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Join the fun! We'll be broadcasting an interactive trivia game live, featuring questions about all things technical.

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All right, so the first question, what is the name of Cloudflare's third co-founder? Michael Knight, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Lee Holloway?

Each question is worth 100 points.

The faster you answer, the more points that you receive. So let's take a look at the correct answer.

Lee Holloway. And how do folks do? 93% correct.

All right, I'm guessing all my co-workers showed up. And then my mom. So we're doing great.

This is awesome. Let's go ahead and go to the next one. Prior to founding WP Engine, Jason Cohen started what company?

Digital Convergence Corporation, SmartBear, NetZero, or Pets .com?

And of course, everybody knows the answer to this.

And that is SmartBear.

All right, question number three.

What 1982 film takes place primarily in a virtual computer world?

A, Tron, B, The Matrix, C, Lawnmower Man, D, John of the Mines.

All right, let's go ahead and take a look at the correct answer.

The answer, Lawnmower Man.

How do we do? The DDoS defenders are out in the lead.

Argonauts coming up close. DNS resolvers. I'm not sure how those WaffMasons are doing.

De La Garza, what do we got going on there, buddy?

I know that that's your team. Got to get folks going. All right, in Back to the Future films, how many miles per hour does the DeLorean need to reach in order to time travel?

I'm going to show the live answer results here, see how that works out.

All right, correct answer.

88 miles an hour. Got to get them gigawatts in there. Way to go. Are we having fun yet?

I hope we're having fun yet. All right, next question.

What 1991 film featured a shape-shifting android made of liquid metal?

Time Cop, The Abyss, Terminator 2, Judgment Day, or The Matrix?

All right, and overwhelming 84%.

We've got Terminator 2, Judgment Day. I think somebody's going in quick, looking for the direct, get the 100 points, and then figured out you couldn't change your answer once you clicked.

It's all good. The great thing about this game is the points are real, but the only thing that matters is we're having fun.

Who plays Captain Kirk in the 2009 prequel Star Trek?

Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Evans, or Robert Downey Jr.?

Honey, this one's for you. I've been told she would leave me for him in a heartbeat.

Let's figure out who him is. Chris Pine, and how to find him?

72%. All right, see, I'm not the only one who had no idea who Chris Pine was.

Worker bees running out in front.

Nice, TDOT defenders. The WAF masons are starting to move back up to leaderboard.

I like it, I like it. Let's move on to the next question.

What letter was Will Smith assigned as an agent in Men in Black?

Apparently this one was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Show the correct answer, which is J at 25%.

All right, well, that may be the hardest question for the entire night, so I think we're all good from here.

All these other things are just random questions I thought of off the top of my head.

So if I know it, clearly everybody else has to know it.

This famous Microsoft please remove me from this mailing list maelstrom inspired its own Cards Against Humanity style party game.

Is it A, Storm, B, Unsubmageddon, C, Me Too, or D, Bedlam? All my Microsofty friends in the house know this answer.

Apparently I don't have any Microsofty friends because only 6% of us got this right.

And the answer is D, Bedlam. So if you're looking for a nerdy Cards Against Humanity game, go check it out online.

Shout out to my friend Casey who created the game.

Time's had by all. What user -friendly Microsoft UI alternative was released in 1995 and then discontinued in 1996?

The answers are rolling in.

Clearly I'm dating myself. The answer is Microsoft Bob.

Microsoft Melinda is a much funnier choice. If you're not familiar with Microsoft Bob, I highly suggest you read through the history.

I even know where you can get an unboxed copy still in the original wrapping if you want to check it out.

I can tell you why it's still in the original wrapping. Because even at free, it was too expensive.

All right, next question. Who composed the Microsoft startup sound?

Danny Elfman, Brian Eno, David Ball, or Trevor Horn? I'm impressed that it seems like a few people might actually know who Trevor Horn is and that some people are actually Googling the answer clearly.

The answer, though, is Brian Eno.

Trevor Horn was originally part of Art of Noise, which seems like a legitimate choice to me.

But 29%, Brian Eno. And for those of you that chose Danny Elfman, I, too, love me, the Mystic Knights of Yoinko Boinko.

I think my particular fashion aesthetic would fit in incredibly well with them.

But, unfortunately, you're wrong.

All right, here we go. In part because nobody buys 1 .0 of a Microsoft product, Microsoft Exchange debuted at what version?

Oh, the optimist that chose 1.1.

You guys are awesome. I love it. Yeah, the first version of Microsoft Exchange was version Exchange 4.0.

The fun and excitement there was it was Microsoft Mail 3.2.

So, clearly, and that was a company that Microsoft had acquired.

So, clearly, if they were going to come out with a new version of a Mail product, it had to have a bigger number than 3.2.

Plus, you know, Exchange 1.0 just didn't sound very compelling for enterprise software at the time.

To their credit, they've gotten significantly better. All right, let's flip over to the social wall, see if everybody else has posted.

Oh, you guys are making me sad.

I can only get my girlfriend and my friend to post to the social wall.

Come on. Little team love here, little whose idea was this anyway? I tell you what, I'm going to throw out an extra thousand points if you tweet hashtag whose idea, hashtag no context to at East Dakota and tell our CEO your favorite color.

That's it. Mine is Hello Kitty pink. I'm sure that was obvious to everybody.

But you'll get 2,000 points instead of 1,000 points if you tweet at East Dakota hashtag whose idea, hashtag context, and we're good to go.

I know we're running a little bit ahead from what you guys see on the screen to what we're doing, what I'm saying.

I apologize for that. One of the challenges of live streaming, it's fun.

Well, it's fun for me. All right, Microsoft is currently headquartered in which city?

Seattle, Issaquah, Bellevue, or Redmond? And the correct answer is Seattle.

For those of you that chose Bellevue, that was the headquarters before Seattle.

And perhaps in a future episode, if they don't cancel me after the first show, especially if you guys start tweeting at East Dakota with your favorite color, then maybe we'll talk about maybe there will be a trivia question on where Microsoft was originally founded.

All right. What was the name of the title character from the BBC series Doctor Who?

Dr. Foreman, The Doctor, Doctor Who, or Dr.

Dalek? We're going to show the live answer results here.

Nobody chose Dr. Dalek. All right.

I guess you all have at least seen the show once. Maybe you think I was trying to troll you, but the answer is actually The Doctor.

So shout out to my coworkers who talk about random, nerdy things, and I just steal their ideas for trivia questions.

Captain Jack Harkness is the main character in which BBC sci-fi series?

Red Dwarf, Torchwood, Being Human, or The Outer Limits? I'm going to point out I said main character because he does show up in multiple shows, including Doctor Who.

And the correct answer here, or at least the answer I was looking for, is Torchwood, by the way.

If you want to argue about whether any of the questions are right or not, I will send it to the jury.

I am the jury. I've decided my answers are always right, even when they're not right.

So you're just going to have to live with it.

Literally nobody has tweeted at East Dakota. This is no fun. Come on, guys.

Somebody's got to throw out a little shade at the other teams. Why don't we take a little look at how the teams themselves are going?

We've got DDoS defenders out in front.

The Argonauts are making a move. Worker B is still in there tight.

Check out our individual leaderboard rankings. See how folks are doing.

Oh, that's David coming in on top.

Michael doing pretty well. Cavalier, nice. Kerry's in there.

Val is even playing. Val, I know it's pretty late where you are. I appreciate you hanging out.

Denver's still in the top four. Rob Jay rounding out the top five.

We're going to take a little break. Rob, let's get together and have brunch.

You and the entire team over at that place where you work, which I won't mention out loud.

But we can have some shakshuka or maybe go over to Holy Rollers and have some breakfast.

It's been on socialization. It makes Chris a little stranger than usual.

I hope you guys are having fun. And by the way, Ellie, I saw that email come in while I was hosting this.

Don't think I can't multitask. What is the name of the fictional department store chain in the BBC series?

Are you being served?

I don't know that this is a tech question, but this is one of my favorite BBC shows.

And since I was on a BBC theme, I went ahead and threw it in. If you haven't seen this show, it is absolutely fantastic.

It's taught me everything I know about British culture and the British empire, which is apparently not a lot.

So the correct answer is Grace Brothers. And how did we do folks?

Looks like about 25% got that right. Sterling Cooper. I like it. I can make up random answers from other shows and go with it.

All right. In 2005 reboot of Dr.

Who, which actor played the doctor first in the new series, Christopher Eccleston, Jodie Whittaker, Tom Baker, or Matt Smith.

Just a hint. Jodie Whittaker is the current doctor.

And Matt Smith is the current doctor, but they're all kind of different actors.

So I think Dr. Who Tom Baker, maybe have been the best doctor who he's the one that shows up in all the Simpsons episodes.

Let's see how folks did on that.

So it looks like a about 30% got there, right? I think we all need to have a doctor who watching party.

And we can just talk about it on Cloudflare TV.

what do you think? Question 17, what is the name of the predatory race from Doctor Who which resembles stone statues?

A. Weeping Angels, B. Stone Golems, C. Daleks, and D. Gargoyles.

I gotta be honest, the answer is Weeping Angels and every episode I see, I then have problems sleeping at night.

Yeah, I don't really do scary things and that is by far the scariest Doctor Who episodes ever.

So if you haven't seen the Weeping Angels series episodes, I highly recommend it.

At this point, I want to give a shout out to Ross from Crowdpurr.

That's the software we're using to drive this live trivia event tonight.

I pinged Ross, let him know I was planning to do this show, asked him if he had any tips or suggestions on how we could pull off a successful live streaming trivia show.

He sent me an incredibly detailed set of tips for a show. I did my best to follow them.

All I can say is Ross, thank you and to everybody else, can you imagine how much worse this show would have been if I hadn't at least read Ross's tips and tried to incorporate them into what we're doing tonight.

All right, question number 18.

What was the size of the first iteration of the floppy disk? Five and a quarter, three and a half inch, 11.75 inch, or 8 inch?

These days you still have to explain to kids what the little disk is because they have no idea what the save icon actually represents, but the answer is 8 inch.

All right, take a look and see how folks are doing.

Oh, Mateo got himself an extra thousand points.

Val picked up a thousand points as well. I'm glad somebody tweeted, that's awesome.

You guys are the best. This is great. I am having a great time. I hope you guys are having a great time.

I know there's a little bit of a lag here. Going forward, you know, we're playing with a few things here at Cloudflare PV.

Hopefully we can get the delay down to something reasonably manageable, but let's take a look.

S. Damon, way out in front. Michael. Lucas, coming out of nowhere. I like it.

All right. Koopa Loop is in there. Mr. Lee. Suzanne's playing along as well.

Good to see places. Rob Jay, still in the top 10. Denver sliding out. This is awesome.

This is awesome. You guys are doing amazing. Let's see how the teams are doing.

And honestly, if you're just joining right now, you could still sign up and join.

As bad as some folks are doing, you could still probably win, or at least move up to leaderboard, throw in a couple of tweets and you're in the top 10.

We got DNS Resolvers, the WAF Masons, Argo Argonauts in fifth, CDN Packets in fourth, Stream Rapids in third, WorkerBees in second, and the DDoS Defenders out to a commanding lead with an average of 702 points.

So there's some folks that are pretty quick on the draw there.

All right. On to question number 18. Since we're talking about dimensions, what was the dimensions of a punch card?

Seven and three-eighths by three and a quarter, eight and a half by four and a quarter inches, three by five, 11 and five-eighths by three inches.

Old enough that when I went off to university, the first-year comp sci students were still using punch cards as part of the curriculum.

That was the last year that they were doing it. The correct answer was seven and three-eighths inches by three and a quarter inches.

Let's see how folks did.

33% of folks got that right. I'm thinking some folks are Googling quickly.

That's all right. That's what Google's for. If you can Google the questions fast enough to get them, I'm all for it.

All right. Question number 20. Who launched the first website?

So if you know about the history of HTTP and how it came to be, then you know the group that was working on it.

That group also happened to be the one that launched the first website as a proof of concept.

Let's see how we did on votes.

Pretty overwhelming. CERN. Yes, the CERN research project was working on the HTTP protocol.

They set it up as a way for them to prove out that this thing actually worked and see if they could get anybody to use it.

To be honest, the first time I saw the World Wide Web, I thought, why would anybody want to use this?

There are much better protocols that exist.

Goes to show that just because you think you understand technology and its implications, occasionally you're wrong.


I've been wrong several times today already, as Matteo will tell you. Good to see you all join in.

Let's go on to the next question. It's sort of related. What was the first domain ever registered?

XF .com,,, or I'll be honest, I did not know this answer off the top of my head.

If I had guessed, I would totally have gotten it wrong, but it looks like 32% of you actually got that answer right.

That's pretty impressive. It was That domain is still registered, actually, although it was bought by another company and is a massive piece of history.

If you're a nerd, but you didn't know that, going back and reading the first 10 domains that were registered, the amount of time that occurred between that is actually pretty interesting to see how popular the World Wide Web was when it first started.

There's some pretty massive gaps between folks taking the time and effort to actually register a domain.

Kudos to the folks from Symbolics for having the wherewithal or the technical curiosity to be the first to jump into that.

It's pretty awesome. Question number 22. The Gopher Protocol was developed where?

Digital Equipment Corporation, Google, Caddyshack Corporation, or the University of Minnesota?

All right.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Gopher Protocol, that was at the time HTTP was being proposed as a standard.

Gopher was by far and away the leader of tools and utilities that folks were using on the Internet.

However, at the time, they decided that they were going to go under a restrictive licensing scheme in an era when folks were putting out RFCs and sharing technology and knowledge for free, in that free and open technology spirit.

When they put that restrictive licensing in place, the folks at CERN, who had been working on the HTTP protocol, were asked whether or not their license was going to be open and free.

They said, sure, why not?

Then they went about actually codifying that and making that be an accurate statement.

That truly licensing is probably the de facto reason that HTTP, K-dominance, and Gopher, which was by far and away my favorite protocol, has slipped off into obscurity.

I actually walked into the office one day at Cloudflare, and somebody told me they were going to Gopher.

I can't tell you how excited I was.

I was like, oh, my God. There's somebody else who knows what Gopher is.

This is so awesome. I didn't realize they were already still around. Now, it turns out this was a conference for the programming language Go, and they have Gopher as a mascot.

I can't tell you how sad I was that day. It really was a sad day in history.

Honestly, if somebody wants to bring back Gopher, try to figure out how to make it run behind the spectrum at Cloudflare, I would totally be down for using your Gopher solution.

All right. This week, what teleconferencing platform banned U.S.-based activists for holding an online memorial commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre?

I've got to throw in a little current events. Not everybody knows ancient history of tech, so we've got to throw in a question or two.

Let's see how folks did. Looks like there's a number of folks that were following the news.

The answer to that question is Zoom. So, yeah. Hopefully, they'll figure out perhaps a better way to deal with those type of things or not.

This week, Sony showed off its next generation console, the PlayStation what?

All right.

Pretty overwhelming response there. The correct answer was the PlayStation 5.

Let's go back and check our social media board. All right. Some people have actually tweeted.

I have no idea why nobody's going for the extra 1,000 points other than Mateo by tweeting at East Dakota.

You know what? It's an easy 1,000 points.

If we go to the leaderboard and we take a look at how folks are doing, I mean, look, add 1,000 points to your personal rankings, and I think you've got this thing.

I mean, S. Damon's up there with a 1390 point. I don't know if he's tweeted yet or not, but if he hasn't, I think pretty much anybody could pass him throwing a tweet at East Dakota, and you're at 2,000 points.

Kirk, buddy, you can't just log in and then go off and have dinner.

Rob J up to fourth. Lucas P's dropped to fifth.

Denver's at sixth. I think there's still time to take it out. Actually, there's not.

I've planned extremely poorly, and this show is going to end incredibly early, and the folks in the control booth are going to be incredibly unhappy with me.

We've got one question left, and then I would offer to just throw a dance party and stand around and vote for you all, but I don't have any music queued up that isn't subject to copyright, and I like Doug from our legal team, but I'm not going to incur his wrath.

So with that, we're going to go to the last question.

We're going to talk through all the status and see how folks did.

In 2017, a car company announced plans to invest $1 billion in Argo AI, a tech startup working on autonomous driving.

What company was it? Not that I'm making stock picks for anybody else, but I bought a couple of shares when I read it.

Well, I only read it about six months ago, but I bought a couple shares, so the correct answer is Ford.

I think at this point, they're actually up to several billion dollars in their investment, and were recently joined by VW in that same partnership.

So someday, self-driving car and the three seashells, who knows?

All right. That is the final question. Let's go and check the show rankings.

I'm going to apologize again to the team that put this up. Next week, I will just have more questions or more mindless banter.

S. Damon at the top of the board with 1,390 points.

Michael, trailing right behind, 1,326. Cavalier, 1 ,131.

Kirk still at zero. Priyanka also at zero. I don't know what to say. Rob J., Lucas P., Denver slipped to seventh.

Alex at sixth. Tenacious DLG at 422. DLG, we know, gets at least 1,000 points to his score.

But again, thank you so much for tonight.

If you don't fire me, we'll be back again next Friday night. I'll come with a larger set of questions.

Those of you that want to ping me in the community, send me an email if you know my address.

Tweet me at YesMyCircus with your trivia, questions, suggestions.

I'll happily take them. And if you hated the show, feel free to troll me for weeks and weeks at a time.

I love it. It's great. Thank you all so much.

And good night. you