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Black Woman in Tech Event, Presented by Afroflare

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Listen live as Black women from Monzo Bank, Transquisite Consulting and Cloudflare discuss how they navigate the highs and lows in the Tech world.

We will dig deeper into our biases, misconceptions, how best to overcome obstacles and be successful in an ever-changing world, featuring a spotlight talk by Candice Onukwue.

Register your attendance at the Black Woman in Tech LinkedIn event page where you can talk to us and other attendees before, during and after the live show.

Please complete this questionnaire and we will review it during the event -

Agenda: (All times BST)

  • 18:30 - Start - Welcome/about Cloudflare
  • 18:40 - Panel discussion
  • 19:50 - Break
  • 19:55 - Hints, tips, and best practices for applying to Cloudflare
  • 20:10 - Questions
  • 20:15 - Spotlight
  • 20:30 - End
Presented by: Kyra Meier-Klodt