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Bay Area Rust Meetup (Virtual Edition)

Presented by Steven Pack, Adam Chalmers, Joshua Nelson, Manish Goregaokar, Jane Lusby, Andre Bogus
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The Rust Bay Area Meetup had a hiatus during Covid, but we're back in a virtual format! Join us to hear some titans of the Rust community share the learnings about the technology and community of Rust, including Q&A.

  • The Intra-doc Links Saga by Joshua Nelson (jyn514) and Manish Goregaokar (manishearth)
  • Lightning: New Rust Libs Team Structure and how to get involved! by Jane Lusby (yaahc)
  • Giving back to the community by Andre Bogus (llogiq)
  • Rust futures that wrap other futures by Adam Chalmers (adamchalmers)

Transcript (Beta)