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Hey everyone, and welcome to Whose Idea Was This Anyway? The game show where the points are real, but they still don't matter.

So for those of you who are just joining us, this is an online audience participation contest.

There is a URL here you can visit,

You can enter your code CFTV, put in a username to play. This is not some marketing gimmick.

I am not collecting your email address. I don't care what your email address is.

I'm sure it's a great email address, but that's not the purpose of the show.

The purpose of the show is for folks to log in, answer some geek and nerd trivia, and to have a good time.

So this game is a combination of individual user scores as well as team scores.

There are 10 teams to choose from. Pick the one that resonates deeply in your heart.

That's the team that you should join, and you should root for them as much as you can.

It is a combination of the average team score and your personal score for the two contests that are going on.

So it doesn't matter if it's just you and one other person, or even just you on the team, since it doesn't look like there's that many people that are actually going to sign up and play.

You definitely have an opportunity to be in the top 10 at the moment.

Sign up, choose whatever team floats your boat. They're going to average the team score across all the participants.

Your individual score will also matter for you.

No cash, no prizes, just hopefully a good time on a Friday night.

There is just a little bit of a lag with this game, so I'm going to do my best to read out the question.

I'm going to read out the answers as well in a random order, and then I'm going to push the question to folks so that you can get an opportunity to answer it.

My personal recommendation, if you can, is if you're watching this on your computer on a Friday night because you have absolutely nothing better to do, is take your mobile phone out to play on

With the code CFTV, there's no app to install.

You're just going to get a mobile view to play. So I'm not asking you to install any apps.

You don't have to share your email address.

You don't have to share a real name. No fields. You just need a name to play.

At the moment, you can put anything you want. Please don't be the nice things. I'm trusting folks to at least keep it PG13-ish with your name choice.

There's another component of this that has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all, but if you tweet with the hashtag whoseidea, then your tweet will show up here live on the wall.

Same thing. Please don't be the reason we can't have nice things, but if you tweet with the hashtag whoseidea, you can give yourself an imaginary thousand points to your score and help improve your ranking among the, you know, six other people that might be playing.

So you can do that now. You can do that later.

You can do it anytime during the game. Tweet with a hashtag whoseidea, and you too can earn useless Internet points.

So we're going to give folks a couple more minutes to sign up here.

I'm going to go ahead and start a countdown timer.

I'm going to control all this really on my side. So take a minute, grab yourself a nice cool beverage.

Prepare to have a good time.

Maybe make a little dinner. It's five o'clock on a Friday.

Hopefully everybody's having a cocktail. You know, this game show exists. For those of you that were here last week, you know the reason that this game show exists.

So I had an excuse to wear this spectacular jacket. There's really no other reason for it at all.

I spent at least 12 minutes this morning coming up with about 30 trivia questions from a variety of topics.

We're going to go with categories a la Jeopardy and just kind of bang our way through them.

You know, a little eighth grade science, a little current events, a little nerdy things.

For my friend Suzanne who is playing, there are no BBC TV questions this week.

So if you haven't caught up on your 17 seasons of Doctor Who yet to be current with where I am, no worries.

I'll give you at least another week to bang through all 17 series before that starts, or all 17 seasons that I've watched as well before that starts.

And if you want to start tweeting at Whose Idea, you're more than welcome to.

Feel free, get your free thousand Internet points.

And we'll give it just a few more seconds to get started here.

Again, if you go visit, enter the code CFTV, you can play on your mobile device, you can play on your tablet, you can play on your laptop, you know, call your friend from high school, see what they're doing.

If they're in if they're in lockdown as well, get them to join.

Compete with friends, compete with your co workers, high co workers, compete with the Cloudflare MVPs.

There are no questions here about Cloudflare, except the answer is Cloudflare.

So with that said, first sample question here. The answer is dog. So go ahead and click dog.

The goal here is really to give you an opportunity to see how the interface itself works.

Want to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to see how this works.

All right, so hopefully everybody has pressed A.

They've said dog because the correct answer was in fact dog. This was worth a whole point.

We'll go to the rankings leaderboard, see how folks did. See if people got it right.

All right, four people got this answer right. The answer again was dog.

I'm a little concerned that somebody didn't answer. The answer again was dog.

From a team perspective, let's see how we did. All right, Stream Rapids, team, team Athena's and the worker bees.

We got the DDoS defenders, defenders in there as well.

You know what, when the score is one, I guess everybody's tied. I don't know how we get a fourth and a second and fourth place out of this.

I didn't write the software.

All right, we're going to move to the next question. The next question is a numerical question.

So you're going to want to use your keyboard.

It's going to only accept numbers as endpoints. This is also a point, a question that's worth an entire point.

And I'm going to tell you in advance, the answer is 42.

So the answer is 42. Get ready to type it in. It's a numerical question.

Here we go. The answer is 42.

So if you type in something other than 42, you're going to get this one wrong.

It's worth a whole point. Don't mess up the team average. Here we go.

My screen's frozen.

Hopefully your screen isn't frozen. It's all good. The correct answer, though, was 42.

See how folks did?

We'll go to the correct answer. Just so we know, yes, everybody got it right.

The answer was 42. Let's go to that leaderboard.

Mateo, Jake, Mr.

Muchacho. I like it. I got my monkey boy here. Nice. Nice. He's in with a point.

He must have showed up late. Or he's trying to actually watch me because he thinks I'm entertaining.

I'm not entertaining. Just watch the questions for answers.

But for those who are still joining, you've got a chance to go to, enter the code CFTV.

We've got one more sample question. This is a question about Cloudflare.

So of course, the answer is Cloudflare. Once again, the answer is Cloudflare.

You're going to type it in. There's three types of questions we've got.

One is multiple choice. One is a numerical value. And one where you have to type in the answer.

I realize it's Friday at five o'clock, so I don't want to make people work too hard.

Almost all of the answers are going to be multiple choice.

But occasionally, the questions are easy enough. I had to make it a little harder by giving you the option to type in your answer.

And here we go. What is the correct answer is Cloudflare.

Please type Cloudflare. And we'll see how people do on a Friday afternoon.

This is our third question from here.

The questions don't get that much harder. I came up with them all.

How hard could they be? But the points go up a little bit. So there we go.

Everybody's had a chance to give the correct answer. We'll check and see.

We've got Cloudflare. There's an option for me, I think, to accept the Cloudflare with the exclamation point.

I'm going to add another one here and see if I can get away with it with an exclamation point.

Don't think punctuation doesn't matter.

I wouldn't want anybody to lose a point. How do we do from a team perspective?

Team rankings. We got the DDoS defenders, the WAF masons have showed up to finally play.

All right, we got the CDN packets, DDoS defenders, team Athena's are out there, the worker bees.

Everybody's doing great. Hopefully, everybody's having fun.

If you're just joining, we're ready to start with some actual questions for actual points.

The three points you may have lost in the beginning here, just to see how this works, are probably not going to be the make or break for this particular game.

If they are, I apologize, but you're not that far behind.

Crowd.Live and EnterCode Cloud are CFTV. And if you also want to, you're more than welcome to tweet with a hashtag whose idea and earn yourself an extra free thousand Internet points.

You can do that during a segment break if you want. If you're afraid that you're going to miss it.

Otherwise, as we can all see, I'm literally tweeting it myself.

It's kind of the story of my life. I'm the only one who understands how the twits work.

So you get what you get. All right. So the first real question, this set of categories I have titled so you think you can Dutch.

And the first question is, who is widely considered to be one of the most skilled admirals in Dutch history?

Is that Akeel van Mandela, Mark Rutte, Michael de Ruyter, or Hendrik Johannes Cruyff?

And with that, we're pushing the question live.

So let's see how you do with the Dutch. This is a great movie, by the way, on Netflix.

If you're looking for something to play, Why in the World, watch this.

Just because it has subtitles doesn't mean it's great.

It's called The Admiral. Check it out. That is my Netflix and show recommendation for the weekend.

Actually, it's not a particularly romantic movie. So if you're hanging out by yourself, it's probably perfect.

All right. So you think you can Dutch.

The correct answer. Michael de Ruyter. There we go. How do we do on the leaderboard with an actual question?

Let's see if we've broken it up a little bit.

Mateo. We got Deepak in there. How we doing D? Michael's in there. Monkey Scharf with the 30 points.

Michael, I guess that means you got it right. Nice. That history degree is paying off.

And let's see how the teams are doing. What is that impact there?

Stream Rapid, CDM Packets, and the DDoS Defenders. All right. Everybody having fun.

I'm having fun. All right. Second question. So you can think you can Deutsch.

What are the Dutch known for eating on their French fries? Is it cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard?

Cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard? A little bit of a Quentin Tarantino reference in there for those of you that get it.

Hopefully you'll know this one. Like I said, you know, this is really nerdy trivia, the hard stuff.

Shout out to the three friends I have on the lens, none of whom are actually probably watching.

But I did warn them I was going to be doing a trivia category.

Let's check the leaderboard here.

Michael out in front. Refill up there. I think a few people knew that the correct answer is mayonnaise.

So the Dutch are a little freaky like that.

I don't know what you're going to do about it. They are who they are.

All right. The next question for those who think they can Deutsch. The Pennsylvania Dutch originally immigrated from what country?

Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, or Spain?

Let's see what you know about the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Where'd they come from? Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, or Germany? Got our countdown timer here.

I'm sure people know this one. The answer for this is the Pennsylvania Dutch came from Germany because of course they did.

Let's check the leaderboard.

How'd we do? Oh, Michael there. Taking a bit of a commanding lead.

Mateo trailing quick behind. Dom in there. Nice. Michael, have you not been to Pennsylvania?

We went to Penn's Landing. How could you not know where the Pennsylvania Dutch were from?

I'm very disappointed. All right. All right.

Two more questions in the so you think you can Deutsch category, or so you think you can Dutch category, I guess.

The first one this is gonna you're gonna want to go to your keyboard for this because it's an answer that you need to type in.

And that is what is the national color of the Netherlands?

The Dutch, they're known for this.

What is their national color? Let's go ahead and type that in. You've got 20 seconds to type that in.

I guess you could Google it if you really needed to.

I will say I will accept both the English spelling of this and the Dutch spelling of this.

Either is acceptable. Let's see how folks do.

The correct answer here, of course, is orange. So, man, I even had a couple of misspellings of orange, but I did not have that one.

I'm sorry. Let's see how folks did. Those who are friends of the Orangeman.

Mateo jumping back up there. Nice, Mateo. And then we will see how we're doing for the team rankings.

See how his how that's worked out there. Stream Rapids still out to 167 point team average.

Doing great. Team Athena's. Come on, you got an opportunity to take it up there.

I don't even know what to say about the WAF masons, Worker Bees, and D.

DDoS, Defenders, neck and neck. The final question for tonight's So You Think You Can Dutch category is Holland is most closely associated with what type of flower?

Sunflowers, orchid, roses, or tulips.

So that's sunflowers, roses, orchids, or tulips. We'll throw that question out there.

We'll see how that goes. See what people know about Holland and the Netherlands.

Maybe you can even look up what the difference is between Holland and the Netherlands.

I had to look it up. Apparently it's two counties, provinces, territories for Holland, but generally used to refer to the Netherlands as well.

I don't even get the Dutch thing, but I'm not actually Dutch. Let's see what the correct answer was.

The correct answer, of course, was tulips. Let's see how that worked out on the leaderboard as we end round one of this Cloudflare TV, whose idea was this anyway?

We've got Mateo in front, Michael in second, Monkey Sharf hanging right behind with 243, Deepak in there with a 214, Dom still in striking distance with 169, Mr.

Murchachos in there with 139, a few other folks below 100, but coming close.

That ends the first round. Again, if you want to tweet, get yourself an extra thousand points for like my friend Sightmere here or Michael Kennedy.

Listen, listen, Michael, I just want to point out Don Johnson never had a jacket quite this cool.

I do have several Don Johnson jackets back in the back. I'll wear them on one of the other shows, but this is my game show host jacket.

Got to give me a little credit.

Sightmere. We know that you've also got a thing from Meerkat Brown from last week.

Way to go. Now we're going to move to our second category.

Our second category is eighth grade science. So for those of you who made it through the eighth grade, perhaps you'll remember some of these questions.

I may have had to look some of them up.

But that's just because, you know, I suck. Uh, so the first question is, after falling for 10 seconds, a ball would be moving approximately how fast Choices are 10 meters per second, 900 meters per second, 200 meters per second, or 100 meters per second.

We're going to leave out the whole wind resistance.

This is falling on earth at or around the equator. 10 meters per second, 980 meters per second, 200 meters per second, 100 meters per second, or 10 meters per second.

Throw your answer in now. Let's go to the correct answer. Correct answer here was in fact 100 meters per second.

Let's see how folks did on that one.

Let's see who remembers their eighth grade science. All right.

Nothing like a slow live answer results. We'll see how here from a live answer results perspective.

Maybe if I refresh this Oh 63% nice, nice.

So a few folks got that. Let's check and see how that impacted the leaderboard rankings.

I think maybe we found the right level of science for folks eighth grade seems to be about right.

If Oliver wrote his PhD on it. That's probably not the right way to go.

Mateo is still out in front. We've got Jake with three points.

Jake, Jake from Allstate. I'm sure. Brent, he's coming from behind.

He's going to do great. Our next question. Is a question that's near and dear to me in Texas in the summer.

And the question itself. If I can get my machine stop locking up.

Is what type of star is our sun. Our choices are white dwarf red giant neutron star or supernova.

So white dwarf neutron star supernova or red giant and that is not the right question.

So that's awesome. We'll just let that one go and we're back because I clicked the wrong button.

So I hope you're looking at the screen.

I hope that gave enough time to find the next answer. Wow, things are really running slow at this point.

All right, I'm going to give things just a second to flush out here.

We'll see how it goes for people.

I think I just banged through like all of my science questions. Of course, I did.

We'll see how that affects the leaderboards here in a second. I apologize.

Nothing like technical difficulty. I really should be running this on a different machine, but It's a feature.

Let's see how folks are doing here.

Hopefully, I haven't jumped around too much.

Mateo out in front.

Michael doing pretty well there. I think Mateo must have the fact that connection.

Yes, the Richter scale. The answer is 10,000 times stronger because it's a logarithmic scale.

So when the number is two times as big. It's 10 times The number or 10,000 times the number.

So pretty big difference there. Way to go.

Let's see how that team rankings. My apologies to folks for breaking breaking things on us.

The science section. If that was your jam. And I broke for you.

I apologize. I don't want to ruin it for folks. Let's see if we've got We get the team rankings to show up here.

Are we having fun yet, guys, I may try to stop sharing my camera for just a second.

I think that may help with With some of my machine lag and nobody wanted to look at me anyway.

So let's bring this up here, see how things are going. Hope everybody's having fun tonight.

You know what, for those of you that are new to the show. This is actually better than it's run In the past.

So, yeah. We're all having a good time.

That's all that matters. Well, I'm having time. Honestly, that's all that matters.

I hope you're having a good time as well. All right, we got a couple more science questions here.

This one vaguely cloud for related Which method of heat transfer best describes a lava lamp.

Conduction convection radiation or condensation Which method of heat transfer best describes a lava lamp conduction convection radiation or condensation.

For those of you who are familiar with players lava lamps and their P applications, feel free to visit our blog.

After the show, learn some nerdy thing.

And let's see. How that the team's rank ranking. Oh, stream rapid still way out in front with an average of 458 points DDoS defenders up there with 311 points worker bees making their way up the chart 256 points on average.

Let's see how the individual leaders are good are doing here. Mateo taking a commanding lead.

Apparently, Mateo just finished eighth grade science.

Nice job, Michael up there. Michael still three monkey sharks still at 317 points Dom still in striking distance Jake making his way up the up the charts there.

Way to go. Way to go, Jake. I'm liking it. All right. Man, we have one more science question.

One more chance for Matteo to just take a lead and try to hold on for the rest of the game as we move on to to real world nerdy questions.

What is the name of the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere is the stratosphere the mesophyte mesosphere the exosphere or the troposphere.

The name of The lowest level.

Of Earth's atmosphere. stratosphere meso mesosphere exosphere or the troposphere.

Let's see how folks do on this one. It almost sounds like or something.

Who actually knows this. Nobody wants to be a meteorologist except yeomans who who the cutest meteorologist TV in Austin, I will say.

And he's also wicked smart and funny.

So let's see how there go to our show ranking leaderboard. Oh 718 nice Jake picked up a few more points Deepak doing great.

Excellent. All right. The next category I picked because I happen to have an autographed copy of this book at my house.

And so why not. What year is ready player one set in 1984 2199 1999 or 2045 what year is the book ready player one set in 1984 2199 1999 or 2045 Good movie.

Great book. You haven't read it. Highly recommend it. Hopefully moved into popular a new enough trivia that those who complain.

I was asking trivia questions from before they were last time.

Have a chance here. Mateo still doing great.

Michael coming up with 539 hundred points behind. We got monkey shark.

Excellent. Excellent. Folks are doing great team show rankings. Let's see how we're doing.

And while we're at it.

Let's also see how we're doing on folks picking up an extra thousand points.

If you've picked up an extra thousand points here. I can't integrate into your score.

Just know that you can add 1000 points on your score here.

That might mean that you're blowing Mateo out if it's Michael there and he has 1000 points.

He's at 1539 way ahead of Mattel with his 788 So throw out your, your tweet sometime between now and the end of the show.

Collect your extra thousand points.

All right. Next ready player one trivia question.

What is the name of the program that most players logged into daily.

Is it mind space, the virtual reality, the Oasis, or the multiverse.

What was the name of the program that most players logged into daily.

Was it mind space. The virtual the multiverse virtual reality or basis. All right, that question has impact the most recent team rankings.

Oh, steam stream rapid still taking the lead here with an average of 622 points per player, but the worker bees are moving up a little bit.

DDoS defenders making a move. Argo Argonauts maybe the fastest route to get somewhere, but you're gonna have to find the fastest route to move up the record here.

This is awesome. You guys are doing great.

I hope you're having fun. The answer, of course, was the Oasis. Great movie.

Sort of reminded me of a little cryptonomic on there. Nothing like stealing from one sci fi genre to populate another And now we're going to move on to the next question in the rare ready player one multiverse.

And that is actually ready ready player one was written by who Steven Spielberg or Ernst Klein.

5050 here who wrote who wrote ready player one I figured everybody would know the one.

So throwing in more more answers seem like a lot of work.

So I just typed out two of them. Let's see how that works for the live answer results hundred percent of folks knew it was not Steven Spielberg Or his Mexican cousin.

Even spiel spiel burger gay or whatever it is from the fence.

But yeah, Ernst Klein. In Austin, Texas. All right, couple more ready player one questions.

So the world Easter egg and ready on the winner.

The winner. The person who found that received what choices are a controller, a million dollars, a DeLorean or an Xbox one So what did the winner of the real world Easter egg for reader ready player one receive I mean, I'd go with a million bucks.

If I had a choice and what I wanted See how folks do on this one.

All right, 57% of folks knew that the answer was a million dollars, but they were wrong because the correct answer is actually a DeLorean.

So, yes. An hour in the shop for every hour on the road. I'm not sure that that's actually a prize so much as a boobie prize, but we've got Mateo still out in front.

We got Michael and second and monkey sharp in third. Nice to see you there.

Monkey sharp. One more question for the ready player one Multiverse and Michael I'm going to tell you that this one is a real tragedy.

Which totally awesome BG song was featured in the ready player one movie.

Was it night fever. How deep is your love immortality or staying alive.

What totally awesome BG song was featured in the ready player one movie.

And I can tell you right now as soon as this show is over.

I am turning on Spotify blasting some beaches out through the Sonos and the song that I'm going to be playing Is staying alive.

See how folks did on that 171% got this one right, staying alive.

The answer would be honest, though, there is no wrong answer when it comes to the BG is Just some answers are more right than others.

Mateo still out there with with 91 with 951 points. Nice to see All right, that is the end of the ready player one question.

So we're going to flip over, see how folks are doing on the quiz tonight.

Got another post in there from Dom who picked up another thousand points that because I didn't see Dom in the top two or three.

So he's going to pick up his thousand points to go straight up later board and make my tail look bad.

Nice to see. I hope everybody's having fun.

We've got A new segment coming up here.

We're at question 21 he ish of of 30 ish. So we've got another 10 questions to go.

I'm going to come up with a little more mindless chatter to try to help folks get through this hour.

If we end early. I'm just gonna leave the scores up let folks see how they did.

Let them see how the team did You know, I think, honestly, as low as some of the scores are here 951 points.

There's still like 10 ish points left. They start to get a little nerdier. If you haven't signed up now and just watching for fun.

Go ahead and log into CF TV start slamming down some answers.

I think there's still a chance to catch Mateo, especially if you throw in a tweet to get yourself an extra thousand points.

It is not too late.

The next segment with is A Nintendo segment. For those of you that aren't familiar with a Nintendo.

This is not going to be your section. But let's get started.

What effect is the original mushroom power up have in the Mario universe.

It makes you shrink. It makes you go faster. It makes you grow bigger. It gives you invincibility.

So what is the effect of the original mushroom in power up in the Mario universe.

Go faster grow bigger or invincibility. Oh, and that question.

You guys are all answering the first question because I suck with Super Mario cart.

I hope they're paying attention to me and you've all just taken that time to do better.

So let's see how folks are doing, which one was Super Mario It looks like 33% of folks got that right.

The game in the Mario cart series was Mario.

Seventh game in the season was our seventh game was Mario Kart seven Let's get the team rankings and then I'm going to switch quickly switch to the next question because I know you all are Googling that Stream stream rapids still out in front worker bees and the DDoS defenders Argo Argonauts are trying to save it to the very end.

So we'll see how that works out for them. It's a bold strategy cotton.

Let's see how it plays. All right, my interface may be frozen.

There's our power up question. Everybody should have had plenty of time to Google.

This one by now. We'll go ahead and throw up the live answer results here.

See how folks did see who played played in the original Mario universe.

The correct answer was in fact grow bigger percent of folks got that right.

Let's see.

Even with all the time to Google it. Some folks didn't. It looks like Michael's trying to make a move on the tail.

That's the kind of thing we like to see You're all doing great 17 out of out of 31 questions answered correctly.

Mateo at 18 questions out of 31 monkey sharp at 14 but he's just apparently a quick typer Let's see if I can figure out what the actual next question is supposed to be this time.

All right, this is technically I guess a Nintendo question.

I didn't actually know who made this game, but what type of Pokemon is grow life.

You have a number of choices here ice, fire, ground and dark.

I looked this up on the Internet. If I'm wrong, you're just going to have to argue with the Internet.

I don't really know anything about the Pokemons.

Except it's one of the ways that my son learned how to read because I got tired of reading the screen to him and told me he's gonna have to figure it out for himself.

The other way that you learn to read was by sitting on my lap or mudding so text based games are good for a reason.

57% of people got this right.

So I'm going to assume that the Internet was right because again here the Internet was right.

And the answer is, in fact, fire. So, Way to go. Couple more questions to go here.

Nintendo was originally founded as a company to produce what Samurai armor sake rice noodles or playing cards.

So when Nintendo was originally founded.

What was it that they produced sake samurai armor rice noodles or playing cards, your guests here.

Let's do The correct answer.

This for this, of course, was D playing cards. And folks did on that 57% Who made a company who made a Pokemon card game.

Actually, they went back to the roots for that.

And that was in fact what they were founded to do. Mateo still out in front, Michael close monkey sharp in there.

Got a bunch of folks press and I think there's still time for a few changes here in the leaderboard.

Let's see how we're doing here from a from a team ranking standpoint stream rapids are out to a commanding lead With an average of 14 point 14 questions answered correctly stream rapids at 17.7 DDoS defenders have got 10 out of 31 questions right so far.

And again, this is the average score for folks on the team, but really doesn't matter what team you are, unless you have to pick one for yourself and you're just knocking it out of the park, but I hope folks are having fun.

The last of the Nintendo questions for us.

Which of the following was not a Nintendo console, the DS, the virtual boy, the GameCube pro or the we which of the following was not a Nintendo console, the DS, the virtual boy, the GameCube pro or the we See how folks do with this one.

Let's see how well you know you're obscured Nintendo console, the DS, the virtual boy, the GameCube pro consoles.

He the live answer results here.

How did folks do We got 50% who choose a virtual boy and 43% with GameCube pro the correct answer is actually to pro there was a virtual boy an opportunity to own the virtual reality space.

Few years ago, made a few compromises only sold about 700,000 units ever made it around to a European launch, which plane.

Why my European counterparts that are playing tonight didn't necessarily went out of the water.

We see monkey shark making a move passing Michael looking to take on the tail with just a few questions left.

Now we're going to move on to some nerdier questions.

Some of these near and dear to my heart. Others.

I was just trying to fill out my questions so that I could try to fill up the next 15 minutes or so.

The first of these is, which of these is not a DevOps software maker hurricane electric hashy corp puppet or chef.

So which of these, which of these is not a DevOps software maker hurricane electric hashy corp puppet puppet or chef.

Let's see how folks do See if how well you know your DevOps company and their ridiculous names.

Go to our live results.

86% of people chose hurricane electric. All right, folks who don't know what a hurricane electric is, of course, they're a networking related company because why wouldn't they be A great primer.

If you want to understand what IPV6 is maybe get your own IPV6 address space because everybody needs their own IP address space, but they act.

At least the best of my knowledge, but a DevOps software maker.

If they make their own tiny DevOps package that they've published to the GitHub and playing about the quality of the question.

I don't care that we're playing for fun.

The Internet points don't matter. 86% of people got it right.

I'm gonna go with that. All right, staying in that vein, though, which of these products is not made by hashy corp terraform vagrant know or handle terraform vagrant nomad at all.

Choose your not a product made by hashy corp because of course you've got to have names for your products ridiculous is the name of your company.

If you work in the DevOps space. I'm looking at you, chef. Let's go to the correct answer.

See how folks did. That's correct. They do not make a product called handle yet.

I'm pretty sure their product managers are taking notes furiously and that would in fact be the name of the next product, they release.

Let's see how so show who actually knows the hashy corp set of ridiculous product suites.

So for only 14% of people got the correct answer. They know they maybe one person knew that handle is not the name of a corp product or perhaps people are just doing a bunch of Guessing so opportunity for for some tighter branding integration and she corporate you want to send me some T shirts for all of these products, more than happy to wear them around my home office.

And maybe take a picture of them with my dog. All right, another slightly nerdy question here.

The IP and TCP IP stands for what Internet proposal Internet ports.

Protocol or Internet protocol. What does the IP and TCP IP stand for And it does not stand for freely.

That was not one of the choices. You cannot type it in.

Let's see how folks with the live answer results 86% of folks knew that it was Internet protocol.

The person who didn't know is A Internet protocol probably meant to type Internet protocol, but they saw internal protocol.

And it's a really horrible.

Set of alternatives to choose from.

So let's see how that worked on our leaderboard rankings here.

Mattel is still on front Michael nipping at his heels monkey sharp In a, in a strong third place.

Let's see how we got for fourth. Mr.

Machado at 883 points. I think there's still a chance for Mr. Machado to move up the leaderboard here maybe displace the monkey.

Let's see how the teams are doing here stream rapids doing pretty well with an average of 1127 points worker bees with 883 points looking good.

All right. The 4k and a 4k resolution monitor stands for what A horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels a vertical resolution of 4000 pixels four times better than DVD or four kilohertz.

What is the 4k and a 4k monitor stand for It's going to be somebody out there complaining because they don't know what a DVD is Sorry, de la Garza.

It was that thing that Netflix used to send us to our house so that we could watch it.

Watch it on physical media. Let's see. So this is actually the horizontal resolution of approximately 4000 pixels is the correct answer.

See how that impacted our leaderboard here may have just been a question of how quickly people are answering First response haven't changed.

It's still Monkey shark falling trailing Michael who's nipping at the heels of the tail, but we're getting down to the last couple of questions.

So I may have stolen this question from another show last night.

And the question is, what is the source of web traffic and the possible answers are Facebook spam video or bots.

What is the largest source of web traffic Facebook spam video or bots.

Let's see if folks know What's driving all that web traffic out there today.

I'm Emily. This is a cloud related question, but I'm going to say that I actually verified this on a site first that wasn't Cloudflare So the correct answer, of course, which I may have gotten wrong last night is bots.

Let's see how much smarter, y'all are than the rest of the rest of me.

No, I see I went video as well. I thought, you know, that's got to be the largest source of traffic.

Legitimate traffic, maybe for certain definitions of legitimate be the air quotes, but the answer is in fact see bots.

Let's see how that impacted our leaderboard a tail still up there. Michael, the monkey.

Hanging out doing well. We've got 10 minutes left. We've got two questions left.

I think we've actually timed this reasonably well compared to last time.

All right, this is a text, you're going to be typing in an answer. So get your keyboards ready, get ready to type.

I wouldn't want you to lose out here if you type 96 words a minute.

This is probably your type of category. This week Tesla announced that they're gonna they're in talks to bring a giga factory to what Texas City.

What Texas City could possibly be the home of a Tesla giga factory, because what we all know we'd want is to be neighbors with Elon Musk.

Not even a little bit.

But if he comes to Texas. What city is he coming to Let's show the results.

Austin 100% of the folks that answered Love it. Why love it would actually probably be great for them.

They would probably they deserve an Elon Musk, but But for some reason, it seems like they might be coming to Austin.

Mateo still on the lead.

Michael still within striking distance, I guess, if he gets it totally wrong.

But we got one question left for the night. Let's check our social media board first see how folks are doing here.

See who else wants to throw in for an extra thousand points.

So look, if you got zero points on the board and you throw in a tweet with a who's idea that moves you far enough from the board.

Let's see where that'll put you.

So you can actually move up to fourth place with zero points on the board just by tweeting Pretty decent chance to pass monkey sharp or Michael if they haven't tweeted.

I got no way to correlate it today. You can just decide you fall wherever you want to decide you fall.

So with that, let's go ahead and go to our last question for the night. company did not buy a Super Bowl commercial in 2000 or web MD, company did not buy a Super Bowl commercial in 2000 I think in 2000 Super Bowl commercials went for about 2.2 million for a 32nd spot.

Which one of these companies did not buy a Super Bowl commercial. web MD. Something, something, something, something. web MD or who didn't bother with a Super Bowl ad in 2000 Let's see how we did here live answer.

Let's see a live answer results. Look on that one. 57% think that's the answer.

Huh. No, it'd be crazy for someone like web MD to spend $2.2 million on a Super Bowl ad And Lord knows was burning through money like nobody's business.

But in fact, Amazon did not spend money on a Super Bowl ad Web MD, Dr.

Coop, he spent $2.2 million advertising their site where you got your Internet symptoms and decide that you have The leprosy.

All right, that we are final. And let's see how the board ranking shook out for the day.

Mateo took the win and Michael and second monkey sharp and third. I think I saw refill moving up there to fourth Nice.

Nice. Last, Mr. Muchacho, Jake, Dom, Deepak, Dr.

Oliver. Nice to see everybody. I hope everybody had a good time.

Let's see how the team ranking shook out here. Stream Rapids commanding 1257 points for a team average the worker bees with 883 point team Athena's make a nice comeback finished up in third is 798 points.

Way to go. Argo Argonauts saved it for a little bit too late to try to make a comeback and the worker bees.

I'm not sure what happened to you all.

I thought I was seeing points for you earlier, but no points.

Now, maybe it's a glitch. And then let's see. You got a few minutes left here to tweet.

I'm going to start the video back up just to thank everybody for playing.

I'm going to stop the screen share just so I can wave. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Thanks to all the folks at Cloudflare that have worked so hard to put on Cloudflare TV make this a success.

Give me an opportunity to show up in my game show host jacket and Have the opportunity to play a game with you all huge effort here.

This is a lot like public access TV in the early 80s and 90s. I hope that you've Judged this by that criteria and I hope that you'll tune in next week for a bunch of great segments.

I think we're even playing some recordings this weekend on Saturday.

There's still some great shows on Cloudflare TV slash schedule.

If you want to see what's going on for the rest of this week. And Unless I get fired.

I plan to be back again next week to play another game. So until then, everyone stay safe.

Practice your social distancing and any great trivia questions.

Start your own game show because we're just going to play My horrible Until Until Until somebody tells me we can't play anymore.

Thanks again so much.

And we'll talk next week. Bye, everybody. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh...

And we're going to be doing that in the next couple of weeks.

So, stay tuned. We'll see you in a few days.

♪♪ From rendering to streaming, they'll provide bits and pieces that now you have to kind of cobble together to build an amazing product.

Our focus now is how do we simplify and streamline that by providing a deeply integrated, simple and easy-to -use solution.

♪♪ A big part of what we do at Cloudflare is, as we focus on helping build a better Internet, is take complicated things and make them simple.

And to enable them to just literally be able to go to Cloudflare, to log in, to point their video asset at Cloudflare, and then, on the other end, be able to pull a player out of Cloudflare and place it wherever they need to be able to deliver the video.

And that's it.

There's a triplicate where you can do something either well or fast or cheaply.

And so we're striving for all three because we really need it. We need it to be really good because otherwise, why would anyone use the service?

You got an entire Internet out there.

Use something else. We need it to be fast because people have no patience.

And we need it to be cheap enough that we can stream to millions of users without it becoming uneconomical.

So you have to get all three and Cloudflare's a really important part of offering all three.

If you want to deliver a video to anybody on the globe, there really is no better network to put it on than Cloudflare because we can guarantee the highest quality experience to somebody who is in New York City and someone who's in Djibouti and someone who's in Sydney.