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🔒 Improving Privacy with DNS over HTTPS

Presented by Alissa Starzak, Marshall Erwin
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Cloudflare Head of Public Policy Alissa Starzak sits down with Marshall Erwin, Chief Security Officer at the Mozilla Corporation, to discuss the latest in privacy-protective Internet technologies.

As the Chief Security Officer at the Mozilla Corporation, Marshall Erwin leads teams responsible for protecting Mozilla and its users. He also drives policy initiatives on encryption, government vulnerability disclosure, malicious online content, and online political advertising, as well as product initiatives to protect people from pervasive web tracking.

Prior to joining Mozilla, Marshall worked in a variety of positions related to technology policy, cybersecurity, and national security more broadly. He began his career in national security, an analyst covering counterterrorism and cybersecurity. He also served as the counterterrorism and intelligence adviser on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and as the intelligence specialist at the Congressional Research Service, focusing on National Security Agency surveillance programs and legislative changes to FISA statute. Marshall is a current Non-Residential Fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet & Society.

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