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📡 Radar Bulletin: Disruptions in Ukraine (ongoing), Iran, Sudan, Australia, WhatsApp

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In this program we cover recent Internet disruptions, outages and general trends that we see worldwide using Cloudflare data — available on .

On the October 27, 2022, edition, we cover the clear Internet disruption that continued and intensified in multiple regions in Ukraine. Internet shut-downs in Iran returned again, in the midst of nationwide protests, and there were disruptions in Sudan, Australia and with the WhatsApp worldwide service (on Tuesday, Oct 25).

We also show DNS trends related to interest in news organizations websites in the UK in the midst of the political turmoil that resulted in a new prime minister (Rishi Sunak),

Host João Tomé is joined by our head of Data Insight, David Belson.

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Presented by: João Tomé, David Belson