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Hello, everyone. This is Cloudflare TV. It's been a while since I've been on Cloudflare TV.

I'll be speaking in Japanese. Today's topic is Cloudflare Tech Talk.

I'd like to try something new with the technology related to Cloudflare in Japan.

Let's get started. First, let me introduce myself.

I'm Keio Oyama. It's been almost two years since I joined Cloudflare.

At first, I joined as an SE, but now I'm working as a sales person at Cloudflare.

Hiro, please. Hi, I'm Shimura, the manager of SE. It's been about two months since I joined, but I've been studying a lot.

I think Cloudflare's technology is already disruptive.

I feel like it's about to change the industry. I'd like to tell you about that today.

Keio, please. Hi, I'm Hayama, an SE. I provide technical support to customers before signing a contract.

I'd like to enjoy other activities as well.

I'd like to share Cloudflare with you. Thank you. These are the three of us.

I'm wearing a T -shirt. This is a Cloudflare T-shirt. There's a logo on the back.

It's a bit of a shabby T-shirt. I couldn't get it.

I heard it was given to me at an event in Europe. There aren't many people who have it.

I want it. That's what I'm thinking. I'll get started right away.

This is the first time I'm doing a tech talk. Cloudflare is often said to be a CDN company.

It's a Japanese-style company. That's what I'm told.

We do a lot of things. We talk about each point. We do a lot of things.

I'd like to share what we're doing with Cloudflare.

After that, I'd like to talk about technology and current topics.

That's what I'd like to talk about. First of all, what is Cloudflare?

I don't know if it's on the slide. We do a lot of things.

There are four pillars. Application service, developer service, Zero Trust service, and network service.

There are four pillars. As you are well aware, the application service on the upper left is a web service.

It's a security, reliability, and performance-enhancing feature.

It's DNS, HTTPS, SSL, rate limiting, and load distribution.

You can also control traffic from the bot. Of course, we do CDN.

We hire web and API applications. In addition, we provide protection for Layer 7, HTTP, and DDoS.

In addition, we have a log for communication. Or we have a function to analyze and analyze this.

We have this application service from the API and GUI.

We have this application service from the API and GUI. The other thing is developer service.

These days, not only CPU memory, but also storage and database, developers can develop on the edge.

On the other hand, as a basis for load distribution, we have a video distribution platform called Stream.

We have images that distribute images. We combine these areas to smoothly deploy the application service.

If you launch one service locally, it will spread to global data centers around the world and can be used immediately.

The blue two on the left are used to publish your service. The blue two on the left are used to publish your service.

The colors are a little different.

Originally, Cloudflare engineers wanted to develop their own services.

They wanted to make their employees' access to their services a secure environment.

They wanted to make sure that they had secure access to the resources they had.

They wanted to make sure that they had secure access to the resources they had.

We have a security monitoring system. We wanted to deal with that.

We didn't use the existing VPN or other solutions. We have our own global computing resources, so we thought it would be more convenient to use them.

Our company, Kiro and Kyoya, probably don't use VPNs. They all work via the Internet.

The Internet is the basis of their business. However, they can't use the Internet as it is, so we wanted to make sure that they could use the Internet as it is.

Once they get on Cloudflare, we will provide them with security. This is the Zero Trust service.

This is the network service in the green area. This is the Cloudflare network platform at the bottom.

The orange part that supports it is intertwined.

When you deploy Cloudflare services on various Earths, you have to be able to protect Cloudflare itself in order to be able to protect your customers' services.

So Cloudflare has to be able to protect its own platform so that it can attack each Edge service or attack L3L4.

We have a mechanism to quickly connect the data center with the backbone.

On top of the platform, the Zero Trust application development service is running.

We cut out the network part that protects the board and provide it to our customers.

This is the network service. For example, there may be customers who have their own data center, slash 23, or a global subnet hosting, and the network -specific DDoS attack can be used against it.

By applying the customer's address to BGP from Cloudflare, the traffic is put into Cloudflare, and DDoS mitigation is carried out.

Only the clean traffic is routed to the customer through the tunnel, and the routing is done quickly in Edge.

This is the network service. So, like this, for example, if it's just CDN, it will be one part, but there are many other Cloudflare.

That's what I wanted to talk about. I said that I want everyone to use only CDN, but there are data centers in different places, and here is CDN, and here is WAF.

If it's made in the form of CDN, it comes into WAF once, and from there, it goes to the CDN data center, or the RAC-specific RAC, and then it goes to the origin.

What is it? It becomes a form of waste, so Cloudflare makes sure that there is no such waste at the development stage.

Efficiency is what comes out of the core of Cloudflare.

Marshall Prince, the CEO, used to write in his blog that Cloudflare's efficiency is important.

In other words, if you don't use it efficiently and programmably, the Internet won't get any better.

That's why we're making that kind of thing. This is what appears in this picture.

All the services I just described are running on each server of all data centers.

Cloudflare is designed to do that.

That's why we're developing everything ourselves so that the chain can run efficiently and the functions can run outside.

We make it efficient to tune it and make it faster, and we make it simple to show it to the user.

From the user's point of view, there is an interface that brings you closer to what you want to do, so we make it simple, and on the other side, we make it more efficient.

So, no matter which data center falls, the same thing as other data centers can be serviced.

We use the routing function well, and it can be used anywhere with the same IP.

It's a system that leads you to a nearby data center, and all the services are on all servers, all over the world.

That's the great thing about Cloudflare.

Finally, the global network. When you launch a service on Cloudflare with a free account, it can be a markup service.

In fact, not only in Tokyo and Japan, but as soon as you create a service, it can be used in Europe, the United States, Central America, Australia, and Africa.

What does it mean to be able to use it all?

I'd like you to pay attention to the second 50-millisecond on the left.

95% of all Internet users can reach the Cloudflare data center within 50 milliseconds.

We put the server we mentioned earlier in that position. So, the service you create will be there as soon as 95% of people on the globe click on it.

Isn't that great? That's what I'd like to appeal to Cloudflare. For that purpose, you can connect with ISPs or have a thick backbone, or you can learn from the attacks.

You can learn from the attacks and you can respond to the defense with a fresh attack.

Cloudflare is based on automation and efficiency.

There are engineers behind us, and I think there are a lot of great people there.

I'm very grateful to be able to share this.

I'd like you all to use it. That's what I'm thinking. So, I've explained the whole thing this time.

Do you have any comments? I couldn't help it. This is really great.

It's great, isn't it? The edge network has been around for more than 270 years.

The global coverage and all the servers have the same architecture.

It can provide high -performance and security services to end -users efficiently and efficiently.

One point that I didn't emphasize is that because it's a cloud service, customers can purchase hardware and maintain its operation in the cloud.

It can be managed as a unified management console, and the setting changes are immediately broadcast globally.

I don't think there's any other architecture like this. I want all the standards to be like this.

That's why I'm doing business. Mr. Kyohei, what do you think?

I just had an idea. I think I wrote anywhere in the previous slide. I think it's a door anywhere.

I think there's an app called Warp in the Cloudflare app.

If you actually enter the Traffic Cloudflare, it will take you somewhere through the network in the Cloudflare.

You can actually do it instantly. There was a story about 50 milliseconds.

I think it's a door anywhere. What do you think? The name of the client agent is Warp.

There's a lot of Warp-like things. That's right. The brand might be Warp.

It might be Warp. I can't say much about it because of COVID-19, but I'd like to go overseas and try it out.

For example, I have my own application in Tokyo, and I connect it with Warp.

I make sure to take my own resources.

For example, if it gets cached in Europe, if I'm in Europe and look at my image in the app in Europe, it's only available in Japan.

If it's public content, I know it'll get cached, but if my closed local content goes to Europe, it's fast.

I'd like to try it out. There are customers who actually do it, and there are customers who benefit from it, but I'd like to do it for my own service.

That's what I'd like to do. I'd like to try it out.

It's totally up to you. Yes. It's been over 15 minutes.

I started this tech talk like this, but I wasn't going to finish it in one go.

That's what I told everyone from the beginning. I'd like to use this time to talk about other technologies.

We talked about Warp, but if you look at Twitter, if you search Cloudflare, you'll see a lot of tweets.

It's something to study. Some people don't know this, and some people don't know this.

Some people don't know this, and some people don't know this.

Some people don't know this, If you search Twitter, you'll see a lot of things.

I'd like to talk while looking at that.

This is what I searched earlier. This is what I searched earlier. Let's start from the top.

What was this? It's a blog. Yes, it's a blog. It's a blog.

26,000. Isn't this all? That's right. Gigajin did it for me. The influence is amazing.

The influence of the media. I read the blog yesterday or the day before yesterday.

I'm tweeting it. I have dozens of followers, so I'm not very influential.

It's amazing that Gigajin wrote this. It's amazing. It was 26,000 ,000.

Let's say it's 64 bytes.

Let's do the multiplication. Let's do the multiplication. Let's do the multiplication.

If I'm not mistaken, it's roughly 13GB. It's roughly 13GB.

I don't know the size of the frame, but let's say it's Shin. It was Https.

It's up to Https, so I think there are more packets than just Shin. Even if it's just Shin, it's 13GB.

After that, it's SSL, and then it's Https. I think it's quite a lot.

Let's block this.

After all, we have to do it. I recommend it. Cloudflare's Leeds defense ability is insanely high, so I want this area to be news.

I think it's architecture.

It's good to stop the attack near the attacker in the all-way zone This is the opposite of to the person who requested it and to the person who is close to the attacker.

Both the attacker and the person who made the request go to the closest data center.

You can identify it there.

It doesn't go all the way to the origin. It can be done in 270 cities. It can be distributed.

You can deal with large-scale attacks like this. This is all automatic.

It's automatic. It's automatic, so if Cloudflare doesn't deliberately block it, people in the world live as if nothing had happened.

This is to maintain everyone's peace.

After all, to publish such things on the blog, so let's do it together.

That's right.

I'm doing it, but I'm sure those who tweet on Twitter know what R2 is.

How about D1? It's good that everyone can enjoy this kind of thing.

That's right. Everyone wrote quite frequently.

There are a lot of DDoS tweets. You tweeted about Cloudflare TV the other day.

Thank you. Please promote it. Please click this. At this time, Mr.

Sato, and BDR did it. At this time, take what you need. Cloudflare. I released a press release the other day, but I announced that I started the system where you can get more information about Cloudflare.

It's good. Thank you. Mr. Kyohei started the system and is doing it in an innovative way.


Kyohei is trying it out. Let's enjoy our work while taking a break. Let's make it a company where everyone can use Thank you for trying it.

I saw on Twitter that there are people who use UQ to verify Cloudflare technology.

Isn't that your job?

I also use UQ to verify Cloudflare technology.

I saw it earlier. You mean there are people who don't touch it at work?

Yes, I think so. There are many technologies I'm interested in.

I want to touch Cloudflare, but I can't concentrate because of work, so I want to learn Cloudflare with UQ.

That's what I thought when I saw the tweet.

It's half a hobby. When I look at your calendar, you always force yourself to take a break and play with it while studying.

That's great. That's great.

What else? R2. It's R2. Resign URL. What is resign URL? Is it like a URL talk? It's like a temporary URL.

But is it okay if it's a worker? It's okay if it's a worker, right?

Basically, it's okay if it's a worker, even if it's not a file. It's a binding with a worker.

Is R2 like that? I can't go unless it's a worker. Can I go to the end of LB?

Can I go to the end of LB? Basically, it's okay if it's a worker.

So, I replied to this person You're active. Everyone, we're trying to pick up as much as we can.

So, if you have any questions, you can ask us on Twitter.

You can also support us by sending us Also, you can use our Discord channel.

It's in English, right? I don't think there's a Japanese channel.

I don't think there is. If you make it, you can meet everyone there. Oh, this one.

It says, it's too much of a development experience, but it's fun, so I'll use UQ.

What kind of logic is that? You really like it. I'm grateful. I see. I see.

I think people who are really into development understand this. I'm a salesperson, so I don't do development.

But, I can touch it. It's not that difficult.

I can make it. That's why I think it's good. I also use it conveniently.

It's a small one. You can search on KV. You don't have to look it up.

You can put it there and click it. I use that kind of thing. It's convenient and you can use it for free.

I say it's free, but I think a lot of people use it like that.

I don't think Cloudflare is trying to make money.

I think it's a service to really like it.

I hope you enjoy it That's right. It's a full set. You can get it from the registrar.

It's very convenient.

CDN, Firewall, Markup, R2, Log, and so on. I used to do it for free.

Even if you don't have a lot of time, you can take the GraphQL API and take it yourself.

You can get information. If you do it yourself, you can see the GUI for a long time.

You can use it even if you don't have a schedule.

If you can come up with a lot of ideas, you can play with it. You can use what you're used to in high quality for enterprise customers.

That's about it.

Even if it's a worker, there's DDoS protection underneath it, and it's protected by default.

You can access it and authenticate it.

I think there are a lot of people who tweet about it.

I've been watching it for a while, but recently, there are a lot of tweets that say, don't use Japanese, use Cloudflare.

I wonder if everyone is using it.

I think it's getting more famous.

In other respects, I'm recruiting for SE right now, and there are a lot of cases where candidates are introduced to Cloudflare by a job agency.

I think Cloudflare is starting to get I saw a tweet the other day with a list of Cloudflare jobs.

Was it a solution engineer?

There are two languages, English and Japanese. It's the same. When I was with Kyoya, he said, if you use Japanese, the number of applicants will probably double or triple.

Triple? I'm sorry, but it didn't happen. Maybe it's better to have Japanese than English.

I think it's definitely better. There are companies, but the job description is usually in English.

But Japanese is easier to read for Japanese people, so it's better to have a Japanese JD.

Thank you, Kyoya and Keio.

I think that effect is there among the applicants. If you have anything else, please let us know.

Even for other jobs, you can tell us what kind of job you want to do.

We can bring people who can do it and do it casually. I hope we can do it. We only have one minute left, but let's continue Cloudflare's tech talk.

I don't know if it's going to be in each week, but I'd like to hold it regularly, so please take a look.

If you have any questions, please tweet us on Twitter. We'd appreciate it.

We only have 20 seconds left.

Do you have anything to say? It was fun today. Let's continue like this.

We'll invite guests and have fun.

Thank you. Thank you. See you next time. Thank you.