a minute Yeah So you can uh 140 i'm, so sorry the temperature is like 140.

Oh, wow Those are distinct grill marks Nice hot grill Now let's cut a piece and see what it looks like here right Oh, that's pretty wow I didn't let it sit as long as I usually do now all this has All right.

Yeah, we're at On one of the skinny sides.

We're at 120 We're almost we're getting there.

We got one thick guy at the end. We've got 136 and the thick part at the end is uh About a hundred All right Okay, we got a minute Molly cara i'm gonna try it you go for it Do Oh gosh, this is not how I thought it would turn out Polly did not make the prettiest design, but you know what?

We're gonna we're gonna make a big circle instead. That's fine All right, what do you guys think I think I should put more salt on the steak, but the chimichurri is great.

So good Right. Well, it is 559 which means we're going to be cut off in any minute.

I want to say thank you so much for cooking with me This is great.

Super fun I'm, sorry. I took us a little longer than we expected with the steak.

Oh, it's all good. You know, we fit it just Just in time. I think you know, I mean like Of course, we'd love to have it plated and stuff But you know when they do it on tv they get to edit it and all that stuff and we're we're winging it we're going live Yeah So, uh next week I'll be cooking with jade doing something asian.

We'll see what it is.

I'm excited for it. Yeah Thank you so much it was so nice to meet you and you guys have a beautiful home

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