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Silicon Valley Squares

Presented by Dan Hollinger, Latinflare ERG
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A send up of Hollywood Squares where Cloudflare experts fill the celebrity squares and answer high and low-level Cloudflare questions to help two guest stars (customers, AEs or new hires) get a a tic-tac-toe, or possibly the Silicon Valley equivalent - a TCP handshake (SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK)

This week, we have the Latinflare ERG taking over the board for Latinx Heritage Month!

Game Show

Transcript (Beta)

Hello, hello, hola, bienvenido. Welcome to Cuadrados de Silicon Valley or Silicon Valley Squares where we are going to take you on an amazing trivia journey with Latinflare.

Latinflare has graced us with their presence to walk through and celebrate Latinx History Month.

So we will be chatting through trivia about South America, Hispanic culture, and hopefully you and I can each learn a lot and pronounce as much as possible.

So with this, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, whether you're catching the live stream or one of the recordings.

If you've never caught one of these shows, I'm sorry.

The way this works is I've got two guests, Ricky and Amy.

Each of them is trying to get a tic-tac-toe. That means three across, three down, or three diagonally.

They do this by asking questions of our guest squares.

I'll ask them a trivia question and they have the ability to win or lose that square.

So with that, I want to give a quick welcome to Ricky.

Would you mind giving a quick introduction for yourself? Hi, my name is Ricky and I was forced to do this by Susie Jimenez.

I'm her husband. I've been married 26 years, three kids, two dogs, and that's pretty much it.

I've worked for the city of Austin.

Awesome, Ricky. Thank you for joining us and begrudgingly. All right, and my second contestant, Amy, would you mind giving a quick introduction?

Hi, I'm Amy Bebo. I work in the San Francisco office. I'm an office coordinator and I just celebrated my three -year anniversary at Cloudflare this week and I'm super happy to be here and excited to hear and learn more about this culture.

Awesome, welcome Amy, Ricky.

All right, I will bring up the board once again and Ricky, you have top billing, so where would you like to kick us off?

Can't go wrong with Susie.

I knew it. I don't know that this feels a little dangerous. It's rehearsed.

Yeah, it could go either way, you know. Good, we'll see. All right, Susie, would you mind giving a quick intro?

I'm Susie Jimenez. I work out of the Austin office and I'm part of the people team, more specifically recruitment.

Awesome, well glad to have you on the squares. Your question to kick off game one, what nation established the first European settlements in Belize?

Belize is luggage in Spanish.

Is that a location, right? It is a location. I want to say the United Kingdom.

All right, the United Kingdom. Ricky, do you agree or disagree?

I disagree. Oh, you're calling your wife a liar. That's bold. It was Spain.

All right, well it was in fact the United Kingdom. So with that, we're off to a great start.

So Amy actually gets that square and with that, I'll bring up the board.

Amy, where are you? Well, I'm an old school tic-tac-toe pro and I'm a firm believer in calling on the center square.

So I'm going to go with Mr. Neil Sanchez. All right, Neil.

I'm going to assume he's not going to try to mess with me at all. We'll see.

Yeah, I don't know if that's a valid assumption at all. Agreed. Yeah, we never know.

All right, Neil. Can you tell us more about yourself? Yeah, Neil Sanchez.

I'm part of the customer success management team based out of San Francisco and I've been with Cloudflare two and a half years now.

Awesome. Welcome. Glad to have you on the squares.

Your question, which country controls the Galapagos Islands?

Galapagos, isn't that an insect? No. Whoever says it three times fast gets the point.

I'm going to say Ecuador. All right, Ecuador.

Amy, do you agree or disagree? Disagree. What was that? You disagree?

Disagree, yeah. Okay, it was actually Ecuador. Ecuador maintains control of the Galapagos Islands.

I thought it was like Chile or something. I wasn't messing with you, Steve.

I just didn't think you'd figure it out. Oh, that's why you have that list of answers.

All right. Thank you, Neil. There's no list of answers.

Come on. All right. And with that, we have a very topsy-turvy game, but we are dead even.

So, Ricky, where would you like to play next?

I will go with Carla Garcia. All right, Carla. Welcome to the squares.

Would you mind giving a quick introduction for all your fans?

Hi, I'm Carla Garcia. I'm part of the Places team, more specifically the Office team, and I'm based in San Francisco, California.

Awesome. Great to have you here.

Your question, in which country can you find one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert?

Oh, I want to say it's in...

That's a spicy question. Yeah, that's a tough one. Yeah, we got it.

Squares, help in squares. Is it in Mexico?

All right. Is that your final answer? I'm thinking.

I'm either between that or Brazil. I don't know. I'll go with Mexico. All right.

Mexico. Ricky, what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? That was my first thought.

I'll agree. All right. It is not Mexico. It is in Chile. Oh.

We're learning a lot of South American geography and geology here. All right. Well, here's the state of the board.

We got two X's and two... Wait, wouldn't that be an O because he disagreed?

Yeah, I was looking at that. I got to fire my intern. My friend.

Amigo. Hold on a moment. Let me bring up the board.

And Amy, you get to choose next for the win. Potentially for the win.

Unless you like to play like 5D tic-tac-toe. You know, you guys might know me.

I like to win. Plus, I love Gabby. So I'm going to select dear Gabby. It's a lot of pressure.

Well, I don't need to win. I just like to. So no pressure. All right. Gabby, would you mind giving a quick introduction for yourself?

Yeah. Hey, all. I'm Gabby Mendoza.

I'm a customer success manager, also in San Francisco. Nice to meet you.

Awesome. Glad to have you. Your question for potentially close out game one.

The United States started celebrating this Latinx holiday in the 1960s. Hmm.

You know what?

I think I know this one. The 60s were a time of partying. And I'm going to go with Cinco de Mayo.

All right.

Cinco de Mayo. Amy, do you agree or disagree? That sounds pretty good.

I'm going to go with Cinco de Mayo. I'm going to agree with her. All right. That is correct.

Because the United States likes nothing more than, you know, taking a holiday and turning into a drinking party.

Making a bunch of garbage. Nothing wrong with that.

We love St. Paddy's and Cinco de Mayo. Yeah, I would say between St.

Paddy's, Cinco de Mayo, there's a few others. All right. So with that, we've wrapped up game one.

Amy took the win. As a quick heads up, game one was brought to you by...

Let's find out. Game one was brought to you by Cloudflare One. Simplify your network infrastructure with a unified security and access architecture with Cloudflare.

Provided by Cloudflare Access, Gateway, and Magic Transit. When you want to get sassy.

Sassy. All right. And with that, we're up to no game two. Okay. There we go.

Sorry. Shameless plug. And we are hiring. Yeah, the recruiting team still owes me, like, roll slides.

I'd be happy to feed those in. All right. Amy, to kick off game two, where would you like to play?

Well, I'm going to mix it up a little bit from, you know, just the center square.

And I'm going to go with Alyssa, my buddy on the HR team.

Hello. All right. Alyssa, welcome to the squares. Would you mind a quick intro?

Hi, everyone. My name is Alyssa. I'm based in our Austin office. I think I am probably the lowest tenure here.

I started in April, but super excited.

Love Cloudflare. And I'm ready to play this game. Awesome. Glad to have you. Your question to kick off game two, which people ruled over ancient Mexico?

Oh, Mexicans.


Okay. I'm either going to go with the Aztecs or the Mayans. Can I, do I have to just choose one?

Yeah, this is not a multiple choice answer. A, B, C, D, all of the above.

Okay. I will go with the Aztecs. All right. Let's see. Aztecs. Amy, do you agree or disagree?

I think that she had it right with the Mayans, so I'm going to disagree.

Ooh. All right. Actually, it was the Aztecs. I'm very, I know my people.

Nice. Yeah, the Aztecs had their capital at Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City.

Montezuma would be proud. Yes. Tenochtitlan. All right. So with that, Ricky gets the square and control of the board.

Ricky, where are we playing next?

I will go with, I'll go with Neal. All right. Neal, center square. Lots of options.

Neal, your question for game two, which South American country has roughly 5 % of all the biodiversity in the world?

Oh, God. South America. I am going to go with Brazil.

Yes, sir.

That comes up. All right. Actually, I have Costa Rica. So Costa Rica has quite a biodiversity in terms of the jungle and the amount of, I think, landscape that they have between mountain, ocean, and forest.

So between, I think Brazil obviously seems like the go -to answer, but the trivia I got says Costa Rica.

I welcome anyone to tweet the correction at CloudflareTV and let me know.

All right, Ricky. I'll go with Brazil. All right. So with that, Amy gets the square and we're back to an even match.

So here's the state of the board. Amy, where are we playing next?

Well, I'm going to go with Andrew.

All right, Andrew. Welcome back to the squares.

I know you're also CloudflareTV famous already, but would you mind giving a quick introduction?

Certainly. Hello, everyone. I'm Andrew Fitch. I'm based in Massachusetts, and I've been with Cloudflare for three years and 11 months, so a little while.

And yeah, psyched to be back here. You're just waiting for that vesting, right?

Fingers crossed. No.

No secrets here. Yes. It's not like we're broadcasting this live or anything. Oh, we are.

We are. Okay. Andrew, your question. Paraguay and this other South American country are completely landlocked.

What other country? So South American country, you said?

Correct. Okay. Let me do some thinking here. I think, I don't want to steer you wrong, you know, contestant.

So I'll be as honest as I can. I think it's the one where there are two capitals.

And I think it's the one where there's a big salt flat.

I think it's Bolivia. What do you think about that, contestant?

I've been striking out with being contrarian and disagreeing.

And also, South American geography makes more sense to me than us trying to decide who really ruled Mexico.

So I'm going to agree with you. All right. So agreeing with Bolivia, that is the correct choice.

So Bolivia and Paraguay are both landlocked countries.

I would have to look back. Have you ever steered anyone wrong, Andrew?

Have you ever thrown a curveball on purpose? I think it was the success team when they did a takeover.

Just the nicest show. No one wanted to lie.

Everyone was very straightforward. It was very helpful. Okay.

With that, I'll bring the board back up. Ricky, your choice. Where would you like to play?

I'm back at Susie for the block. All right, Susie for the block. You know how important this is, right?

Block. It's on the line. The tic-tac-toe game, your relationship.

We'll see. All right. All right, Susie, your question. What day is Mexican Independence Day celebrated?

Everybody knows it's Cinco de Mayo. Come on.

Everybody knows that. I can count on her. I disagree. All right.

Disagree is correct. It is September 16th. Although Cinco de Mayo is widely misrepresented in America as Mexican Independence Day, it is September 16th.

Yeah, and he's the Cuban and I'm the Mexican, so go. All right.

Let me bring the board back up. We got a pretty even game.

Amy, where are we playing next? I'm going to call on my recruiting friend, Todd.

All right, Todd, in the bottom right corner. Can you give a quick introduction of yourself?

Hello, hello. Proud joiner of my second Silicon Valley Squares.

And similar to Susie, I work on the recruiting team down in Austin, Texas.

Awesome. Glad to have you. I hear when you hit more episodes than Andrew has, we give you a t-shirt.

Awesome. I've been waiting for that t -shirt.

All right. Who's behind in mine? I don't know. First, I have to get budget for the t-shirts, and then we'll go from there.

You got the right guy on the call. It was Andrew.

We're on the people team, so those are the strings we can pull. Well, we'll find a way.

We'll just be like, agree or disagree on the front and back.

All right, Todd, your question. Oh, this one has a pinch, just a wee pinch of technical to it.

In which country was the CAPTCHA invented? The CAPTCHA.

Yep. It's not Spanish. It's an acronym. It's not Spanish acronym. It is an acronym.

It's not Spanish. But it isn't in Spanish. This is a trick question a little bit.

I don't know. How would you say CAPTCHA? And if you change all those words to Spanish, what would the acronym be?

I'm going to have to count on my teammates here on the call.

It's just CAPTCHA. We'll solve that later. Something really hard.

Your question. Yeah, which country was the CAPTCHA invented? Okay, well, staying with the theme, I am going to take a wild guess.

The Argentina. All right, wild guess of Argentina.

Do you agree or disagree? I'm going to go back to contrary in behavior and disagree.

All right. Good choice. Statistically, the country of origin for the CAPTCHA is Guatemala.

So fun fact, the inventor of the CAPTCHA is also a founder of Duolingo.

Oh, wow. Oh, good. Nice. All right. So let me bring up the state of the board.

And Ricky, looks like there's some strategy going on here.

I'll go with Carla. All right, Carla, your question for game two. Puerto Rico has claim to the world's largest this.

Oh, wow. I lived in Boston for like six years, and I had a lot of Puerto Rican friends.

And I remember somebody telling me that they had a big telescope.

Puerto Rico has a really big telescope.

So this is the world's largest telescope. I'm going to go with the telescope.

All right. All right. Agree or disagree? Disagree. Disagree. All right.

In fact, they have the world's largest rum distillery. Hmm. It would have been up in my interest.

In fact, I'm going to borrow it. Maybe your friends were astronauts and just really into space.

So let's see.

It's in Cantano. The famous Casa Bacardi is the largest rum distillery in the world.

It produces over 100,000 liters of rum every 24 hours, contributing nearly 85% of Bacardi's total rum production.

Distilleries in Mexico and India produce the other 15%.

That is a lot of rum. But even with all that space, there's no more 151 rum.


All right.

Amy, here's the state of the board.

Where are we playing next? Well, I'm going to go for the bottom middle, who isn't really Rommel, but is actually Neil.

I was going to say, do you want to go with Rommel or do you want to go with Alex?

I think Alex looks lonely.

Alex does look lonely. I figure we're going to have one more game, but I could definitely go with Alex if we feel like he's left out.

It'll be close. It depends how many jokes we pull off.

I mean, Alex, you know, let's go with Alex then.

All right. Alex, I conjoled her into selecting you. Welcome to the squares. Would you mind giving a quick introduction?

Claro que sí. Hola, mi gente.

Soy Alex Mayorga-Dame. I'm a solutions engineer in the Austin office and joined Cloudflare in April 2018.

Awesome. Glad to have you here. Wait, it's end of quarter.

How do you have time to do this? I'm out of my office hours. Bye. I'm just double checking.

I had a past life as an SE and I didn't run the show back then. But your question, Alex, let me pull it up.

We've heard of this country already. Bolivia was named after this person.

Oh, I think I know this one. It's Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Ponte Palacios y Blanco.

Oh my gosh. Sounds really good.

I think he's right. Yeah, I'll make that a wild card square if you can say that exact thing again.

Oh my goodness. I agree because he sounded confident.

Because you saw his eyes. And Ricky is nodding too. He got it. It's Simón Bolívar.

He got it. All right. There was a Simón in there and a Bolívar in there.

I got lost somewhere in the middle. Yeah, so according to Wikipedia, the full name is Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Ponte Palacios y Blanco.

I need to do this. Okay, technically correct is the best kind of correct.

I'm not going to stand in the way of that.

All right, so here's the state of the board. Ricky, how would you like to close out game two?

Gabby. The pressure again. Yeah, it's those clutch. It's the clutch tic-tac-toes.

Gabby doesn't speak a lot of Spanish, so you might want to say that in English.

All right, Gabby, your question.

That's okay. All right, your question. This slang refers to someone who is Mexican-American.

Oh, well, it's got to be a Dodger fan, number one.

No, I'm just kidding. Chicano or Chicana.

Dodger. All right, is that an agree over there?

Yes. All right, Chicano or Chicana is correct.

She would have been right with the Dodgers, too. All right, so with that, I will bring up game two or bring up the board.

So, Ricky takes game two.

We probably have a time for a few more questions of game three. So, with that, we'll find out what was game two brought to us by.

Oh, game two was brought to us by Magic Transit, allowing you to get rid of your network perimeter hardware and replace it for a SaaS offering.

When you don't want no scrub, Bing centers.

Magic Transit. I should have checked with someone to make some more Latinx themed ads.

That was a missed opportunity there.

There you go. I don't know if we have enough like products on the like.

We don't have any particularly Latin themed or South American themed products, but.

All right, one second. Not yet. Well, we'll get there.

I like that, Amy, not yet. Yes, but the South American network expansion is crazy.

All right, so here's the state of the board. Game three, Ricky, you can kick us off.

All right, I'll go with Andrew. All right, Andrew, your question. I'm ready for it.

Are you, though? I'm excited. Are you? Okay. Let's do this. All right.

In what country does the Amazon River begin? Begin, okay. Is it Venezuela?

No. Is it Guyana? No. Looks closely at the map. Yeah, anyone could Google these answers at any time.

That is the trust built into Silicon Valley Squares.

Let's go with Peru. Going with Peru. That is my final answer. All right, Ricky, do you agree or disagree with Peru?

I'm going to disagree.

Oh, pity. It was Peru. The Amazon starts at Peru, home of the Pisco Sour.

There's another pretty sweet drink from down there, too, that I dare you guys to try.

We've discussed rum. We've discussed Pisco Sour. Not that. We'll say Peru.

Save that for later, I think. Special Amazonian vine juice. Big fan.

Anything with the name Amazonian on it, I want to try it. You must, definitely.

All right, Amy, do you want to pick the last square that'll wrap us up for this episode?

I'm going to go back to the center. Just like start from whence we, you know, like a full circle again to Mr.

Neil Sanchez in the middle. All right, Neil.

Redemption on agreement. All right. Unfortunately, I do have all three questions for you.

So your question to wrap us up, what is the largest Spanish -speaking city in the world?

Dominican Republic.

I'm kidding.

That's a country. Yes, not a city, Neil. I'm from there. I want to give all the credit to them.

I want to say Ciudad Mexico, Mexico City. Mexico City. I wouldn't, yeah.

Yeah, I would also agree with that because I just remember Mexico City is gigantic and they definitely speak Spanish there.

Whereas Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo also gigantic, but at least follow Portuguese.

All right. So that is correct. Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking in the world.

Spanish-speaking city in the world.

So with that, Amy, you've got two squares on game two.

And being near the end of time, we'll go ahead and close it out. So I want to give a big shout out to all my squares and my contestants, particularly Ricky, who was controlled into this.

Thank you all for tuning in. Hopefully got a good laugh and learned a little bit more about Latin American history and culture, at least geography, a lot of geography questions.

So with that, I think the tradition we've had is if anyone has a pet within grabbing distance, you're welcome to show them off.

Let's see your dog, Neil. Otherwise, we will say adios to everyone.