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Black Man in Tech Event

Presented by Zaid Zaid, Lee Sam, Eric Pierre Allen, Olalekan Oyeside, Scott Tomtania, Matt Smith, Stephen Thompson, Edwin Sutherland
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The event is titled 'Black Man in Tech' and aims to bring attention to the lack of representation of Black men in the tech industry. It addresses the fact that only a small number of Black men are usually present in teams and departments and more often than not, is the only Black Man in the room.

Join us on Cloudflare TV for this exclusive event on Thursday, 20 April from 6.30pm BST! This event will be a space for people to start conversations, share experiences and build connections with one another.

What to expect:

• A welcome keynote from Cloudflare’s CEO - Matthew Prince.

• A panel discussion with members of Cloudflare team who will share their career journey, the highs and lows of the tech sector and how they drive progress in their career and community.

Held in collaboration with Cloudflare's Employee Resource Group, Afroflare

Agenda: (All times BST)

  • 18:30 - Panel discussion (onsite & Cloudflare TV)
  • 19:45 - Spotlight - Scott Tomtania (onsite & Cloudflare TV)
  • 21:00 - End

Transcript (Beta)