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NextGen Networking Unveiled: Kyndryl & Cloudflare's Managed Network Transformation Services for Enterprises

Presented by Deepika Nath, VB Malik
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Join us for the debut episode of Cloudflare TV's Partner Channel Connection series by VB Malik, Partner Solutions Architect, where we delve into the cutting-edge realm of networking with a remarkable guest, Deepika Nath, the Director of Cloud Network Architecture at Kyndryl. In this inaugural episode, we're excited to have Deepika take the stage to share her expertise and insights on how Kyndryl, a leader in innovative IT solutions, collaborates with Cloudflare to shape the future of networking and security.

Episode Highlights:

  • Getting to Know Deepika: Grab your virtual coffee and get comfy – we're having a chat with Deepika Nath! Learn about her journey, her role, and her aspirations for Kyndryl's Next generation cloud network architecture.
  • Empowering the WAN of Tomorrow: Dive into the evolving landscape of Wide Area Networking (WAN) challenges. Learn how Kyndryl and Cloudflare are working in tandem to redefine the boundaries of secure and scalable WAN infrastructure.
  • Synergy in Security: Explore how Kyndryl and Cloudflare's partnership synergistically addresses critical security concerns in modern networking. Uncover the strategies and technologies that safeguard data and operations against threats.
  • Use Case Showcase: Discover real-world use cases where Kyndryl and Cloudflare's joint offering proves transformative. From cloud connectivity to edge security, learn how customers across industries can harness the power of this partnership to solve complex challenges.
  • The Journey Forward: Gain insights into the roadmap ahead for Kyndryl and Cloudflare's partnership. Understand their shared commitment to continuous innovation and how they plan to shape the future of networking.

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