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Getting Started in Tech: Interviewing the Interview

Presented by Daniela Rodridgues, Lindsey Monyelle
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Getting Into Tech is a new show on CloudflareTV that is all about working in tech. In our Interviewing the Interviewer segments, we will take a look at the application/interview process from the perspective of our hiring teams. With A Day in the Life, we will have one on one conversations with current Cloudflare employees about their background, current role, and their experiences applying for tech jobs. Finally, Demonstrating What you Know is our hands-on segment, showing ways to take the skills and knowledge you’ve developed from any source and demonstrate this in a way that is effective to the hiring process.

In our first segment, we speak with Daniela Rodrigues, a Recruiting Coordinator in our Lisbon office. We will get to hear what her day is like, what role the recruiting coordinator plays within the Cloudflare hiring process, and gain valuable perspective for prospective candidates


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