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🎂 Pat Gelsinger & Matthew Prince Fireside Chat

Presented by Matthew Prince, Pat Gelsinger
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2021 marks Cloudflare's 11th birthday. For our annual Birthday Week celebration CFTV is featuring an array of new products and guest speakers.

In this session, join Cloudflare co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince for a special fireside chat with Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel.

Before rejoining Intel in early 2021, Gelsinger was CEO of VMware. In that role, he transformed VMware into a recognized global leader in cloud infrastructure, enterprise mobility and cyber security – almost tripling the company’s annual revenues. Gelsinger was also ranked the best CEO in America in 2019, according to an annual survey by Glassdoor. Prior to joining VMware in 2012, Gelsinger was president and chief operating officer of EMC’s Information Infrastructure Products business, overseeing engineering and operations for information storage, data computing, backup and recovery, RSA security and enterprise solutions.

Gelsinger began his career in 1979 at Intel, becoming its first chief technology officer, and also serving as senior vice president and the general manager of the Digital Enterprise Group. He managed the creation of key industry technologies such as USB and Wi-Fi. He was the architect of the original 80486 processor, led 14 microprocessor programs and played key roles in the Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processor families, leading to Intel becoming the preeminent microprocessor supplier.

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