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Leading with Talent: Playing the Long Game

Presented by Melissa Daimler, Scott Tomtania
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Leading with Talent: Playing the long game" is a weekly show on Cloudflare TV that highlights amazing talent & people leaders in tech. The purpose is to amplify the stories of incredible talent & people leaders showing up every day building companies impacting millions of people around the world.

Today's guest, Melissa Daimler, has been an executive at high-growth companies for over twenty years. She is now the Founding Principal of Daimler Partners, working as an advisor, facilitator, and executive coach. Her primary focus is helping leaders design and operationalize culture.

Her experience as an executive and now as a consultant includes coaching executives, helping teams work more effectively, and building scale-proof organizational processes & practices.

Melissa has served as a board member for the Association of Talent Development (“ATD”) and the Advisory Board for the University of San Francisco, Master’s Program for Organization Development. She currently advises One of the first coaches certified by the International Coach Federation (“ICF”), Melissa graduated from the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School with an M.S. in Organizational Development.


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