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Relaxing Mindfulness with Ooma

Presented by Ooma Gurewan
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Let Ooma guide you through an excercise in self-healing and mindfulness. No prep or prior experience necessary.


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Hi namaste everyone my name is Ooma and I work for Cloudflare but I'm also a trained and qualified clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and today the aim is to walk you through a guided meditation and with some level of hypnotherapy which is suggestion work right at the end.

But before I start that I just really wanted to outline the benefits of meditation.

So meditation is a it's a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts and meditation has become extremely popular and is increasing as more and more people discover its many health benefits.

You can use it to increase your awareness of yourself and your surroundings and many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration.

People who use this practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings such as positive mood, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns and even increased pain tolerance.

There are 12 main benefits of meditation reducing stress.

Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons why people try meditation.

These effects can disrupt sleep, promote depression and anxiety, increase blood pressure and contribute to fatigue and cloudy thinking.

Another benefit is control anxiety.

Meditation can reduce stress levels which translate to less anxiety.

So I feel that this is mainly what a lot of people around the world have problems with right.

So promotes emotional health, some forms of meditation can lead to improved self-image and add a more positive outlook in life.

We are living in a world where we are so highly dependent on things around us to make us feel emotionally healthy and certainly throughout the pandemic a lot of those things have been taken away from us.

So instead of looking outward to create that form of emotional health, meditation allows you to look inward and use that to hopefully decrease a lot of those health anxiety issues that people have.

Meditation can also enhance self -awareness.

Some forms of meditation may help you to develop a stronger understanding of yourself, helping to grow into your best self.

Perhaps also lengthens attention span. Meditation we know can make the mind very foggy.

So focused attention meditation is like weight lifting for your attention span.

It helps increase the strength and endurance of your attention.

It may reduce age -related memory loss. Improvements in attention and clarity of thinking may help keep your mind young.

Furthermore, a review found primary evidence that multiple meditation styles can increase attention, memory and mental quickness in older volunteers.

It can also generate kindness.

Sometimes a meditation may particularly increase positive feelings and actions towards yourself and others.

You hear the term always be kind to yourself and also be kind to others and you know through meditation you learn the understanding of stopping, thinking and talking and that in itself helps promote a very positive aura around you.

It also may help fight addictions. The mental discipline you can develop through meditation may help you break dependencies by increasing your self-control and awareness of triggers that lead to addictive behaviors.

Also meditation improves sleep. Nearly half of the population will struggle with insomnia at some point.

So meditation can help calm the mind, stop the noise in your head and allow you to just use also the breath perhaps to improve sleep.

Also helps control pain. Your perception of pain is connected to your state of mind and it can be elevated in stressful conditions.

We all know that once you're stressed it can manifest in many different ways you know through pain in your body, through your skin and in many ways and just using meditation to control the mind helps control the body as well.

It can decrease blood pressure.

I know myself I'm a high blood pressure candidate and I know that through meditation it helps the physical health and by reducing the strain on your heart.

Accessible anywhere. People practice many different forms of meditation most of which don't require specialized equipment or space.

You can practice it in just a few minutes daily and you can just choose a space for yourself where you're sitting down nobody disturbing you sitting quietly on a chair closing your eyes and meditate.

So with that said I'd like to invite you all to sit down somewhere that's very quiet and find a place sit down with your feet grounded roll your shoulders back and we can allow your body to begin to relax.

So let's begin.

Breathe in and out. Take a cleansing breath in again and breathe out the tension in your body that's it.

Feel the relaxation beginning at the bottom of your feet.

It might feel like stepping into a warm bathtub or it may feel like a tingling sensation or simply calm and loose.

Allow the relaxation to spread over your feet and up to your ankles.

Feel the relaxation rising above your ankles flowing up your lower legs to your knees and continuing up to your upper legs.

Allow that relaxation to continue to spread throughout your body rising now to your hips and pelvic area.

Perhaps see and imagine and visualize this as a light that's traveling down to your body areas.

So allow that light now to go to your stomach and lower back to your chest and upper back.

Now let your upper arms relax your elbows lower arms and wrist feel the relaxation spread to your hands relaxing the palm of your hands the back of your hands each finger and thumb your hands feel pleasantly warm heavy and relaxed begin to feel your body relaxing further as the area by your collarbones widen and relax allow your shoulders to ease back slightly feeling those muscle on your shoulders begin to relax as you allow your upper back to relax even further those big muscles on your back let your shoulders relax and your neck feel the relaxation continue spread into your chin the back of your head your mouth your cheeks your nose your eyes feel your eyelids heavy and relax and all of this might mean that your face slacks or your mouth opens and allow that to happen feel the skin on your face begin to smooth out and relax notice your eyebrows relaxing your ears relaxing and your forehead your forehead feels cool and relaxed now and allow that relaxation to spread further to the top of your head feeling your entire body now is relaxed and calm feel the relaxation flowing throughout your body from your head to your feet you can relax even further as you let your spine relax completely starting where the top of your spine meets your head feel that relaxation feel that light traveling from your body down to every single muscle feel the muscle giving up their hold and beginning to relax the more you physically relax the more you mentally relax feel the relaxation spread down your spine down your neck upper back and middle back and lower back all the way down to your tailbone at the bottom of your spine noticing all the time that all the muscles on your back beginning to relax completely feel the relaxation flowing throughout your body breathe in now and hold that breath and relax your muscles totally allowing the breath to flow gently out your nose or mouth now take another deep breath breathing in the relaxation and release the breath breathe out any remaining tension as you continue to breathe smoothly and slowly as you mentally scan your body looking for any remaining tension if you notice any tension focus on that area and direct the relaxation to flow into that area and then carry that tension away imagine that the air you are breathing can cleanse your body and remove any tensions and imagine that each breath in carries relaxation picture the tension in your body leaving with each breath out now simply relax calmly enjoying the feeling of relaxation for a few moments you now want you to focus your attention now on your body and think about the healing that needs to take place create an image in your mind of your current state of being and imagine the physical ailment that troubles you it might be pain or illness or injury it might be something diagnosed or it may be a problem that is not yet identified whatever it is that you would like to heal imagine the problem in your mind right now focus on that specific location in your body where that problem is present now you might feel it in your stomach you might feel it in your heart you might feel it in your mind just focus on where you feel right now that that problem is you might want to imagine the problem as a dark area and picture the healing relaxation as light see the light of relaxation flowing through your body and direct the light of healing relaxation towards the dark area your body has many ways of healing itself see the healing relaxation promoting your immune system promoting strength promoting growth of growth of healthy issue and removing unhealthy matter from your body removing any toxins bacteria or waste cleaning up your body breathe in think of health healing and calm breathe out any tension illness and any problems in your body allow that light of healing relaxation to continue swirling around the dark problem area you see the dark area getting smaller imagine the dark area completely enveloped by your relaxation see the healing relaxation making the dark area lighter and lighter carrying away anything that is not good for your body and imagine your immune system working to heal you picture the cells you need going to the places they need to go working as needed to heal your body imagine the healing relaxation flowing coursing through your body and picture your body entirely filled with relaxation see the problem area in your body healing see it becoming even lighter filled with relaxation carrying away any discomfort healing allow your body to heal itself take a cleansing breath in and breathe out which your body does not need breathing relaxation breathe out all the old air relax for a few moments and imagine the healing process that you have created through this meditation through this breathing going on inside your body and begin to feel confident in your body's ability to heal it's a beautiful feeling when you can completely relax now that you're in this moment of relaxation I'm going to begin to count backwards from ten to one the moment I say the number ten I want you to open your eyes and the moment I say number ten you will in your mind's eye see yourself at the top of a small set of stairs keep your eyes closed the moment I say number nine and each additional number you'll simply move down those stairs and relaxing more deeply and at the base of the stairs is a large feather bed with a comfortable feather pillar use the power of your imagination and the moment I say number one you will simply sink into that bed resting your head on that feather pillow so go ahead number ten your eyes are closed at the top of those stairs nine relaxing and letting go eight sinking into a more comfortable calm peaceful position seven six going way down five you're moving down those stairs relaxing more completely four three breathing deeply two on the next number number one I'd like you to simply sink into that bed and become more calm more peaceful and more relaxed one go ahead and sink into that feather bed in your mind and allow every muscle to go limp and loose as you sink into a more calm peaceful state of relaxation enjoy this moment of relaxation it's such a beautiful feeling when your mind and body is completely relaxed as you're lying down in that bed full of feather completely relaxed feeling light feeling that every problem every aches or pain or stress or anxiety as you live in this moment right now deep relaxation eradicates is moved away from you this is the power of your imagination as you sit in the now so now that you've become so deeply relaxed and so deeply asleep that your mind has become so sensitive and so receptive to what I say that everything that I put into your mind will sink so deeply into your unconscious part of your mind and will cause so deep and lasting impression that nothing will eradicate it consequently these things that I put into your unconscious mind will begin to exercise a greater and greater influence over the way you think over the way you feel over the way you behave and because these things will remain firmly embedded in the unconscious part of your mind after you have left here when you are no longer with me they will continue to exercise the same great influence over your thoughts your feelings and your actions just as strongly and as surely just as powerfully when you are back home or at work as when you are with me in this room right now you are now so very deeply asleep that everything that I tell you that is going to happen to you for your own good will happen exactly as I tell you and every feeling that I tell you that you will experience you will experience exactly as I tell you and these same things will continue to happen to you every day just as strongly just as surely and just as powerfully when you are back home or at work during this deep sleep you're going to feel physically stronger and fitter in every way you will feel more alert more wide awake more energetic and you'll become much less easily tired much less easily fatigued and much less easily discouraged and much less easily depressed every day you'll become so deeply interested in whatever you are doing in whatever is going on around you that your mind will become completely distracted away from yourself you will no longer think nearly so much about yourself you will no longer dwell nearly so much upon yourself and your difficulties and you'll become much less conscious of yourself and much less preoccupied with yourself and with your own feelings every day your nerves will become stronger and steadier your mind calmer and clearer and more composed more placid more tranquil you'll become much less easily worried and much less easily agitated and much less easily fearful and apprehensive and much less easily upset you'll be able to think more clearly you'll be able to concentrate more easily and you'll be able to give up your whole undivided attention to whatever you are doing to the complete exclusion of everything else consequently your memory will rapidly improve and you'll be able to see things in their true perspective without magnifying your own difficulties without ever allowing them to get out of proportion every day you'll become emotionally much calmer much more settled and much less easily disturbed in every day you'll become and you will remain more and more completely relaxed and less tense each day both mentally and physically and even when you are no longer attending here and as you become and as you be remain more relaxed and less tense each day so you will develop much more confidence in yourself much confidence in your ability to do not only what you have to do each day but more confidence in your ability to do whatever you ought to be able to do without fear or failure without fear of consequence without unnecessary anxiety and without uneasiness because of this every day you'll be kind you will become more and more independent and more able to stick up for yourself and be confident to stand upon your own feet and hold your own and no matter how difficult or trying things may be every day you will feel a greater feeling of personal well-being a greater feeling of personal safety and security than you have ever felt for a long time and because of these things you'll begin to happen exactly as I tell you they will happen more and more rapidly powerfully and completely with every treatment I give you you will feel much happier much more contented much more optimistic in every way and you will consequently become much more able to rely upon to depend upon yourself your own efforts your own judgment your own opinions you will feel much less need to have to rely upon or to depend upon other people with your eyes closed keep taking this deep breath in and deep breath out um um um in a moment I'm going to count from ten to one and when I get to one I want you to rub your palms together create some heat from the friction and when I say place your palms over your eyes and then when I say open your eyes you can then open your eyes and feel more fresher and hopefully more relaxed.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, beginning to feel more refreshed and more awake.

Six, five, four, beginning to come back into the room now and become aware of your surrounding the air on your skin.

Three, two, one, go ahead and rub your palms together create some friction go ahead and place your hand over your eyes and in your own time when you're ready open your eyes and take a deep breath in deep breath out I hope you've enjoyed the session I hope it's made you feel a bit more relaxed and just using the techniques of just breathing in and breathing out calmly will allow you to focus your attention on relaxing the body remembering that the more you relax your body the more you're mentally relaxed.

Simple coping mechanism whenever you need to take your time out is just to deep breath in inhale deeply and exhale fully and focus your mind on your third eye and feel the breath as a light traveling up your body and down and that light is healing every part of your body and your organs.

It's a simple coping mechanism that you can do in your own pace and give yourself that five minutes to completely relax yourself you owe it to yourself the mind will always be active the mind will always think and will always walk away just always bring the mind back to the breath when you're in the moment of meditation.

On that note I'd like to thank you all for attending and hope that you have a very fruitful rest of the day namaste and thank you very much.

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