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Virtual Waiting Room: Elevating Your Customer Experience

Presented by Brian Batraski, Masanari Higashi
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The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformations. With lockdowns and restrictions in place, it has forced companies to look into creative digital solutions so that businesses could continue to function remotely and continue to serve their customer base. Purchasing goods and providing services online became the new normal. But while COVID-19 has led to a surge in online services and accelerated digital transformation, this has also caused sudden increases in internet traffic that can overwhelm any businesses' applications and infrastructures, leading to slow performance or complete disruption to their online presence.

Tune in for the rebroadcast of session with Cloudflare and Classmethod to explore:

  1. Virtual waiting room and why it is gaining traction

  2. Classmethod Use Cases and how organizations of different sizes have implemented virtual waiting room practices

  3. Cloudflare Waiting Room and how it is elevating customer experiences


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